Glen E. Friedman @ sixspace

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Most of you know the photographer Glen E. Friedman as the man who best captured and recorded the rising subcultures of the skate (Dogtown), hip-hop and punk rock communities. With his new exhibition The Idealist at sixspace Friedman once again shows us something amazing…his fine art photography. Featuring cityscapes, landscapes, and still life, this show continues to focus on those things and people that inspire.

The opening reception on Saturday also marks the official release of the second edition of The Idealist – 25 Years – In My Eyes, complete with new essays and quotes by Ralph Nader, Cornell West, and Al Sharpton.

Glen E. Friedman – The Idealist
Reception: Saturday, March 6 from 7-10 pm
Continues through April 10
@ sixspace – 549 West 23rd Street in downtown LA

I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone

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Thank goodness the blue skies are back…all that gray gloom and rain business was crimping my style, yo. The return of breathtaking sunsets is welcomed back by this kid just off Sunset Blvd.

Silver Lake Wine

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Earlier this week I noticed that, across from my favorite coffee spot Silver Lake Coffee, is a new modern wine shop called Silver Lake Wine. On their website they state that the “focus of the store will be high quality, artisan wines in all price ranges.†There will be onsite tastings, classes and winemaker events.” The next wine tasting is this Sunday, March 7 and features the wine of Austria. Four regional wines plus hors d’oeurves will be served, all for a mere $20. I’m looking forward to this little spot and getting my educated drink on.

silver lake wine – 2395 glendale blvd. – 323.662.9024


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What do you think of the Quizno’s commercial?

Garbage Pail Kids Series 2

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I’m going nuts here. Every comic store’s phone number I find “…has been disconnected or is no longer in service.” Anybody know of a good place in the Valley where I can pick up some (new) Series 2 Garbage Pail Kids?


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Congratulations to Caryn for getting a kick ass plug in the new artnet news. They say:

Regular readers of online art blogs like Modern Art Notes (written by Artnet Magazine D.C. correspondent Tyler Green) can add a Los Angeles blog to their list of bookmarks. Art.Blogging.LA, launched by Sixspace director Caryn Coleman, gives an insider’s look at what’s interesting in the L.A. art world, ranging from the debut of a website for Regen Projects to a report on the ca. $70 million paid by the Getty Museum for its newest acquisition, Titian‘s Portrait of Alfonso d’Avalos, Marchese del Vasto (that used to hang in the Louvre on loan from the AXA insurance conglomerate).

Go Vote!

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Kat said to remind all you losers to go vote today.

That is all.

F*ck Urban Outfitters

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Remember to vote tomorrow (March 2nd)! Besides voting for a democratic nominee (at least a few of us), there are some important bond measures in regards to our state’s economic and educational future that will impact all of us whether we stand left, right or center.

Rice is Nice!

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An academic take on all things rice, the Fowler Museum at UCLA has been focusing on the cultural impact of the beloved staple starch in China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and other Asian countries. I’ll be there for this next lecture (and ready to go get some korean food afterward):

The Taste of Rice in Korean Cuisine
UCLA Fowler Museum
Sunday, March 21, 2004, 1 pm

Presented by Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee, freelance food writer for such publications as the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, and author of upcoming cookbook, Eating Korean.

Last week's punk rawk show

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Went to the Youth Brigade show at the Troubadour last Saturday. Finally got around to posting the gallery. Check it out if you’re so inclined

Once Upon a Time in Chinatown

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Over the past couple of years Caryn and I have heard about countless art shows in this mysterious place called Chinatown. We’ve attempted to go to many of them, but much like the opening last night that we wanted to see, after driving around for 30+ minutes and not being able to find anything, we’ give up. This is pretty uncharacteristic, because I can pretty much find anything. Give me an address and I’m there, and in fact the framer that we use all the time is in Chinatown and we have no problem finding him. The difference is, he’s on Broadway. A real street, with real signs, that you can drive to. The galleries I was talking about, aren’t. Most of them are on some street called “Chung King Road” which I guess you can’t drive to? But there’s no signs, so much like the treasure cave from Pirates of the Carribean if you don’t already know where it is you will never find it. We gave up long ago of trying to track down “Chung King” but last night seemed more reasonable. The gallery has a street address, 510 Bernard, and when I mapquested it, looked easy to find. From all the maps I looked at, Bernard was one block long, and 510 was supposed to be right in the middle. So we drive over, find Bernard, and the addresses on the one block street range from 400-490. Once again, I’m looking for 510, and the street is only one block long. Yeah. So we drive back ad forth, and around the block several times before giving up. On the way out, we decide to try and hit it from the other direction just to see if there’s something we missed. A few blocks over we see a street sign for “Bernard” Bingo! Except… there’s no street. No Alley. Not even a sidewalk. Just a sign that leads no where. That was it. We threw in the towel and went home.

So, my request for the day is this – I want either A. Someone who knows Chinatown like the back of their hand to draw up a map and put it online that explains what the crap is going on with all the secret hidden streets, or B. Anyone who is in Chinatown at one of those places and wants people to come to their location needs to include directions with their address. Say something like “You’ll need to park on this block, walk 10 paces north, turn east at this store, etc…” because just listing a street address, for a street people can’t get to isn’t working out so well.

job hunting

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hell, everyone else is hyping themselves today so I might as well too. I need a job. Part time / full time – whatever, something with a steady paycheck. Anyone hiring? Here’s my info.

Well how bout that!

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I’m using my co-ownership privilidges to post this little bit of news.

Free Beer

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by Wil

every now and then, i turn it on again

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You know, no matter how hard I try, I can’t hate Indie103.1.

I really want to, because I hate Clear Channel so much, but I think their playlist is the best thing to be on LA radio in a decade.

Here are four things I’d do to make it a better station, if I were King of the Universe:

  1. Get rid of that fucking stoner guy who does the station IDs. Whenever I hear his voice, I want to punch him in the larynx, and stomp on his guts. Besides, isn’t he too busy eating Carl’s Junior to be bothered?
  2. The live Internet feed is awesome. Mirror it on Shoutcast, so we XMMS weenies can enjoy it.
  3. Send strippers and scotch to Wil Wheaton once a week.
  4. Boost the broadcast signal, so people in Pasadena can listen without so much goddamn static.

Don’t get me wrong. $corporate.stuff still sucks more often than not, but every now and then, something corporate comes along (like those soymilk gingerbread lattes at Starbucks) and is not all that bad after all.

But seriously, Indie 103.1, take one of your spiffy stickers, wait until your Station ID guy takes a big bite of his Western Bacon Cheeseburger, and slap it across his stupid mouth. You’ll be doing us all a favor.