Stymied When it Comes to Describing the Latest Film?

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This little key might be helpful next time you want to post in your blog about the last movie you saw.

Paul Davidson has just uncovered the Movie Reviewer Construction Kit, which can be used to create pullable quotes for any film review situation under the sun. No more struggling to figure out what you thought, just pull one from column A, B & C.

This simple kit allows you to form such pedestrian reviews as “The most haunting, depressing, extremely disturbing film of the decade, which is ten years, and that’s saying a lot because 10 years holds a lot of movies!!” or maybe “God help us all because I laughed so hard my spleen exploded, oozed on the floor and made the audience fall to the floor in hysterics which must mean the movie is the most hilarious flick all year!!”

San Berdoo Fires 2004?

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Out in the San Bernardino Mountains yesterday morning, an arsonist thought it would be a good idea to set five fires. This during a day of record high temperatures and very low humidity, amidst tons of drought-ravaged dead and dying trees. Various suspicious folks were seen, some hunted. No captures yet, but more details were seen this time. The fires were put out by mid-afternoon, thanks to a massive response by area fire crews. Coverage: L.A. Times. San Bernardino Sun. Riverside Press-Enterprise. (Here are some photos I shot during last year’s blazes.)


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We all have those moments, we look back at the photos years later and wonder, “what were we thinking!” Okay, maybe you’re not old enough for that, but I am.

I didn’t go to my prom, but I have a few tasty shots of other high school formals (that I might post on my own blog as I’m feeling nostaligic of late). I did find the St. Petersburg Times has posted a few choice ones on their site. It’s not just an homage to formal fashions, but also to amateur photography, you’ve got to dig some of those couches and drapes these folks pose in front of.

Link found at The Obscure Store.

Where we’ll be tonight

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East West Players 38th Visionary Awards
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Bruce Sterling’s new book is out and he’s giving LA the shaft on the promotional tour. Man am I bummed! He’s one of my all time favorite authors. I’m sure it’s his publisher and not Bruce himself but it’s just a load of crap. I’m going to have to drive to San Diego to see him now. I’d rather just go back to Chicago for the signing and pull my mint condition galley proof of Schismatrix out of storage and have him sign it. It’s one of my prized possessions hence me not trucking it around the country. Anyway it’s still a load of crap.

Stalinism in Santa Monica

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A paranoid autocrat with a penchant for purges and self-aggrandizing fabrications? Why it must be KCRW.

Two years before the Sandra Tsing Loh fiasco, KCRW General Manager Ruth Seymour fired the incomparable Joe Frank. Joe’s kept (uncharacteristically) silent on the topic. Until now.

If you’ve never heard Joe Frank bizarre audio mindscapes before, strap yourselves in. I recommend starting here.

Random acts of strangeness

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Living on the first floor in Hollywood affords many strange and interesting opportunities. After Cinespia we came back to Fogarty’s place in Hollywood and were partaking of some Irish drinking songs when a random gentleman passed by the window and Bob waved to him just as a nice gesture. Shortly thereafter there was a knock at the door and it was the aforementioned gentleman offering us whisky and a tour of his pad. Fogarty went up and tested the waters and upon his safe return told us (myself and his girlfriend Staci) that we just HAD to see this place. So we took a stroll upstairs and were transported into one of the STRANGEST things I’ve seen in all my years in LA. I took several photos to document and one is posted along with this piece. But this guy (who turned out to just not like me very much for some strange reason and turned out to be kind of a prick) has covered every available space with beer and sports crap. It was one of those surreal evenings that you just don’t get anywhere else in the country. Once he offered us Bud Light though it was time to head for the hills! Ah it’s good to be back in Hollyweird! Now if I can just find someplace to live…

Last Cinespia Post

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Photo from last night’s feature.

The first rule of Fight Club is…

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Hey! I thought we weren’t ‘sposed to talk about it!

My head hurts more than Jack's nose!

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So we went to the Cinespia showing last night of Chinatown and it was a blast. I’ll post a photo or two in a bit once my head stops throbbing. The sound system sucks if you are outside the boundaries of the speakers. The show was utterly PACKED! We couldn’t believe it. So get there early for optimum seating. They announced they’re doing it every other week for the next 7 months! Man what a cash cow. I wish I thought of it… Mystery Photo Contest / Vol.1, No. 3

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mp0425.jpgWhoa now! Picking a winner to last week’s contest wasn’t easy ó not just because there were a surprising and welcome number of entries, but because two of ‘em were pretty much identical in pinpointing the snapshot’s location. First Dan came in with: “On the 134 heading east, just past the Gene Autry interchange (i.e. the 5).” Then “You” followed with: “Dood, i live near there. I’m famous! Umm, right when you get on 134 west from 5 north and you look south, before exiting san Fernando Rd?”

Now, I know “You” meant to say the 134 east, not “west,” right “You?” Riiiigggghhht. And being that I’m such a magnaniminominonymous kinda guy… I’m gonna g’head and name the both of you as winners, which means that each of you score Tush stickers as well as the bonus prize of splitting whatever number of free iTunes song codes I had by today, which happens to total six (so three each, be sure to redeem ‘em by April 30).

Clue: This coin-filled fountain pictured above can be found on the grounds of one of the shiniest jewels in the downtown crown.

tinytush.jpgRules First one to post a comment most correctly listing the location of the photo above wins the admiration of the readership (or me, whichever’s greater at the time) and a collector’s edition Tush sticker printed with real ink and made with real adhesive. In the event of no one getting it right, the creator of the most entertaining guess will be hailed victorious.

It Smells Like Skunk Outside My House

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Name Your Price

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Since it would cost me infinitely more than they’re worth to ship these boogers, I’d rather pass ‘em off to geeky locals. As you can see, I’ve left their prices completely blank. Go ahead, blast me an offer I can’t refuse! I was ready to post something about ‘em in Craigslist, but… well, we’ve already established that they suck down here in LA.

Lexmark X73 All-in-One Printer –
Dell Inspiron 8100 –
Dell PowerEdge 1300 –
Gateway 7400 Server –
RackMount AMS-AR157 –
Two Netscaler 6000 Switches -

Jimminy Jeepers!

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Just went to grab a bite at a little Chinese restaurant on Cahuenga half a block south of Hollywood (Hong Kong Somethingorother) and while we were eating Angelyne pulled up in her pink hoochie mobile and took a stroll. Good lord! Almost put us off our dinner! Gravity has NOT been kind to her and neither have the wonders of modern plastic surgery. If you see her on the street just run the other way… No questions asked.

Fiesta Broadway!

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Need an early jump on your Cinco de Mayo celebration(s)?

More than 500,000 people are expected to participate on Sunday, April 25th, 2004, as 36 square blocks of downtown LA play host to the largest “Cinco de Mayo” celebration in the world ñ Fiesta Broadway.

The event celebrates its QuinceaÒera (15th year) this year.