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Coachella? Hardly Know Ya!

May 3, 2004 at 12:36 pm in Uncategorized

So I was wondering how Coachella was this past weekend? What did those of us who stay in town and in the proverbial shade miss out on?

Have It Made

May 2, 2004 at 11:23 pm in Uncategorized

Cherry Necklace

Matrushka Construction has already been mentioned on this here site as a place to find very cool, very handmade apparel at very reasonable prices. But the handmade revolution extends beyond Sunset Boulevard in our fair city, so I thought I’d share a few links I found for L.A.-based, DIY designers.

Pashupatina features one-of-a-kind beaded necklaces that look good enough to eat. Maybe the site should carry a warning.

If you’re in the market for a boy beater (in the parlance of our times) that says “OUTLAW,” I guess you could do worse than Bad Kitty Clothing.

Made by Mordecai: The thinking man’s trucker hat emporium.

Goth wedding? Fetish ball? RenFaire? Stand out (because in one of these, sitting down is really hard, and driving is even harder) in a made-to-order corset from Exquisite Restraint.

Mmmm….baked glaaaaaass.

Make no bones about it…

May 2, 2004 at 12:51 pm in Uncategorized

Lot #195: Extremely rare sabre-tooth tiger skull
Once or twice a month, I can be found at the I.M. Chait Gallery/Auctioneers in Beverly Hills (Job #1.5, formerly known as Job #3) running their eBayLiveAuctions.

I’m sitting here preparing for an exciting sale of Natural History items. We’ve had these special sales before… fossils, meteorites, skeletons, dinosaur eggs, gems/minerals, etc… but this time there’s a bit of controversy.

The highight of the auction is expected to be the sale of an extremely rare sabre-tooth tiger skull extracted just outside the boundaries of the county (La Brea) tar pit boundaries. The media is all over this because evidently many paleontologists & members of the scientific community are upset that such items are being put up for sale to the public. The L.A. Times Calendar had a front page story about it yesterday (seen here at the Baltimore Sun).

What do you think about rare fossils being put up for sale to the public? Should they be “preserved” by an institution for study?

Other interesting items also up for sale is the “Golden Fan” which is thought to be the largest gold nugget to be offered up in public sale, and a full-sized replica of a wooly mammoth.

If you’re in the Beverly Hills neighborhood, swing by to watch the jozjozjoz action (or bid for something yourself) in the room. Or you can watch the auction action live at (direct link found at

UPDATE: The sabre-tooth tiger skull sold for $190,000, evidently to a private collector.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to Will Campbell for catching the blurb in the Times. The $223,250 price is the final price including the 17.5% buyer’s premium. The $190K amount was the hammer price in the room.

The buyer, Stuart Pivar, is not just your average NY businessman. He is an avid art collector, one of the co-founders of the New York Academy of Art & friend of Andy Warhol. Aside from buying rare sabre-tooth tiger skulls, he’s also in the news for revealing some financial shenanigans (fraud) of the bookeeper for the Academy. (Pivar has not been on the Board of the Academy since the mid-90s.) Links below:
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Off the ‘sinking ship,’ Bradley rips into Indians

May 2, 2004 at 11:06 am in Uncategorized

From ESPN:

Off the ‘sinking ship,’ Bradley rips into Indians
Former Cleveland outfielder Milton Bradley is taking a few final swings at his old team, reserving his best cuts for manager Eric Wedge. The temperamental Bradley was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers last month after a series of run-ins with Wedge. He’s harshly critical of his former manager and team in this week’s Sports Illustrated. “It was like a sinking ship,” Bradley tells SI, “and I was glad to get my life raft and get my second chance over here….”

Good Night!

May 2, 2004 at 10:18 am in Uncategorized

Some bloggers came over last night and we enjoyed some fireworks courtesy of the Dodgers and Farmer John. It was an awesome show as usual. It helps that it was a clear night and had cooled off nicely.

The photo is from last fall (click for a larger version), but that’s really what they look like from my roof. The next display will be on July 1 – the last home game before Independence Day. The last one of the season is September 10th – fan appreciation day. So, if you wanna see some, get on my good side now and maybe we’ll have you over. (We also expect some for the Lotus Festival on July 10th – they’re much closer but not quite as big of a show.)

Oh, the Dodgers won – 5 to 4 over the Montreal Expos, in case you care about such things. Mystery Photo Contest / Vol. 1, No. 4

May 2, 2004 at 8:53 am in Uncategorized

0502mp.jpgI’m guessing that since our winning contestant Chris so cooly and quickly pinpointed the location of last week’s mystery photo subject, other potential entrants just said “pfffft,” and rightly so after reading his response, which was: “It’s the rose fountain at the Disney Concert Hall. It’s inscribed with ‘A Rose for Lilly. Frank Gehry’s Tribute to Lillian Disney. A gift of her grand children and great-grandchildren.’ It also seconds as a fancy urinal after the symphony, but they don’t like that.” Britta then followed up with: “For the fountain, they crushed up real Delft pottery and stuck it on by hand. Or so I read in some article.” So stickers for each ‘o ya, you’re both winners in my book.

Clue: Now that’s a tasty burger! This long-standing and ever-popular eatery pictured above has been situated since 1968 in its corner location in my neck of the woods within that nether region between Sunset Junction and Virgil Village. It was in grave danger of disappearing in 2000 when the property owner suddenly jacked the rent up 150 percent to a reported $5,000 a month (Yikes, that’s a lotta burgers!). Fortunately the then 82-year-old owner (who learned his craft from Tommy Koulax of The Original Tommy’s), found a buyer and on the place lives.

tinytush.jpgRules: First one to post a comment most correctly and directly listing the name and location of the photo subject above wins the admiration of the readership (or me, whichever’s greater at the time) and a collector’s edition Tush sticker printed with real ink and made with real adhesive. In the event of no one getting it right, the creator of the most entertaining guess will be hailed victorious.

Bulldog. No Bullshit!

May 1, 2004 at 2:19 pm in Uncategorized

So, I was sending my sweetie text messages this morning; she’s stuck at LAX waiting for a flight to North Carolina via Atlanta, Georgia. She up and sends me a picture of some random bulletin board image that has a dog in it. For a few weeks now, we’ve talked about getting a cat – but she won’t take anything less than an extreme shedder. A few seconds later, she calls. She wants an English Bulldog (and not the wrestling kind). Now, I’ve been waiting for her to say something like that ever since we met. I miss Sprocket every day, and wish he was still with me. Well, she wants to find a breeder and get papers – don’t ask me why. I found Arneson’s Bullies, but can’t help but wonder if I should be looking elsewhere. I’d even be up for rescuing one from a shelter, or at least speaking with someone who can make a personal adoption recommendation. It’s pretty much THIS breed she wants… I’m not going to argue. I want a four-legged companion in my life again.

Nobody walks in L.A. (but maybe they would if they had a kickass pair of new walking shoes)

May 1, 2004 at 2:54 am in Uncategorized

The Reebok “Wear Your Heart on your Feet” campaign starts today.

For a minimum $25 donation to the AHA, you will receive a FREE pair of Reebok VersaSport DMX Max walking shoes.

Simply log on to to make your donation. Reebok will be giving away $1 million worth of shoes and will raise over $350,000 in this promotion with 100% of your donation going to the AHA.

Howsabout A Little Hummer

April 30, 2004 at 2:15 pm in Uncategorized

Happened upon this female Anna’s Hummingbird nesting outside my office building and managed to grab this one snap before she flew away. A quick peak inside the two-inch-wide nest revealed one very quiet chicklet and one egg about 3/4s of an inch long. Precious!

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traffic’s moving mighty slow

April 30, 2004 at 9:07 am in Uncategorized

Truckers are pissed that diesel fuel prices are higher than regular gas prices, so they’re having a protest today.

How’s that, you ask? How are they winning the hearts and minds of Los Angeles?

Well, by blocking entire freeways with their trucks, then walking away, of course.

News is still developing, so we don’t know if this is a bunch of truckers, or just a few, but it appears to be coordinated across several different freeways, including the 5, 110, and 405.


when you sleep with someone…

April 30, 2004 at 4:21 am in Uncategorized

you sleep with everyone else they’ve ever slept with.

As Sean noted, a 3rd porn star in LA has tested positive for HIV.

What’s alarming is the last sentence in this news article:

“…the health department was to use the information to interview the performers and determine whether they may have passed on HIV to people outside the porn business. “

It’s not that hard to imagine how this could cause a huge problem in the mainstream population.

You are in a “monogamous” relationship. Unbeknownst to you, your partner cheats.

Perhaps not directly with a porn star, but imagine the person they cheated with has had some ummmm, interesting anonymous encounters. And porn stars get tested all the time, so it must be safe, right?

The ACLU is upset about the county Department of Health Services obtaining health records.

This girl isn’t.


April 29, 2004 at 6:18 pm in Uncategorized

Jessica Dee Identified as Third HIV-Positive Performer

Star Quality

April 29, 2004 at 4:33 pm in Uncategorized

JPeterson.jpgFor the past three years, I’ve watched a one-legged man move up and down Hollywood Boulevard, polishing each star on the Walk of Fame.

But it wasn’t until I read this article that I found out his name. If you can overlook the NYT’s condescending tone (“The leaves are falling in Central Park, he knows. In the Hollywood Hills, the eucalyptus trees are beginning to stink like tomcats.”), it’s worth a read.

Plus, there’s some choice inside scoop on the state of Ronald Reagan’s star. Ew.

This is what it sounds like when dogs fly

April 29, 2004 at 3:53 pm in Uncategorized


REMINDER! This is tonight

On Thurday, Conveyor/Fred Segal Santa Monica will be hosting a reception for the premiere west coast show of Skewville, which is some pretty exciting news for fans of street art. Their work revolves around the creation of hand-cut wooden, sneakers, or Dogs, that they toss over power lines all over the world. They began in 1999 and have tossed over 3,000 pair so far, including a couple of pair currently visible on Sunset in front of the Vice store.

Coast To Coast, the exhibit they created exclusively for this Conveyor show, will serve as their launch for a new series of limited edition Dogs: they created the new Coast To Coast shoe design, made 100 pair, will toss 50 and the remaining 50 will be for sale in their own specially designed boxes.

The show will also feature photos of Dogs tossed over power lines all over the world, and limited edition silk-screened wood posters. These guys have a great design sense, and, even if you’re not a fan of the Dogs project, the poster and packaging work should be great.

Conveyor@Fred Segal Santa Monica
420 Broadway
Reception on Thursday, April 29th 6-10PM
Show on view Apr 29-May 26

Slanguage at Ivy Substation – Special Offer!

April 29, 2004 at 1:48 pm in Uncategorized

slanguage.jpgI got an email (actually several) about the new Taper Too show, Slanguage that premieres this weekend. It’s a new work by the group Universes and according to the NY Times it’s “EXUBERANT, INSIGHTFUL ENTERTAINMENTÖ a work of heart and soul.”

If you think you can’t afford to go, think again. Luis Alfaro is extending this special offer if you order via phone or web for $10 tickets:

Luis Alfaro: I know you might think you have this show all figured out and that the evening will consist of “yo yo, throw your hands up in the air – hizzle schizzle fizzle in the house’ stuff.

People you are so wrong.
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