• frazgo commented on the blog post Donut time: SO CLOSE! 5 years ago

    I got my donuts, arrived a bit late and Christy’s only had 10 left! Yikes…but you will get a sample this afternoon.

  • Yup comment deletion is just chickenshit. Your comment was on topic, on point and polite, just guess they can’t stand anyone contrary to the opinion they hold. Hey its their blog and they can do what they want, doesn’t mean we need to frequent it. Of course they forget any press is good press when […]

  • Thanks for fixing so what makes the Asian Salad “racist” out tagger didn’t make much sense did he?

  • Yup, you need to look really close to see it was tagged “racist”. DK the taggers intent, was it to besmirch McDonalds or something else. I can think of a lot of other things to tag that billboard with other than “racist”.

  • You know I love Venice, its my mecca for some spiritual rebirth…serious not kidding. Parking down there is horrendous on busy weekends. Once the lots are full its a pain trying to find street parking and all those RV’s plugging up the spots for “camping” makes matters worse. I don’t find this to be anti-homeless. […]

  • Thumbnail The poster says it all, National Water Gun Fight is Saturday July 30.  Should be fun and I doubt that any governing or policing body has sanctioned this event so do be forewarned.  4 hours seems like a long time for a water fight and nothing is said regarding where one can refill their gun […]

  • Congrats on the win…hope you feel better soon.

  • Yahoo…it may happen and it won’t be a minute too soon in my book.  A commission has looked at the red light cameras as decided they cost more than they get in revenue and too many drivers are getting nailed with tickets even while making a legal right on red turn.  According to the report […]

  • Trust me on this, you haven’t lived until you have had bread pudding made from donuts, its the best. A major sugar high but worth it for the nap you get at the end.

  • Thumbnail Bathroom etiquette takes many forms.  Yesterday I was in a high- falutin office complex in Santa Monica and spotted this sign in the mens room.  It made me laugh, then it made me wonder what the hell happened that made them post the warning.  They not only ask you to clean up after yourself but then […]

  • Ohhhh…is this going to be fun. Can’t wait its just two short weeks away.

  • Its quiet as everyone bailed for Las Vegas this weekend. Seems like the entire city was heading to LV at noon yesterday and the traffic the whole way wa horrendous. Maybe it was all the carmageddon specials offered by the LV hotels got everyone to head out? (For the record…am here for a basketball tournament […]

  • frazgo commented on the blog post Wolfpack Hustle Vs Jetblue 5 years ago

    My vote is Wolfpack providing that they get to leave when people start boarding the plane.

  • ThumbnailIts so weird I can’t even make it up.  Jet Blue is offering flights Saturday only between Burbank and Long Beach for $4 each way.  Details HERE.  Why its almost as cheap as the train or a bus.  Could be an interesting way to kill some time Saturday if you have no plans and “rack” up some […]

  • frazgo commented on the blog post Non Carmageddon? 5 years ago

    At least she qualified it as a rumor…to be safe am staying in the SGV this weekend to avoid any problems with traffic in the general direction of the forecast closure. I’ll wait for an official statement from caltrans or the CHP before repeating it.

  • Thanks for the update…so the suspension of fines and possibly payment is because the turds in Sac are thinking about increasing the fees on license plate again or just maintaining the increase from a few years back. Am confused, do know that my next car up is August and no renewal notice is in my […]

  • I do all my renewals online. Its fast and painless. As for smog I know my oldest car needs annual smog checks and I have a couple of places that I know can do it fast without appts so I pop in and get it done. Smog tests are connected with the DMV at the […]

  • frazgo commented on the blog post The Carmageddon Train 5 years ago

    Terrific route addition and idea. However finding funding for it will be a task and a half. Don’t think all is well with the Gold Line, the communities involved in pushing that through have resorted to nimby over a new repair yard while a perfectly good one near downtown already exists. Its a lot of […]

  • I’d love to make it but the timing is just bad. I too want to hear how it went and when we can expect them to release the video.

  • Its going to be tough to take the crown from the Donut Man over in Glendora, he’s been at it for years and has that recipe perfected. Perfected without having to jump the shark and put bacon on it just because he could.

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