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The Blogging.LA Authors are a group of dedicated volunteers who come from all walks of life and age ranges but have one thing in common. They all love Los Angeles… and flannel cakes. They are presented here in absolutely no particular order. Click on their photo or name to read their posts or you can click to see their profiles and send them a message. Lastly if you still use RSS you can get your favorite authors feeds. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m writing to inform you about my hacktivist organization’s protest currently taking place in Hollywood at the ArcLight Hollywood. We are Dramatis Personai and we are protesting all things surveillance-related. We would love to be featured on the site if you find our story appealing. You can find out more at and can check out my twitter account @yourewelcomesos

  2. helo
    my name is daniel slade I own a art gallery downtown la
    i was wondering about getting a blog post on us up on the site.
    id love to hear back from you.
    thank you dan slade

  3. Hello my name is Kelley Lord, I’m a Junior Producer at Elite Daily. Today we released a doc on a Millennial male porn star, Logan Pierce, and his struggle to find love outside of the porn industry.

    I think it could be a great fit for your audience. If you decide to share the video please let us know so we can share it through our social! Let me know if you have any other questions.

    – Kelley

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