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ICME: Ramones hi tops

Gabba Gabba Hey!  Spotted these puppies at Action Footwear my most favorite shoe shop when you have kids.  The memories came flooding back.  The Ramones, small clubs on Sunset…sigh.  Makes me wanna spike my hair and tint it purple again.

Then my middle child reminded me those are “old school”.  Damn I hate it when they remind me I am getting old!  The only thing worse is hearing the songs from high-school relegated to being muzak at the grocery store.  Youth is highly over rated.  Snarky kid wants texting after that?

Action Footwear if you need a pair to call your own: 420S Myrtle Ave, Old Town Monrovia 91016 (I just got the connection with the address and the shoes, the dayquil is finally wearing off)

Pic by me with the trust phone cam.  It doesn’t get any bigger. Continue reading ICME: Ramones hi tops

Wistaria/Wysteria* Hystaria/Hysteria

wist0.jpgThis Sunday the quaint mountainside enclave of Sierra Madre celebrates its annual Wistaria Festival, centered around its treasured 112-year-old vine (clickably pictured at right) that’s been named one of the “Seven Horticultural Wonders of the World.”

Some of the vine’s other notable stats:

  • Produces some 1.5 million luxuriant lavender-colored blossoms
  • Weighs approximately 500,000 pounds
  • More than one acre in size
  • Some branches exceed 500 feet in length
  • It can host 40 blossoms per square foot
  • Growth rates of 24 inches in 24 hours can occur
  • Named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest blossoming plant in the world

Certainly Sierra Madre’s wistaria is the undisputed madre of all wistarias and well worth a look. But if a hike out to the San Gabriel Valley isn’t in the cards this weekend and in the interest of showing some love for lesser wistaria vines that  are more civic-centrally accessible, behold these two frontyard beauties I bike by regularly — one in Historic Filipinotown (left) and the other in Culver City (click thumbnails for immensification):

wist1.jpg wist2.jpg

If anyone knows of any other wistaria vines around the L.A. way leave me locations in the comments and I’ll try to snap them if I’m able.

*There are different camps in regards to the plant’s spelling. Some go with the “e,”
while others prefer “wistaria,” citing its being named in 1818 for Caspar Wistar
of the University of Pennsylvania.

Parenting Work Shop Fundraiser Sat 3/22

qualitycare.jpgIt is fun to watch people weave in and out of your life.  This time around Barbara Gholar is back in my circle.  I met her more years ago than I can imagine when my middle child attended Foothill Preschool.  She is still there only now as an Assistant Director. 

Barbara, like her brother and cousin come from a family big on hard work, education and a strong belief in virtures.  Barbara’s passion for teaching and parenting have led her to starting workshops on those topics to help the community.  She started her own web site, Quality Care Education as way to tell people what she has going on in terms of workshops to help families and schools a couple of years ago. 

To help continue these seminars and fund guest speakers she is holding a fund raiser this Saturday March 22, 2008 from 1-5PM.  More details on the event and Ms Gholar after the jump. Continue reading Parenting Work Shop Fundraiser Sat 3/22

If you want me to sign in leave a pen.


Small request really.  Yesterday it was the ATT store in Pasadena.  IF you can’t manage your staffing and have to resort to a having us sign in.  Leave a pen.  Please?

Having worked retail management for quite a few years after college I get the concept of staffing to traffic flow.  Both retailers I was with used the Garr staffing plans that simply matched staffing levels to traffic.  Maybe my expectations are too high when it comes to service. Could ya at least leave a pen out so we can sign in if you are too cheap to set up a take a number dispenser?

My little neighborhood find today…


It pays to stop and talk with your neighbors.  Today while passing out Neighborhood Watch fliers I spotted Bruce back in the garage with his Dad working on a model railroad.  GAWD I love model trains.  I had no idea had been doing this back there.  If I had I would have been a pest long ago.

 I had  American Flyer S gauge as a kid, my neighbor and built a huge…2 ping-pong table big S gauge and O gauge train.  Bruce is doing all HO and is now getting ready for an expansion.  You can get more after the jump. Continue reading My little neighborhood find today…

frazgo goes for a ride, Car 64 where are you…

flickrcar64hdrtmvp.jpgI asked, you answered my question “what pet peeves do you want to ask a cop”. I got an ear full, and even dipped into Markland’s “64 Things I hate about you” for more ideas then proceeded to get some answers.

Arcadia PD’s Sergeant Tom Le Veque had contacted me and offered me a ride along.  I took him up on the offer and he was the first officer in the line of fire with my questions.  Nice guy, certainly a good sport with the wide range of questions you all came up with. 

He paired me with officer Phil Pierce for the ride along.  Turns out that Officer Pierce is a local Monrovia man who had some great insights into the area as well as his own philosophy on life and policing.  Turns out we even crossed paths many years ago as he played ball with my neighbors two boys. 

A large part of the ride along was just listening and understanding.  I’ve had a lot of interaction with the police over the years.  Like many my contacts have varied,  some were where I initiated the contact, and others where I was stopped because of some boneheaded stunt.  The questions here fell into the same variety, some of it driving, others really dealing with the social, economic realities of life here in Metro LA.

I don’t know what I expected out of the evening other than better insights into my area and policing in general.  What I didn’t expect is the amount of tedious detail work and record keeping was involved.  The calls we answered were pretty inane, false alarms at warehouses, evidence pick-up at Macy’s from an earlier shop lifting arrest and just basic patrolling.  Not a whole lot of shoot ’em up excitement, just good conversation.  Getting to know these men as individuals and understanding the why’s of what they do made it one of the more interesting meanders I have taken.

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