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Let’s Ride the Holley Trolley!

Last Friday, when I went to the party at Tokio, I decided I would park at Hollywood and Highland and just take the Holley Trolley to Hollywood and Cahuenga. I was wearing new high heeled Coach pumps I’d just bought at Loehmann’s, and, hence, did not want to walk the four blocks.
So I came out of the H&H center, teetered across the street, and caught a parked Trolley. There was a very nice guy in his early 20s, wearing a snazzy black-on-black suit, inviting people onto the Trolley as they went by, which made me wonder – do the Trolleys follow a set schedule? Or do they simply leave at will and stop where requested or required?

I got on the Trolley, and the ambassador who had been standing outside continued to bring people on. One punk – and four gangsta-types. Suddenly, the sound system kicked in, with some seriously loud rap. And the Trolley started rolling, as the punk and I exchanged looks, and the gangsta-types began yelling at people out the windows. Meanwhile, the ambassador for the Trolley came over to sit by me and chat. Or rather, yell, because the music was at club volume. And after a couple minutes of shouted small talk, he then asked me for a date, which I politely evaded. But this was one determined Trolley ambassador, because when I asked for a transfer, he said I didn’t need one, that I should just look for him, so I could ride the Trolley for free all night. I smiled, and said I’d give him my number if I saw him later, and made a graceful exit at Cahuenga.
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