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Juxtapoz publisher RIP


On Saturday, April 22, Fausto Vitello, President of High Speed Productions, Inc., and publisher of JUXTAPOZ Magazine, died of a heart attack while riding his bicycle. He was 59.

From the official announcement:

Fausto Vitello revolutionized the skateboard industry and steered the
worldwide popularity of skateboarding through Thrasher magazine. The success
of Thrasher led to many publishing and manufacturing ventures, including
SLAP skateboard magazine, Deluxe Distribution, Street Corner Distribution,
and Juxtapoz art magazine.
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Immigration Open Thread

Since this is the hot topic of the day and everyone seems to have their own take on it, some of us thought maybe you had some opinions worth sharing as well. Here’s the questions banging around on this end – How do we treat immigrants as a community? Should there be an amnesty? Should there be a wall? What’s too far, when it comes to legalization or amnesty? What do you think? Comments are open, go nuts.

Murder On Marathon

My inbox Wednesday held an email from someone otherwise unidentified save for the “silverlakenews” in the sender’s address. The message within included a link to an April 4 story on headlined “Man Shot And Killed After Opening Front Door.”

The sum of the short article is as follows:

(CBS) SILVER LAKE, Calif. A man was fatally shot when he opened the front door of his home in the Silver Lake area after hearing noises in his yard, police said Tuesday.

The man died at a hospital of a gunshot wound he suffered about 8:20 Monday night in the 3900 block of West Marathon Street, the Los Angeles Police Department reported.

Authorities withheld the man’s name, pending notification of his relatives.

According to police, the victim was sitting in his living room when he heard noises outside. When he opened his front door to investigate, he was shot once in the face.

Detectives were unsure of a motive for the crime, which apparently involved two male suspects. No arrests were reported.

Since a hospital transport was involved, I immediately clicked over to the indispensable LAFD News & Information blog to see if LAFD Spokesman Brian Humphrey, its equally indispensable primary contributor, had posted anything about it… but found nothing there. So I emailed him directly and received a speedy reply back saying he was out of the office and would look into it as soon as he returned. So in the meantime, I detoured from my plan of poachin’ more ‘quats and took a walk over there yesterday to see what I could see.


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It’s A Gas, Gas, Gas


While I mini-mourn the passing of the Prasadam eatery up the street, let me give a shout out to the newest kid on the Sunset Junction block: Lovecraft Biofuels, which opened up recently in that long-vacant corner on Sanborn across from the El Polo Loco and the Circus of Books.

At first glance a few weeks ago, I saw the platoon of Mercedes sedans occupying the lot and was a bit crestfallen at what I figured was just another auto mechanic — or worse: used car lot. Especially when considering that the neighboring and now-gone Silver Lake Guitar Shop is now a T-Mobile outlet… pfffft.

But driving by this afternoon, the previously nondescript and unadorned place is now sporting signage, although not nearly as much as in the above photoshopped image borrowed from their website, which also explains the bevy of Benz’s:

“Lovecraft Biofuels can convert your diesel powered vehicle to run on 100% vegetable oil (new or waste), biodiesel, and/or regular diesel, in any combination. We specialize in Mercedes Benz, but can also convert Ford, Cummins and other diesels. Don’t have a diesel? We keep an inventory of Mercedes diesels for sale, already converted, and ready to go.”

Now that’s the kind of business I like to see in the Junction.

Nothing Going On But The Rent

Found this otherwise festive looking sign in the door of the seemingly popular and pretty much well-received Prasadam Restaurant in the heart of Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction as I walked past this morning:


Why gone bye-bye? Well, below it was posted a standard “pay or quit” notice dated April 5 from the property owners notifying the restaurant’s proprietors that they were delinquent with April’s $1,350 rent and had three days to put up or get out.

Guess Prasadam’s peeps opted for the latter.

Street Closures Tomorrow for Deputy Sheriff Maria Rosa Fuernal Service

DepMariaRosaFuneral_thumb.jpgThe city has posted the street closure plans for tomorrows funeral service for Deputy Sheriff Maria Rosa. Looks like Hill and Temple will be the main closures with traffic diverted around them. If you need to be in that area tomorrow for reasons other than the service, be sure to check this map and plan an alternate route.

[Thanks to Brian Humphrey for the tip]

UPDATE Please not that this was posted on Monday, April 3rd, and is in reference to Tuesday, April 4th. If you saw this post this morning (Tuesday) and thought I was tomorrow and are now stuck in traffic, I’m sorry about that. I’ll try and be more clear about what day I’m referencing in the future.

Resources for road closures

Once again Brian Humphrey and the folks at the Los Angeles Fire Department put their blog to wonderful use. In a post this morning called Storm Activity and Road Closures in Los Angeles they address how the weather effects traffic in the city and the best places to check to make sure your planned route isn’t underwater (it’s not the LAFD):

We encourage motorists to listen to local radio stations – especially AM news stations with frequent traffic updates. Public Safety and municipal agencies strive to keep these broadcasters informed with the most current information.

For those who happen to be near a computer, Los Angeles regional traffic resources are almost too numerous to mention. Here are some links you may wish to e-mail to a friend or bookmark:

Los Angeles Real-Time Street Traffic Map

Los Angeles Known Street Closures

Los Angeles Special Event Street Closures

Los Angeles County Road Closures

State Highway Road Closures – or call 1-800-427-ROAD

Los Angeles Freeway Incident Information

Los Angeles Real-Time Freeway Traffic Map

Los Angeles Planned Freeway Lane Closures

Spiderman Makes Good

Eric Richardson frequently talked about the chaos people who live in downtown have to put up with so film crews can get their shots. Building owners often get paid and residents often get screwed. Apparently that’s not the case with the recent Spiderman shoot, as Eric note that the studio left neighbors a parting gift:

Spiderman III has been filming in the alley for roughly a week. They’re all done now and finishing packing up, but this morning sitting at my door was the little envelope pictured at left with two Laemmle passes in it.

For a film with a budget the size of Spiderman III’s buying a couple hundred passes is nothing, but it’s a good little touch in my opinion.

Yes, there are major issues with Downtown filming that need to be addressed (mostly revolving around parking and street closures), but just having these shoots do something little for the people who have to put up with them is a nice start

Treasure Hunt Postponed

Word’s just in from the event’s organizer that the much-anticipated L.A. Treasure Hunt — something akin to an Amazing Race on bikes — has been postponed from tomorrow to April 2 “due to weather conditions.”

From the email sent out:

“There is a thunderstorm coming in tonight and chances of heavy rain tomorrow are high, or so numerous weather reports have said. It would be selfish of me to play it by ear and wait till the last minute to cancel the event being that people from all over southern California and as far San Diego are coming to participate in the treasure hunt. I would feel terrible for them to come out here and it be cancelled. I apologize to everyone that was looking forward to the hunt tomorrow but I feel this is the best decision cause its going to be fucking freezing all day and the chances of rain are extremely high. This is for the best.”

While I can appreciate the reasons behind the decision, I’m curious as to what weather source he’s heeding as shows the 90026 as being partly cloudy and 56 degrees tomorrow with a 20% chance of rain.