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Win Tickets to Battles at the Fonda Tomorrow!

>>>EDIT: Sorry kids, the tix all went within five minutes. You can stop e-mailing now.
battles.jpgI’m freshly off the plane from Seattle, still reeking of ozone-rich air and pine trees and rain, but I have to remember to tell you guys–HEY! OMG! We has ticketz! To Battles! At the Fonda! Tomorrow night! And like anarchic icing on the cake of Rock, they play with locals No Age, worth seeing all by themselves and whose DIY art-attack approach to….well, everything (not just music) is really inspiring.

Battles are one of the most refreshing things to happen to rock music since Trail of Dead’s “Source Tags & Codes.” If you haven’t heard them yet, go here and do so. Immediately.

The first three people to email me get a pair of tickets. No quiz this time, my brain’s too refreshed from the Seattle air to manage snark. PLEASE DON’T EMAIL IF YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY GO TO THE SHOW: 10/30 BATTLES with No Age @ the Fonda.

Win Tix to Hot Hot Heat this Saturday Sunday! Woo wee!

hhh_new_bio.jpg Calling all dancepunk fans, aficionadoes of that “electroclash meets disco” sound, and anyone who likes to shake their thang on the dancefloor. Hot Hot Heat are coming to The Fonda this Sunday the 28th, along with Bedouin Soundclash and De Novo Dahl–and there hasn’t been such a danceable discopunk blowout in such a small venue since The Rapture blew the steamy roof off the El Rey in 2003 (or was it 04? I forget).

Want tickets? We’ve got ’em! Just email me with the name of their first full-length album (it’s NOT Make Up the Breakdown). Boo yah!

Win Last-Minute Tix to Müm & Tom Brosseau Tomorrow Night!

mum.jpgEver seen the inside of Downtown’s historic, beaux-arts / art-deco Orpheum Theatre? I sure as hell haven’t, despite spending a hella time in the surrounding buildings. Now, in what’s possibly one of the most inspired pairings of venue and artist in a good long while, Icelandic atmo-texturalists Müm bring their space-station symphonies to the Orpheum’s frozen-in-time interior. Los Angeles may be burning, but here’s your chance to get in on the wintry, nostalgic chill of their sound in one of LA’s most timeless settings. Müm’s latest album was created sans founding member and vocalist Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir; the new Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy finds the band exploring male vocals and creating sweeping landscapes of stumbling percussion and layers of ethereal, chiming synth textures. They are joined by Brosseau, whose nocturnal, earthy space-folk seems equally otherworldly in its low-lit, bittersweet poignancy.

So we’ve got a buncha tix to give away….the first three folks who can email me with the answer to this question, gets a pair:
A former member of Müm has a husband in another band. What band is that?

Win Tickets to See Lucero at the El Rey this Saturday

lucero.jpgThe hard-drinkin’, haggardly hopeful alt-county from Lucero comes to the El Rey this Saturday the 20th, along with Bobby Bare Jr. and Whiskey & Co. For fans of profound postpunk like Jawbreaker and big-sad-eyed booze-soaked dreamers like Whiskeytown, this’ll be a drool-inducing lineup.

So, win a pair of tickets! Just email me and tell me what song of Lucero’s invokes the same name (although isn’t about the same person) as one of our “Greatest Dead Angelenos,” already posted. Boo yah!

Detour Fest : A bLA Winner Sounds Off

So, the Detour fest was fantastic, not only for the diverse bands & music that were showcased, but, IMHO, for the opportunity to stroll the streets of Downtown LA with no traffic, hearing the thundering music ricocheting off city hall and the downtown court buildings. Seeing giant moving projections traveling across the pinnacle of city hall itself was amazing, lighting the Dragnet signifier with a mist of blue and red. I love this city and I love how this event can transform LA’s most rigidly patrolled and crowd-controlled area into an anarchic stroller’s paradise, complete with all the trappings: drunk 19-year-old girls barfing, jr.-high-school-age boys walking around in skinny jeans like stick figures with big heads, people skipping down the streets to the music, older rockers in their glam finery strutting the middle of the street like glittery peacocks, etc.
But I actually haven’t sorted all my thoughts, or my photos, just yet. So bLA contest winner Ric Sarabia wrote up HIS impression of the event. I’d like to do this more in the future, hear back from our winners to see what they thought of things. Here’s what Ric the Winner had to say:

Amanda and I hopped on the Gold Line from Highland Park Saturday afternoon and got off at Chinatown where we strolled over to Phillipe’s for French beef bleu dipped sammiches. We strolled on down to the festival arriving just as the Aggrolites took the stage. Tight, happy ska – they looked sharp all dressed in red bringing an irie vibe to this downtown intersection at 3pm. It’s so awesome to get people rubbing shoulders on the streets around city hall for this party. Great buildings.

We wandered around looking at the merch and ferris wheel and ended up lolling on the grass by the south stage with mango/banana smoothies as the Deadly Syndrome played a nondescript set while we waited for the Ed Banger crue. When we arrived at the plaza stage Franki Chan was spinning. He’s so tiny! The audience was definitely ready for Ed Banger and would go into a frenzy when Busy P or Kavinsky was spotted necking with their hunnybuns back behind the stage.

Ed Banger comes at you like a fuckin’ spider monkey…

Justice photo courtesy Gustavo via Creative Commons.

(More on Ed Banger, Kinky, Satellite Party, Teddybears, Justice & the ride home after the jump.)
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Guess Where Los Angeles

Los Angeles from ?

Yesterday I was driving to work after meeting my mom for lunch and I spotted a location that I needed to shoot for a project I’m working on. I stopped and grabbed the shot, which required a short hike. I actually first stopped at a concert venue and asked for directions at the ticket window. Crazy enough, the girl in the booth asked “Are you eecue?” I guess she somehow recognized me from the internets. Anyhow, as pointed out in an early thread, this idea of “Guess Where LA” was stolen from the Guess Where LA flickr group which was stolen from the Guess Where NYC flickr group. If you guess where this photo was taken from you win an invisible and worthless prize…. actually there is no prize.

Mahna Mahna to win a pair of tickets to Puppet Up!

Picture%2013.pngThe good folks at The Jim Henson Company have offered up a pair of tickets for this Friday’s Puppet Up! Uncensored for one lucky reader.

Puppet Up! is an improv puppet show from the same people who brought you The Muppets. And its supposed to be a bit naughty. I wrote a bit about the show yesterday, which you can read now to learn more of what the show is all about… or get a sneak peek of a video clip from their website.

To pick the winner, I’d like to do a random drawing tied in with an homage to one of my favorite all time Muppet skits.

Here’s how it works:

1. The first person to comment needs to write: “Mahna Mahna!”
2. Then the next person needs to comment, “Doo Doo Di Doo Doo!”
3. And then the next comment should be “Manna Manna!”
4. Return to step 2.

(Click here if you don’t get the reference)

Leave your name and email as well, and we’ll do a random drawing tomorrow morning of everyone who entered correctly.

And I’m breaking a rule here to keep it fun: Feel free to enter as many times as you wish – so long as you’re not responding to yourself with back to back comments.

Contest ends Friday morning at 8am.

Puppet Up! uncensored
Avalon Hollywood
Friday, August 17th
doors: 7pm show: 8pm
ticket info