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Predict 2008’s dead, win tickets to see Siouxsie, without the Banshees, hits the Music Box stage on February 15th and 16th. (buy tix here)

Not to kick off 2008 with a total bummer or anything, we thought we’d give away a handful of tickets by inviting our readers to create their very own “dead pool.”

In the comments, leave a list of five celebrities who you don’t think will live to see 2009. Be sure to leave a valid email, because this gives you two chances to win:

1. We’ll randomly select two commenters on January 31st who’ll win a pair of tickets to their choice of either the Feb. 15th or 16th Siouxsie performance.

2. If by fate a name on a commenter’s list happens to kick the bucket by January 31st, they’ll instantly win a pair of tickets (up to three winners eligible).

Entry “deadline” is 11:59pm, January 31st. To be eligible for option #2, your list of picks needs to appear in the comments at least 24 hours before your pick’s time of death. Picks must be human, and to validate celbritihood their obituary must be carried by the AP, Reuters, or other reputable news source. Death row inmates ineligible if they die by scheduled execution.

TOR and People’s Republic of Pasadena Round Up

brokenrose2.bmpHere we go another round up of the activities surrounding Pasadena and the Roses Parade.  This year isn’t the first time that political issues in some form or another have entered the otherwise Calm and Festive Rose Parade.  What started a little event, that in the words of the TOR was for “former residents of the East and Midwest eager to
showcase their new home’s mild winter weather” has grown into a world wide celebration of the New Year.  In the process it has become an center where folks with a cause also want to use it to bring their concerns to a bigger audience.  Your list of things going on as part of, or aside to the Big Parade:

  • Pasadena Star News reports Metro will offer free Gold Line rides to Pasadena
  • reports Parade Camping Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Visual Artists Guild asks you to turn your back to the Chinese sponsored Olympic Float Gloat in silent protest.  They are also sponsoring contest for best depictions of the protest.
  • Former Pasadena Mayor, Bill Paparian asks you turn your back on the Chinese Gloat in the Pasadena Weekly article “States of Denial”.
  • reports that a not so silent protest against the Iraq War and calling for impeachment of Bush may take place sponsored by the White Rose Coalition
  • Todd Ruiz from Under the Dome recaps the protests in Paradeageddon a nice play on armegeddon.
  • Pasadena Star News reports Duarte’s last fling at float building was this year in “Pavilion’s last fleet“.

More of the Visual Artists Contest after the jump.

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Metroblogging Los Angeles’ 2007 Grinch of the Year Award

Landslide Winner: Pasadena Mayor Boogard

bogaardgrinch.jpg On behalf of the writers (I use the term lightly with me) it is with some chagrin I announce Pasadena’s mayor Bill Bogaard winner of this years Grinch Award.

Why “chagrin” you may ask? The San Gabriel Valley is a big chunk of Los Angeles Metro anchored by Pasadena. We are all interrelated and we deserve better. Don’t get me wrong I really do love Pasadena and along with my friends that live there we are amazed the direction leadership there has been spinning (swirling?).

Mayor Bogaard earned this award for a variety reasons. At we blog local and think global. He has offended many on the global level when he courted the Chinese mainland to come to the Rose Parade, watched the removal of a woman who spoke out against it at a city council meeting as her mother was rounded up and sitting in a re-education camp. When asked to write a letter to the Pasadena Sister City in China he denied that request.

He put together a measure that could potentially tax internet use. Tried to silence the rebuttal to the ballot measure when he was called out on that potential, then hired attorney’s to quash the rebuttal. During all of this a watchdog group found a letter written to our senator asking her to vote no on the extending of free internet access. In the end his attorney’s agreed that the measure opens the door to taxing internet access as a utility. He lost the court battle, the measure remains on the ballot to be voted on this spring.

More after the jump….
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Best Little Shoe Store in Outer Monrovia

afpposter.jpg Action Footwear in Monrovia is my favorite shoe store in town for a lot of reasons. They are one of those great hole in the wall shops that get to know you, your needs and give back to the community. With businesses like this who needs the mall?

Action Footwear is running a raffle through 12/21/07 for a FREE pair of shoes, your choice of what they have in stock. The ticket is only a buck, a quick green back to the pool that ultimately will be donated to Monrovia Highschool Newspaper.

More on why I call them my favorite shoe store in town after the jump.
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Zoinks! It’s Ghostland Observatory Tickets from bLA!

ghost.jpgI first heard Ghostland Observatory about a year ago on Little Radio (my reliable source for the coolest new music), with their single Sad Sad City, and immediately bought both their albums off the tubes of the Internet. GhOb is two guys–just two–who blend the slick blippy electro sound of Daft Punk or Laurent Garnier with the strutting soul-rock of The Clash or Bowie. It makes for a combo that’s utterly irresistible–it’s hard not to car-dance whenever they come on my ipod during my daily commute.

New to the band? Listen to Sad Sad City, Silver City or Victory Lap on iTunes. For a while they were my Indie-Cred Trump Card, the band I’d whip out to prove how in the loop I was. Now everyone knows they rawk. They play at the Fonda this Friday the 30th.

Well, if you’re one of the folks who know they rawk, or if you’re one of the folks who don’t but have now listened and agree that they rawk, here’s a chance to win tickets! Just email me your answer to this question: What song did GhOb play in their recent appearance on Conan O’Brien? Answers posted in comments will not be considered.

Win Tickets to Jose Gonzalez at the Fonda!

JoseGonzalezPic.jpgIt’s that time again, folks! Snap out of your tryptophan-induced coma and get those brain cells zapping so you can win these tickets–and we have two, count them two lovely pairs this time–to Swedish troubadour Jose Gonzalez’s performance on the 27th at the Henry Fonda theater!

If you haven’t heard Gonzalez’s inspired indie-folk yet get thee here right away: Like his original works, his sparse acoustic covers of Springsteen, Massive Attack and Low re-frame the original atmosphere-heavy songs into something stripped-down and quiet, lovely and bitter, like a bare tree in the snow.

Email your answer to this question, below, to me at [email protected].

Gonzalez has covered several other artists and bands, but which band was also from his native Sweden?

A bLA Reader Reviews The Hold Steady

the%20hold%20steady.jpgSo last week we gave away tickets to the Hold Steady / Art Brut show (click here for images from the excellent photog Timothy Norris), and reader Ari snagged a pair for himself. Here’s his take on the show, below. I have to say the performance was really fantastic–“You Can Make Him Like You” rendered live is even more savage and heartbreaking, “Boys and Girls In America” even more epic, and “Almost Killed Me” rounded out the show with a vast expanse of rolling sound and emotion. Thanks dudes.

Ari’s words: “…The band played a wide variety of old, older and new stuff all of which sounded better then any recording of their’s I had ever heard. Craig Finn, the singer, was jumping around like a five year old. Not just a normal five year old but one that I would describe as a Spaz but now most likely would lose that title to the ADD acronym and pilled up good. He was sincere, enthusiastic, and genuinely excited to be sing-talking in Los Angeles…They played a solid set of about an hour with a half hour encore. The biggest highlight for me was when they opened the encore with “positive jam.” When the band kicked in I almost pooped my pants with awe.”

His full review review is behind the jump. Thank you, Ari!
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Five bands for the price of none!

Victory Records Tour, Nov. 16th, Music Box at the Fonda. Tickets.

The Victory Records Tour hits the Music Box/Henry Fonda on Friday night, headlined by Bayside, the Sleeping, June, A Day to Remember, and Driver Side Impact. Tickets are only $13, but if you want an even better bargain, ie FREE tickets, read on.

To win a pair of tickets: leave a comment below, and the important thing here is to tell me about who your guest will be if you end up going to the show. Just a line or two will suffice. Keep it interesting, and by interesting I mean embarrassing. You don’t need to name names or anything, we just like to know what kind of company or readers keep.

I’ll randomy select four winners Thursday night at 9pm, and a fifth winner will be handpicked by me for having the best reply. This commenter will also receive a prize pack of five CDs – one from each band on the bill!

I am a blogger, I live on a second floor

Suzanne Vega at the El Rey Theatre, November 14th. Tickets

I have Suzanne Vega tickets for you
And a free CD for some lucky whore

I know my rhyming is crappy
About that I’m not too proud
So if you’re feeling scrappy
Leave a comment and you could be a ticket winner

If you want to see the show tomorrow night
Its at the El Rey on Wilshire with the big neon lights
So don’t ask me where it is
So don’t ask me where it is
So don’t ask me where it is

…deepest apologies to Ms. Vega… feel free to shame me with a better rhyme in the comments… three winners will be randomly selected tomorrow at 11am, one gets a free CD as well…

Win Tickets to Lyrics Born this Friday @ the El Rey!

I’ll make it real easy on y’all.

The first two people who email me the original stage name of Lyrics Born will each win a pair of tickets.

Otherwise, you can purchase tickets at the El Rey box office, or through Ticketmaster.

I’m pretty excited about Lyrics Born. “I Changed my Mind” is one of my favorite songs in the universe. I honestly don’t know much about Ryan Shaw other than what his MySpace tells me, but he seems like a very fine soul singer. See you there, folks.

Lyrics Born w/ Ryan Shaw
Friday, November 16
Doors @ 7pm
Show starts @ 8pm

UPDATE: the winners have written in. that was quick. :) which goes to show: lyrics born is awesome!

Win Tickets to the Hold Steady at the Fonda, Nov. 7th

I don’t have the adequate words to express how much I love the Hold Steady.
holdsteady.jpgWhen I first heard them, and Craig Finn’s vocals, I didn’t like them. This guy can’t sing, I thought. What the hell is this? And then the piano yoked me in, and the violins and textured guitars that swell under the choruses or bell out into lush, epic finales (ref. “Killer Parties”) , and…the words. Those words! They’re koans, they’re the pure beauty of simple, straightforward poetry. Henry Miller, Hemingway…Finn. As Emily Dickinson said, “For writers, a success prescription / fewer words, more description.”

And so I will do that here: keep it short & sweet. We have a couple pairs of tickets to give away. Email me telling me what your favorite song of theirs is, and why, and the first responders will get a plus-one to the show. Oh, and Art Brut opens for them as well. w00t!

The contest runs until Sunday. I’ll then pick two winners.

bLA Readers Report Back from Battles at the Fonda, part 2!

So we had TWO folks come back from Battles with reviews. Here’s a hilarious take on it by reader Steve Kedrowski! I hope he wins more contests, because I like grumpy people.* And people who reference Gravity’s Rainbow in show reviews. Steve, bless your well-read soul.

Wake Me When the Show Starts: A Middle-Aged Man Goes to the Fonda

Every so often Lucinda will post a contest for free tickets to a show, and they are normally for bands I know and love, but invariably I lose out on the tickets because I didn’t know the name of the original bassist’s second-cousin. On Monday she was giving away tickets to Battles, a band I mainly know from the single in rotation on satellite radio, but there were no prerequisite questions, so this happened to be the time I managed to win. Therefore, I attended Tuesday’s show as a near blank slate. If you’re a huge Battles fan and you missed out on the tickets because of me, I apologize, but the place was nowhere near packed, so I don’t feel that guilty.

I’m in my mid-30s and I don’t make it out to shows as much as I used to. This year there were only two shows for which I actually went out of my way to buy advanced tickets: Flaming Lips at the Hollywood Bowl and Sebadoh at the Troubador. The Henry Fonda Theater is a midsized venue. Most of the bands I like have either already made it big or never will, so it’s been years since I’ve been to a club like this. The upper floor was closed off so there was nowhere to sit. I bought a Red Bull and vodka to give me a little pick-me-up. It was $11. In another ten years it will finally sink in that these are red flags trying to let me know that I’m not welcome in such places. But for the time being, I persevered…
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bLA Readers Report Back from Battles at the Fonda, part 1!

IMG_0030.jpgLast week we sent a handful of winners to the Battles show at the Henry Fonda (thank yoo, Goldenvoice*). I love when you guys report back on the show. Here’s one of two great firsthand accounts! (And oh, I’ll be posting another contest for another bombass band–one of my favorites–tomorrow morning sometime.) bLA winner Michael Lockridge also sent in pictures! Lockridge, you are the awesome.

I recently had the pleasure of “winning” the opportunity to go see Battles for free, except for the drinks which kind of evened things out. They played at the Fonda in Hollywood, which is a decent enough place, and were opened by No Age. I have conflicted feelings toward this band. The band is comprised of two guys who didn’t take their ADD medication, or were still full of teenage angst. The whole set itself started out rocky but after each consecutive song I felt that they were getting better and better. By the time they were getting me hooked however, the set was over. Their music made me imagine myself thrashing with the giant bald guy next to me who didn’t move an inch the entire time I was there (not even a smile). At one point they asked the giant bald guy pointedly how he was doing. He didn’t respond at all and they played it off nicely by saying “Ok, we’ll talk later!” I see promise but they didn’t have the patience to take me there.

Battles is another story entirely…
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Fer’ cryin’ out loud, win these tickets for the Shout Out Louds!!!


That other Swedish super group, The Shout Out Louds, will be taking over the Music Box Theatre on Monday night, along with Johnossi and with LA’s sexiest rockin’ trio Nico Vega.

Not only do we have three pairs of tickets to give away for this amazing lineup, one lucky winner will also receive a “limited edition rock poster” made for the show, courtesy of our friends at Goldenvoice.

For your chance to win: leave a comment SHOUTING that you want these tickets. Please use ALL CAPS, so we know you’re SHOUTING. The gratuitous use of exclamation! points! is also encouraged!!! Also include a valid email address so we can yell back at you in case you’re a winner. We’ll randomly draw three winners on Sunday, November 4th, at noon (and one of these will also get the poster), so pipe up before then.

To guarantee a spot at the show, buy your tickets online here.

Shout Out Louds w/ Johnossi and Nico Vega
Music Box at the Fonda
6126 Hollywood Blvd.
Monday, November 25th, 8pm Contest Winner’s Report-Back from Müm!

So, a week ago, we sent bLA contest winner Oren Hadar to see Müm at the Orpheum. I like to hear back from our winners, so here’s his take on what happens when a bunch of woozy, arty, precious-but-charming Icelandic musicians crash-land in the beaux-arts district of Downtown.

mumband.jpgGo, on, Oren:

Thanks again for the tickets to the Múm show. I missed the openers, but it was worth it just to see the main event. I was curious to see how Múm would fare in the Orpheum, a place whose opulence can easily upstage a contemplative band like them. But if anything it seemed to inspire them – they mentioned several times how happy they were to play in such a beautiful theater, and the music they played was gorgeous enough to fill the space
quite nicely.

So this is Múm – all the shy kids from the neighborhood kept their childhood toys, noisemakers and musical instruments, but they never really learned to play them – they just liked to make sounds with them…
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