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Graffiti Grammar Bingo and Spelling Bee: Exhibit 1

B-I-N-G-OBecause, this image:

I hereby announce the bLA Graffiti Grammar Bingo & Bee. Once I post five of these, the first commenter gets a prize if they type BINGO!!!! and then identify the error. (Exclamation points not required.)

Obviously, this one should be “you’re,” and I also deduct points because the elephant appears to be both balancing on a ball and levitating to paint the sign. You can’t do both, Jumbo. I know these things.

I welcome submissions. Ping me at the address on my profile to send me one.

626 Night Market vendor list for this weekend is live

I’m jazzed and excited for tomorrow night as thats the night we plan on attending the 626 Night Market. Read my other post for deets.

The vendor directory went live yesterday morning. See who will be at 626 Night Market this weekend!

▸ PRINT out the directory here:
▸ Or SCAN the QR code to access the map on your phone!
▸ Our friends at Splatnom have created a mobile-friendly menu!

Win Tickets to see OMD at Club Nokia on 10/7!

Update: Winners have been notified! Congratulations!

I’ve got a secret that I can’t explain…actually, it’s not a secret now. We’re giving away TWO PAIRS of tickets to see OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) this coming Friday, October 7th at Club Nokia. I was excited when I learned earlier this year that OMD was still performing. I admittedly hadn’t thought of them in a good while, but I do have fond memories of their music I had some nice emo times listening to them and pining for a certain young man, before emo was even a thing.

If you are also nostalgic for some great 80s synth-pop and would like to see OMD live, leave a comment below (be sure to sign in with a legit email address) no later than Noon on Tuesday, 10/4.

More details on the show here.


Albano’s Pizzeria is Back on Melrose!

Albano's Sign by Jodi 8/19/2011

For years, my absolute favorite pizza place in L.A. was Albano’s on Melrose, just west of La Brea. Having done my fair share of time in the Northeast, I am a bit partial to New York style, thin crust pizza. Albano’s was not close to where I live and the parking was often less than convenient , but the pies made it worth any hassle. For a short time, they opened a second location in The Valley (twice), which was easier to get to, but I still preferred visiting the Melrose location. However, by the end of 2007, Albano’s was no more. While the owner was briefly involved with Robano’s when it initially opened in Toluca Lake in 2008, he ended up leaving and their pizza hasn’t been the same since.

I was driving to an appointment last Friday and as I drove by the former Albano’s location, I looked over as I usually do. I was shocked to see the old sign instead of that of one of the pizza joints that took over the spot after Albano’s closed. I didn’t quite believe what I saw and was running early, so I drove around the block for confirmation. OMG! Later that night, we went for slices and were hugged and kissed by Anthony Albano, who knew us as regular customers before and appreciated us coming back over the hill for Albano’s, the Best Pizza in L.A. It’s delicious. Try it for yourself.

Last Week for Marco Brambilla Exhibit in Santa Monica

This is the last week to catch the Marco Brambilla exhibit at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Friends raved about the show, so I finally went to see it for myself this past weekend.

The Dark Lining is a collection of seven video installations created by the artist and filmmaker between 1999 and the present. The highlight of the exhibit is the final room of the gallery where two very large video collages are projected on opposite walls and in 3D.  Evolution (Megaplex) is a new work depicting the history of mankind and the 2008 Civilization (Megaplex) takes you on a trip through the afterlife. Both use images from hundreds of film clips and are a feast for the eyes. You might find yourself analyzing the symbolism, thinking about the history of the universe and discussing all things religious and apocalyptic. Whatever the case, I bet you’ll end up playing the same game my friends and I did, which is trying to name every last movie that provided the featured images.

The Dark Lining by Marco Brambilla runs through August 20, 2011 at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, which is located in Bergamot Station at 2525 Michigan Avenue in Santa Monica. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, 11am to 6pm. Suggested donation is $5, parking is free.

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Photo by me, while nomming delicious -free- ice cream.

Though I’m not getting the scoop on anyone (see what I did there?,) I thought it important to let b.LA readers know that Ben & Jerry are in town. Well, at least their truck is.

As noted around the Intertubes, Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Truck is in Los Angeles. They arrived today, and will be here for the next six weeks passing out free scoops all over town.

I’m headed over to Hollywood Blvd. & Vermont, where they will be until 1:00pm, but you can find them wherever they may be by following them on Twitter.

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!

LA Celebrates 420 Day!

Yes kids, it’s that day again. April 20th. The day cannabis imbibers all over the world celebrate the new ‘Cannabis Culture’ that is sweeping through our nation.

From it’s humble beginnings back in the 70’s, the date of April 20th has grown into a world wide holiday to celebrate all that’s good about Cannabis. It’s reputed that 420 was the time and secret code that a group of high school stoners in Pt. Reyes, CA used to plan meet-ups to search of a secret cache of marijuana growing on the coast. They never found it, but now, all over the world cannabis lovers use the day and number to celebrate their love for the miraculous qualities of their beloved Marijuana.

Here in Los Angeles, a number of dispensaries are celebrating with heavy discounts on products, free food and lots of samples.
In Hollywood, one of the biggest and best collectives in town, ‘Kushmart’ on Selma, just past Cahuenga, is having a huge raffle all day and the prize is a 5 oz of several of their top shelf meds. Wow! Can’t beat that for gratitude and support of their patients! They are also giving lots of meds out at 50% off. If you check them out, don’t miss the Ganja Goddess Brownies and Gingerbread. They are seriously the bomb. Not to be missed and famous for their healing strength and amazing yummy taste!
Starbudz on Lankershim in Noho, is another collective that has great meds and is offering specials for 420. Go in and ask about their 420 specials and Angela will hook you up.

Anyway, if you’re a medical marijuana patient, you can find deals galore just about anywhere in Los Angeles today. Luckily, we live in one of the most patient friendly cities in the world!

Did you do something with your hair?

Why yes, we did. We’re launching so new crap, and it’s rolling out in stages. Things might be a little goofy for a few days as we get everything in place. One really cool thing we’ll have will be groups for neighborhood, one not so cool thing is that we (and you) have to set these up one by one by hand. So if you want your neighborhood getting in there sooner rather than later, you can add it yourself by clicking the “groups” tag there in the upper right. We’ll explain more of the new stuff once we know it’s not going to break. Wooo Shiny!

L.A.’s Greatest Landmarks: A Series

Photo by Jodi

Every city has its landmarks. Some are well-known, others hidden. They can be awe-inspiring or, in some cases, a downright embarrassment to the residents. Los Angeles is no exception and is home to countless buildings, monuments, signs, parks, streets, etc. that define the landscape.

Starting next Monday, August 9th, the authors of will begin exploring L.A.’s great, unique landmarks. As with our previous series Songs About Los Angeles and L.A. Plays Itself In The Movies, we will give a personal perspective on the meaning and greatness of the landmarks we’ve chosen.

You very well may disagree with something we include being deemed “great” or even a landmark. And yes, there are many, many, many fantastic and iconic L.A. landmarks that won’t be included in this round of posts. We encourage you to let us know what you think we missed and are looking forward to your input!

Links to posts in this series:

Sunset Boulevard (Tammara)

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (RobNoxious)

Griffith Observatory (Matt Mason)

The Rose Bowl (Frazgo)

Randy’s Donuts (Alexandra Apolloni)

Olvera Street (Kevin Ott)

Hollywood and Highland (Travis Koplow)

Bob’s Big Boy (Jodi Kurland)

Union Station (Julia Frey)

Walt Disney Concert Hall (Joz)

Venice Beach (Matt Mason)

The Hollywood Walk of Fame (Queequeg)

Angels Flight (Janna Smith)

Farmer’s Market (Kevin Ott)

The Capitol Records Building (Alexandra Apolloni)

The La Brea Tar Pits (RobNoxious)

Watts Towers (Travis Koplow)

Colorado Street Bridge (Frazgo)

Rodeo Drive (Janna Smith)

The Hollywood Bowl (Burns!)

Flashback Edition: Angelyne (Julia Frey)

Chateau Marmont (Tammara)

The Hollywood Sign (RobNoxious)

The rebirth of


Once upon a time a bunch of bloggers in Los Angeles got all emo for each other. A/S/L was asked and responded to. As things are want to do in such situations inhibitions were thrown to the wind, chances were taken, protection was not worn, and a site called was born unto the world. This site was snotty and annoyed the crap out of people, but it was young so everyone put up with it. Eventually it grew up and got a real job and people started calling it Los Angeles Metroblogging until they decided that name was too long and stupid and settled on LA Metblogs. It towed the company line for many years and it seemed like it always would until one day, and reports are a bit conflicting on this, it woke up dead. Some said suicide, some said murder, some said far reaching international cloak and dagger level spy vs spy assassination. Fearing public outcry a massive coverup was undertaken. Reports were faked and lookalikes were hired. Weekend at Bernie‘s became daily operating procedure until finally the lie became too big, and the rotting corpse too stinky.

The big guns were called in, but the situation was too much for them so the faithful turned to the dark arts. Black candles were lit and spooky latin was recited.


And also forwards, just to be safe.

And the ground shook, oh did it shake. For about 30 seconds until twitter confirmed it was just another aftershock from Baja California. Oh and also had risen from the grave. And here it is, back in bla.. well, light blue.


Vintage Expo + Pop Up Shop this Saturday

Michael Stahl's Helms photo used through Creative Commons license

Get dad a sharkskin suit or a vintage tie for Father’s Day–head to the Helms Bakery building for what sounds like a damned cool event. Billed as “part ‘Pop-Up Shop,’ part vintage expo, part art opening,” this one day event should be good shopping and people watching. If you’ve ever been to the clothing and textile show in Burbank, you know that there promise to be plenty of Rockabilly and Bettys at the Helms Saturday.  I met the event organizer, Dave from Clever Vintage Clothing, at a Hidden LA meet-up and then I saw him at the Burbank show, and I can tell you the man will find you what you’re looking for. If you’ve got a vintage itch, he’ll help you scratch it. For this event, he’s gathered 12 of his favorite dealers.

The details:
Saturday, June 19, 2010
10:00am – 4:00pm
At the LightSpace Studio at the Historic Helm’s Bakery Building
8755 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA