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The 64 Worst Things In Los Angeles

64 Worst: Left Turn Signals Vs. Parking At Trader Joes


So far many of these “64 worst things about LA” posts have been about something that sucks, well I’ve got two things that are awesome, unfortunately we we don’t have nearly enough of them. Left turn signals and parking spots at Trader Joes.

A little over a year ago I was asked by The LA Times what the biggest problem facing LA in 2007 would be and obviously my answer was the city’s bias against people turning left and sadly the situation isn’t much better today. We’ve got major streets and major intersections all over the city but in most cases it’s easier to shoot past the street you want to turn left at and then make 3 right turns rather than sit at a light for what will certainly be hours trying to make a signalless left turn. Who was it who decided that these things weren’t important for LA when all the stop lights were being put in? They are all over the rest of the world in ample supply, but in LA not so much. I know people who purposely map out every single trip across town so that they never have to turn left just because it’s such a nightmare. True story.

But no tale of the haves and the have nots would be complete without talking about the parking that Trader Joes does not have. This is truly a Los Angeles paradox because everything inside the store makes you want to go, but everything outside makes you want to run screaming away. The problem wouldn’t be so major if the food Trader Joes sold wasn’t so damn tasty and inexpensive. Every time I go there I’m amazed at what I was able to pick up, but going there requires massive planning and scheduling to make sure that the least possible other people in LA might be there at the same time. And it’s not just that there aren’t enough spots – lots of places in LA have fewer parking spots than they should, but Trader Joes goes a step further by introducing the bottleneck. It’s almost as if they were designed that way on purpose, but getting into the lots to begin with is next to impossible, and then getting out.. well lets just say I advise against buying frozen perishable items if you drive there.

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64 Worst: Cost of Buying A House vs. 110 Freeway

Following up on this morning‘s topic of crazy rent pricing, is the outrageous cost of buying a house. IrvineHousingBlog covers our pathological need to compete and how out of whack out housing pricing is — when LA County’s median income is half of what is needed to buy a median priced home, there is something terribly, terribly wrong. Thankfully the idiots that ruined the market for the rest of us are getting their comeuppance…

Even if you could afford to buy a home, you prolly wouldn’t want to put it along the 110 Freeway. Home to the most recent rash of Freeway shooting to the South and adorable, but antiquated construction to the North, this first freeway is where Americans go to die on the road.

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64 Worst: Cost of Rent vs. No NFL Team

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Which is more ridiculous, the cost of rent in L.A., or the absence of pro football?

The economy is in shambles. Or, as President Bush calls it, in a “slowdown.” The housing crisis has littered the SoCal landscape with signs of foreclosure. Yet, with home prices falling, rents are going up. nfl.gifAnd half the time, you still have to bring your own refrigerator.

There have been arguments that professional sports teams can be a boon to a city’s economy. They can also be a source of civic pride, if they’re not a joke on the playing field. Los Angeles has been home 3 different NFL teams: the Raiders, the Rams, and the Chargers. Now, two years after Governor Schwarzenegger told the league he wanted 2 teams, L.A. is still home to none.

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64 Worst: People Who Talk on Cellphones While Driving vs. Britney Spears & Paris Hilton


If you live in Los Angeles, two things are inevitable: People swerving all over the place as they drive while talking on their cellphones, and massive coverage of Britney Spears and/or Paris Hilton. One will kill you, the other makes you want to kill the press for making these silly girls so newsworthy to begin with!

I for one am looking forward to the new laws going into effect on July 1 that ban talking on the cellphone unless it’s handsfree… for Britney/Paris…. I dunno… could we pass a law?

So what do you think? Who is worse?

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64 Worst: The Paparazzi vs. Glassell Park NC’s Bradley

The paparazzi are not only the bottom feeders of the entertainment machine, they also show no concern for your safety, your neighbors, or your tax dollars in their pursuit of a photo of Britney, Lindsay, or Paris. They’ve been documented driving into oncoming traffic, breaking onto private property, and even sneaking onto schoolgrounds. The problem has escalated to the point that city council is considering legislation to restrict their activites. Even if you’re not a celebrity being harrassed by this vile class, city services are being spent to keep things in control.

And then there’s Bradley, until recently Chair of the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council (now an area rep), who Eric of Curbed L.A. described as “the Madonna and the Cher of LA neighborhood politics.” Just how does a lone volunteer with no actual power make it to L.A.’s worst of list? Try attempting to intimidate a critic by towering over her during a council meeting, or confiscating evidence presented to him of his alleged acts of conflicts of interest, or repeatedly insisting that the public isn’t allowed to record neighborhood council meetings in spite of rules to the contrary NC members should be familiar with? Of course, maybe Bradley isn’t the worst of the neighborhood council members – he just has the misfortune that much of his misconduct was found on tape. In short, he’s symbolic of every bad, power hungry neighbor ever to appear in an ABC Movie of the Week. (see the videos of his antics at Curbed)

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64 Worst: Cellphone Yappers vs. American Apparel


I don’t know about you, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a restaurant (doctors office, getting coffee, at the movies) when someone is talking super loudly on their phone. Sooooo annoying. What is it with people? Can’t they talk on their cellphones in a normal or even, god forbid, low voice? Who wants to hear about the details of your latest boyfriend drama? Or the person in a restaurant tapping away madly on his crackberry… ignoring everyone at his table. This drives me crazy…

Or is American Apparel worse? The dreary monotony of their McDonalds-like clothing line, stores popping up like Starbucks on every corner and worse, their models who are supposed to resemble ‘normal’ everyday people, but who all share that same glazed over ‘I’m so bored I could just slit my writsts’ look. What do you think…. which is worse LA?

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64 Worst: Uptalkers vs. No Twizzlers/Jujyfruits at concessions


Considering how calm the responses were to yesterday grievance polls, I thought I’d kick things up with a duel that has much more at stake…


In one corner, weighing at around 10 ounces, are movie favorites Twizzlers and Jujyfruits… and by favorites, I mean at least everywhere but Los Angeles. When and why did L.A. theater managers decide to stock their concessions with Red Vines, “red twists” instead of Twizzlers, “strawberry twists”? And where the hell are all the Jujyfruits, which are a staple in every other city I’ve watched a movie? Seriously, people, I want names and numbers.

Natalie Dee

And in the other corner are the “uptalkers” – those people who end every sentence as if its a question. This seems to be a relatively new phenomenon, one I blame on Canadians and/or home schooling.* Julia Frey drew attention to this recently in her post about some Florida teens who were banned from Southwest Airlines, so maybe its more of a Florida thing, but since I’ve been noticing it everywhere I go lately, I’m going to use this as my platform to gripe before things get out of hand. (According the a 2001 article from the UK’s Guardian, uptalking is also known as “HRT (high-rise terminals), a speech habit that is taking over the way we talk.”)

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*Whichever one you, dear reader, think is funnier.
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64 Worst: Use of the term “illegals” vs. Illegal Immigration itself.


Here’s the second of 32 polls in the first round of the 64 Worst Things About L.A. – every day we’ll be featuring two or more polls, so keep checking back to keep up!

There was a time when bloggers were appreciated for not thinking twice about being politically correct, and just putting an issue on the table without worry about semantics. Alas, in numerous conversations here on Metblogs and elsewhere, using the term “illegal aliens” or, worse, “illegals” will spiral into calling the person using the term a racist, even though the mainstream media will frequently use the term to save space. Still, many find referring to anyone simply as “illegal” as offensive, and thus deserves more explanation each time it is uttered.

On the flip side is Illegal Immigration itself, a broad term, as it encompasses any non-resident who overstays their visa, or comes into the country without legal permission. The general dialogue, however, is concerned mainly with services and jobs intended for citizens and legal residents that are instead being taken by “undocumented individuals from foreign countries.” Some argue they fill a need taking jobs that Americans don’t want, others argue their willingness to accept low pay contributes to low wages over all. Some argue they contribute to inner city crime, while others don’t see a connection itself.

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L.A.’s 64 Worst, Round 1: Leaf blowers vs. Fry’s

frysvsleafblowers.jpgWe’re so serious about determining the worst thing about L.A., we’re kicking off the 64 Worst Things About L.A. with a heavyweight bout.

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Consider this: For all its balmy weather, gorgeous environment and beautiful young things, L.A.’s got a nasty streak.

This throbbing vein of whiny, grating energy runs through Los Angeles – the asshole Hummer drivers on cell phones, the eye-pollution of endless billboards, the short-tempered Santa Ana season.

Two of the biggest scourges, after traffic and crime – face off today in the first bracket of L.a.’s 64 Worst Things.

Which is worse – Leaf blowers? Or Fry’s Electronics?

Let’s see …

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