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Blogging.LA Meets Atlas Obscura

Green leafy car
Some of the everyday "uniqueness" we find in the L.A. area

After my recent Hollyhock House tour, I met a friend from out of town at the Figueroa Hotel for a drink. At the bar by the pool, we met a woman named Rachel who said she was holding a meetup for the local Atlas Obscura chapter. My friend got all excited at the mention. I thought, what the hell is Atlas Obscura? Turns out, it’s a bit like

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Why I’ll Be Canceling My Los Angeles Times Subscription Today

I just learned that on the ninth day into the fourth month of his thirty-ninth year as a pressman at the Los Angeles Times, Ed Padgett was fired. Fired as a result of some sort of clandestine investigation conducted by human resources for reasons he’s not at liberty to divulge at this point. Fired over the fucking phone.

I was unsuccessful in an attempt to leave a comment of support or of use on his blog. I was swinging too severely between outrage and sadness. Still am. So I came here. To tell you a little something about Ed — which isn’t much, but it’s better than me cursing or crying.

Probably about five or six or so years ago we first met online here at In January 2007  I posted an open invite for any and all fellow lunatics to join me in making good on a long-time resolution to walk the entire 24-mile length of Sunset Boulevard from Union Station to the sea. Ed commented that he was interested but had other plans. When the fateful day came in February I was joined by another reader Don Hosek and USC grad student Lisl Walsh and off we went.

After the jump, Ed magically appears around Mile No. 23.

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Chance to win tickets to a Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas Premiere

John Cho and Kal Penn
John Cho and Kal Penn as Harold and Kumar

The folks over at 8 Asians is running the contest.  Pretty simple rules you ask a question of John Cho and Kal Penn, they’ll read them, answer them and pick a winner.  All the details HERE at the 8 Asians post.  Its very important you ask the questions on their post as they won’t be looking here.  Seriously, ask the actors not the character (like my knuckle-headed kids insisted on).

While you are at it take a look at the 8 Asians blog.  They look at numerous issues, serious and humorous that affect the Asian American community.  The humorous ones are the most fun, but its all good.

Just a simple plug and we are cross posting with permission.  As well as using their publicity photo with permission.



Flag Stop: Art Gallery in a Pod at South Bay auto dealership this weekend only.

I love businesses that support the art. I even like them better when they give up space to showcase new and emerging artists.  That is exactly what South Bay Lexus in Torrance has done.  They have donated space on their lot for a bunch of pods to be set up as pop up gallery spaces.  There are over 50 pods, over 400 artists, curators, museums, galleries and fun, one-stop shopping for art.

More information on the art and artists can be found on Fine Art Trekkin’ Torrance and Fine Art Trekkin’ South Bay.


Deets: 9/3 & 9/4/11Saturday and Sunday Sept 3, 4 noon-6pm. South Bay Lexus.24777 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, California 90505


The Pinnacle of Donut Summits

Joker Beethoven
Joker Beethoven, Jesus, and Justin Bieber all showed up

How awesome was yesterday’s 2nd Annual Donut Summit? A picture is worth a thousand words, so you can look at the pics after the jump and judge for yourself.

We had enthusiastic attendees (I estimate at least 100). We had the creative crew, especially Alexandra and Lucinda whose production and organization were off the charts. We had expert celebrity judges. And we washed it all down with stellar Intelligentsia Coffee. Yeah, it was something special.
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Blogging (in) LA: Franklin Avenue

Franklin Avenue

In 2003, Mike Schneider and Maria Villar, a young married couple living on Franklin Avenue, started a blog of the same name. More than eight years have passed, they have moved to another part of the city and added two kids to their family, but they continue to chronicle all things Los Angeles and more.

One of my favorite Franklin Avenue features is the restaurant reviews. They have visited hundreds of eateries and provided short and sweet write-ups with just the essential information. High points, low points, what they ate and whether or not they will go back. I’ve referred to it more than once. In addition to eating, Mike and family attend and report on lots of local events, such as the annual Festival of Books and ice skating downtown. They chronicled the remaining years of the Ambassador Hotel and its eventual demise. For the past few years, Mike and Maria have organized the Great Los Angeles Walk. Over 100 Angelenos joined them for the entire 15.8 miles of Wilshire in 2010.

You’ll also find frequent coverage of the local media on Franklin Avenue. Mike is a media insider and L.A is a media town, so it makes sense. Look for posts featuring everything from retro newscast videos to screenshots of Los Angeles locations appearing in tv shows, which I get a kick out of. Franklin Avenue is a personal blog and is peppered with posts about family and occasional out of town vacations. But, it always comes back to Los Angeles, the city that Mike and Maria call home and enjoy exploring.

Blogging (in) LA Now a Weekly Series

xkcd blogging
another excellent xkcd comic

If you’re a regular reader you’ve seen some of our Blogging (in) LA posts by now. We’ve tried to be fair, covering some of our favorites like Weho Daily and the perhaps regrettably named Eastsider LA, as well as at least one that we wish might be different. We’ve interviewed the bloggers responsible for L.A. Can’t Drive and Green LA Girl. We’ve done a round-up of photo blogs and touched on food, real estate, and public service blogs.

Of course, the smattering of blogs we’ve covered over the past two weeks represent not even an iceberg tip of the sites devoted to LA, and we plan to keep highlighting one or two of our favorite and not-so-favorite LA blogs weekly. Drop a comment or write to one of us if you have a site you’d like to have us check out.

Blogging (in) LA: kevinEats

Twice-Seared Duck from Playa (photography by kevinEats)

In the lovely Blogging (in) LA series thus far, there has been a wide variety of news worthy, photographically stunning, and extremely useful blogs covered, but I’m here to bring in a little sweet & savory into the mix.  Food.

Foodies and Food Bloggers in Los Angeles are making a huge impact in the landscape of both culinary invention as well as the venues in which food is both served and enjoyed.  They are at the forefront of defining a new set of guidelines on which a restaurants success or failure can be measured, and perhaps one of the most prolific (& one of my personal favorites) food bloggers is kevinEats.  (

If you haven’t ever read his reviews, you are in for an undeniable treat.  A well versed photographer who is able to capture the mouthwatering essence of high end dining, kevinEats‘s knowledge of chefs du jour as well as their master counterparts is astounding, and his posts which generally pre-empt the debut of new restaurants to hit the LA scene exquisitely summarize  the experience and tantalize his readers to follow in his footsteps.  If there’s a new chef in town, you can bet that kevinEats will be there, hobnobbing with the staff, part-taking in tasting menus designed to make us wish we had better paying jobs and in general giving us a glimpse into which restaurants SHOULD be added to our never-ending bucket list.

But, reader be warned… this is not a blog to be consumed on an empty stomach, or you’ll find yourself angry that you’re not sitting in front of a plate of teriyaki foie gras or squid ink pasta.  Well, you might still be angry on a full stomach, but it won’t be quite as painful.

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Blogging (in) LA: Daily Photo Blogs

There are many that call themselves daily, but only a few truly do it daily. Several are every few days, even a few are closer to monthly updates. Other than a glitch last week when when blogger was down a few days the regulars never missed a beat. Having tried this once and failed I have to admire the motivation and tenacity to post something daily, that in itself is no small feat.

My hands down favorite of the daily photos out there is the Pasadena Daily Photo. Why? Simply because since 2008 blogger Petrea Burchard hasn’t missed a day. Not only are her images well done, many cross the border into the fine art side of photography. Of course she has her share of cute puppies, news/documentary and slice of life stuff but her best work comes on Monday. Monday is “Zen Monday” when she posts an image that is left for discussion and interpretation by the viewer and they leave their thoughts in the comment section. Monday is my favorite day of the week thanks to Zen Monday.

Here is the run down of the other daily photo blogs in the LA Area that I follow with a short comment describing them.

  • Pasadena Daily Photo…she rocks what else can I add to what I already said?
  • The Sky is Big in Pasadena…nice guy documenting what he sees and does each day in Pasadena.  A few pics of his family and co-workers which don’t mean much to anyone who doesn’t know him. Never missed a day since he started in ’07.
  • Altadena Daily Photo…updates very infrequently but does nice quality work, especially enjoy the scanner stuff.
  • Gem City Images…an interesting daily documentary, with a few arty bits of my little corner of LA (aka Monrovia Daily Photo).
  • Covina Daily Photo…updates daily, always very well done arty photos, if not a bit overly ‘shopped.
  • Temple City Daily Photo…he puts up daily but I visit only weekly, not much interesting going on there often.
  • Palos Verdes Daily Photo…does it daily, and usually has some interesting images, some shopped, some just very well shot.
  • Daily Photo LA…doesn’t do it daily, and content isn’t just LA, but rather rambles about So Cal.  Decent documentary images for the most part, nothing really spectacular.

I probably missed a couple so feel free to shout out your favorite daily photo blog in the city in the comments.  Certainly I can stand to add a few more interesting blogs to my list of daily reading.

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Blogging (in) LA: Melrose & Fairfax


Street Art is a pretty big topic in Los Angeles, and it’s been a hot topic right here on in the not too distant past. There’s no question that the epicenter of Los Angeles street art sites is 50mm Los Angeles. For the last 15 years some of the most talented folks in the LA scene have wasted countless hours on the message boards there. But sometimes you just want to see the art. And that is where Melrose & Fairfax has been killing it. Since the arrival of Known Gallery in the actual Melrose & Fairfax district, that area has become quite the hot spot in itself so a site named after that really need to deliver, and the dude(s?) behind M+F certainly deliver.

The site is like a firehose of pics, documenting every angle os street are in the city. Spray paint to wheat paste, posters to stickers, stencils to every damn thing else you can think of. If it’s happening on the streets in LA there’s likely a post about it there. While there is certainly news and discussion there, the site really excels at providing a constant visual stream – new pics all day every day. You can pop over there any time and see new stuff – sometimes new stuff by people you know, sometimes new stuff by new people making their first attempts on the streets. In a few minutes you can get a great idea of what’s new around town visually right this minute. Anytime I see new work that catches my eye that’s the first place I look for more info. Not to mention with so many other sites being text heavy, the commitment to photos here is a welcome distraction. And of course, you can find them on twitter as well (though sadly that’s just a feed of posts from the site).

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New Series: Blogging (in) LA

Los Angeles sign
Omar Bárcena's Los Angeles photo used through Creative Commons license

Hello there readers,

Those of you who stop by regularly know what is about. We blog here because we love LA and we want to share what we love about it with you all. We don’t pretend to be comprehensive or “objective” and we aren’t paid. We’re just Angelinos with various passions and proclivities (even obsessions). We like to write about our favorite LA moments or upcoming events that we think sound interesting or news about vegan restaurants or bicycling or film noir or street art or elections or or or … fill in the blank.

But we know we’re not the only game in town. We were the first group blog about LA–we’ve been blogging in LA since 2003–and we’ve seen a lot of other sites and bloggers come and go.  Most of us who write for read a lot of other sites devoted to Los Angeles. At one of our last meet-ups we decided it would be a good idea to share some of our favorite LA-based sites with you. So for the next two weeks, we’ll be posting every day about our LA compadres–from the ridiculous to the sublime. As with so much of what we cover here, we are simply writing about what we think is noteworthy (both for its virtues and faults); we aren’t attempting to be encyclopedic about our approach. That said, after the first couple of weeks of daily posts, we plan to continue the series indefinitely with weekly posts about other LA sites. We aren’t promising anything, but If you have a favorite you’d like us to cover, of course, you should write us and let us know.


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Jacaranda Tour and a purple food recipe at the end,

That crazy 99 Cent Chef is at it again.  With some Jacaranda blooming  just a tad earlier than usual he celebrates their arrival with a quick video tour and ends it all with a recipe for eggplant hummus.  If you dig purple food this will be for  you.  You can follow more of his adventures in and around LA in the 99 cent stores creating more fun food on his Blog.