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Adventures in blogging…care to join us?

Jozjozjoz and moi at NAIAS
Jozjozjoz and moi at NAIAS

I’m telling you, I’ve had the best adventures since I started blogging.  Most are because I used my “media credentials” to kick open doors and invite myself into new experiences.  Others because someone sought me out.  I’ve learned a lot about how this city ticks.  Or doesn’t.

An example of just that sort of adventure came about last week for two of us here at  Both Joz and I were invited by manufacturers who sought us out to bring us to Detroit for the NAIAS.  Yes…they hauled these Angeleno’s out of our warm climate into a raging snow storm for one of the planets premiere auto shows.  Joz as a member of Buick’s “Diversity Crew” was wined and dined and met with executives from all over the corporation. I as a “Digital Influencer” with Ford spent my time grazing and touring Ford’s first plant at Piquette Ave and their newest F-150 plant at the Rouge as bookends to 2 very busy days of auto show reveals and seminars.  Poor Joz and I were so busy that we were able to barely keep in touch via text.  We did manage 30 seconds for our “selfie” in Cobo before our corporate hosts shuttled us off.

I get daily invites to events around the city.  Some I take, some I pass to others, others I just ignore as they don’t interest me.  You get to chose what you write about here which is a good thing.  No editor telling you what to do,  its your choice in your voice.

The point is you make what you want out of when you are here.  Commit to at least an article a week, more if you can manage and it becomes a ticket to adventures. If you’re up to the challenge and want to join us contact me and I’ll get you started with the vetting.

Seriously this warning needed to be posted?

Bathroom Etiquette
Bathroom Etiquette

Bathroom etiquette takes many forms.  Yesterday I was in a high-falutin office complex in Santa Monica and spotted this sign in the mens room.  It made me laugh, then it made me wonder what the hell happened that made them post the warning.  They not only ask you to clean up after yourself but then enumerate the steps to do so.

The image is kinda crappy as it was done with a cell phone.  To save you the squinting eye strain here are the steps in short.  Flush more than once to leave a clean bowl, make sure the ass gasket is flushed completely, make sure the seat is dry and lastly wash your hands.

Granted it made for a really nice clean restroom and there are plenty of others in the city that could use similar instructions.  Where is your favorite potty stop in the city?  Least favorite?

Pic does get bigger with a click.

Recycling Your Junk

Sign at GelsonsI like an uncluttered room. Spare space=creative energy. So why is it that no matter how much stuff I throw away, there is an endless supply of miscellaneous junk lying around?
Take my house for example. It’s only occupants are me, my love-man Dan and our trusted canine. Okay, throw in a host of relatives who visit (camp out) regularly and a bevy of out of town, quite loved friends who stay for long weekends, so there is a lot of traffic. Somehow we end up with a lot of stuff.
Lately, the garage has been filling up with old cell phones, TV’s, endless cords, out of date CD players, not to mention a huge bag of batteries. My first inclination is to toss this stuff… but I know I shouldn’t, hazardous waste and all. So I was very excited to see the banner outside my local Gelson’s on Franklin in Hollywood advertising their monthly e-waste recycling on the 2nd
Saturday of each month. Next one is May 14th.
I inquired inside as to what they took and it was everything electronic, especially computers. They even take batteries inside the store at the managers station. Yippee. On further research, I found that your local Best Buy also recycles everything electronic. And the county of LA does it too. So the cleaning rampage begins once again. Much to my boyfriends chagrin.

Joooooin Us!

Burns, holding court

It’s time to shake things up! We’re looking for some fresh blood so we’re opening up the doors for 10-15 new bloggers and feature writers to join our team.

Are you a local with awesome insights and passion about this great city? Can you translate that passion and insight into words and photos? Do you know how to blog using WordPress? Are you not a flake and can punch out at least 2-3 posts a week? And can you do it all for the sheer love of it and the love of your soon to be adoring public? Then you might be ready to join the ranks of the Granddaddy of LA Blogs.

If that person isn’t you don’t despair, the dream isn’t over yet! We’re also looking for locals that don’t have time to do regular blogging but have something more specific to contribute and can commit to one feature post per week that’s about a specific aspect of life in LA. It could be from mainstream topics like sports or art to the utterly absurd. This is an experts only position.

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