It Caught My Eye: Arts District Angel

Because of whatever often-fleeting eye candy I might chance upon when venturing forth into the urban arena, I rarely leave home without some sort of photographic documentation device in hand — and that goes double whenever I find myself in the Arts District south and east of downtown. Case in point, discovered near the 6th Street Bridge and signed by what looks to be “dreb” near her left hip (click to enlargify):

L.A. Center for Digital Art presents Electron Salon

Electron Salon Postcard
Electron Salon Postcard

One of my most favorite art gallery’s in L.A. has got to be the L.A. Center for Digital Art.  Maybe because I drift into that realm with my own art often, but the images shown there  are technically at the top of that genre and media.

The current show that will run this month is the Electron Salon bringing in art from 24 different artists.  Its opening reception will take place in conjunction with Thursdays Art Walk at L.A.C.D.A from 7-9PM.

If you are planning on attending this weeks Art Walk and the Artists Reception at L.A.C.D.A take a train to Pershing Square and walk the 3 blocks or so to Gallery Row. It beats the hassle of traffic and trying to find parking in the area of this well attended event.

As a sidebar the folks at Occupy LA have apologized for what happened at last months Art Walk.  This was reported HERE in blogdowntown.  (If you don’t follow blogdowntown add it to your reading list as it is a great hyper-local source of info on DTLA). Another Occupy L.A. event likely won’t happen again at this month’s art walk.

Details: Electron Salon, L.A.Center for Digital Art, 102 W 5th Street, Los Angeles CA 90013. August 9, 2012.  7-9PM  Map HERE 

“Mobile Pixels” opens at LA Center for Digital Art 4/12/12

mobile pixels poster
Mobile Pixels Poster click to embiggen

The images from the cell phone have evolved, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art has nearly 3 dozen photographers showing images taken with their cell phones. These promise not to be “instagrams” but rather documentation in an a sometimes digitally manipulated view of the world around us.

Mobile Pixels will run from April 12-May 5th 2012.  The show’s opening reception will coincide with the Downtown Art Walk on Thursday April 12 from 7-9PM.

Parking is brutal Downtown on Art Walk nights so I would arrive early if you must drive.  Public transportation is a better option given the lack of parking and traffic in the area, do yourself a favor and use the Red or Purple line to get yourself to Pershing Squares Metro station and walk the 4 blocks to this marvy show at LACDA.

Details: Opening Reception April 12 7-9PM.  Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, 102 W 5th Street, Los Angeles CA 90013.  MAP HERE.

Gallery reception and show “News Journalist Photography” Saturday 11/17

Gallery Invitation
Click to embiggen..its the gallery invitation

This should be interesting.  7 local news photographers, 1 photographer/artist and one Disney artist are getting together to put on a show and reception this Saturday night.

Two of my favorite artists will be there.  Stephen Coleman a photographer and the Disney Artist, Rick Kess…pretty much ensures I’ll be in attendance.  Free food and booze doesn’t hurt either…sorta stimulating all your senses at once.

Deets: Saturday 7PM – 10PM, Paint n Play Art Studio and Art Gallery,  418 S Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia CA 91016  MAP HERE.



I Took A Picture Of Gary Leonard Taking My Picture

After the press conference this afternoon to celebrate the completion and opening of Los Angeles’ first-ever buffered and bright green Class II bike lane running on Spring Street between Cesar Chavez Avenue and 9th Street, the cyclists in attendance then inaugurated the wonderful thing with a bike ride upon it. During my second lap my timelapsing handlebar-mounted bike cam snapped the above shot as I passed great Los Angeles photographer Gary Leonard crouched as he snapped me. Of course I yelled “Take my picture, Gary Leonard!” while rolling by.

Asteroid 2005 YU55: Didja See That Thing?

Yeah, me neither. For being the largest close-approach asteroid in the history of history, 2005 YU55 wasn’t that easy to see when it zoomed its 1,300-foot diameter between earth and the moon through very clear evening skies November 8.

But a Flickr contact of mine, Edhiker, did. Ed’s both an awesome hiker, prolific photographer and a whiz with a telescope, and this is how 2005 YU55 looked passing over Los Angeles via 38 separate exposures made into a 40 second movie showing the asteroid’s movement from 7:20 to 7:23 p.m., 11/8/11.

Asteroid 2005 YU55, a movie

If the embed’s broken, you can view it here.

It Hit My Eye: Like A Big Pizza Pie

Waiter: Will there be anything else for you this evening? Moon: No thanks. I'm totally full.


Coming in a close second to my deathless obsession with measuring rainfall, is my never-ending crush on the moon, particularly when it hitsa your eye like a bigga pizza pie, such as last night’s full version. So after this morning’s pre-dawn dog walk I situated my 60x spotting scope on the porch (illustrated after the jump), got my point-and-shoot all up in its viewfinder and managed to hold everything steady long enough to land this big fella at 6:31 a.m., juuuust before it got tangled up in the frontyard tree branches and power lines (click to enormify).

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Moby’s Photos to “destroy” Culver City starting September 10

When shaved-headed synthesized symphonist Moby released a book of photographs to accompany his album destroyed last May, a number of the photos were sent on a worldwide yet very limited tour of art galleries. Moby’s photo tour hits Culver City’s Kopeikin Gallery this Saturday, September 10, through October 22.

Sayeth Moby’s website:

Destroyed introduces us to a side of touring that is often unexposed; secluded time spent in artificial spaces like hotel rooms and backstage waiting areas. The combined album and photo book provides an intimate look at Moby’s world and his creative process as an artist, both the music and photos were created in the same period and draw inspiration from the strange and sublime world of touring.

So … Linda McCartney meets Lost In Translation? Could be very interesting.

Urban Nature Call: Western Tiger Swallowtail

It’s been going something like this for summer after summer after summer: I’m in the backyard. A western tiger swallowtail swoops in and busies itself fluttering along the overgrown bougainvillea, never fully stopping at one bloom. I rush into the house, grab the camera, and by the time I rush back out, the elusive creature is either long gone or it lingers haphazardly just long enough for me to get one reeeeally blurry shot before it leaves.

Today it went exactly like that up until the last part where I got one shot that was as if the gorgeous thing decided it had enough fun playing with me and posed, and I offer it for your pre-Labor Day weekend viewing enjoyment  (click to biggify):

Hope y’all have a great holiday.

Blogging (in) LA: Daily Photo Blogs

There are many that call themselves daily, but only a few truly do it daily. Several are every few days, even a few are closer to monthly updates. Other than a glitch last week when when blogger was down a few days the regulars never missed a beat. Having tried this once and failed I have to admire the motivation and tenacity to post something daily, that in itself is no small feat.

My hands down favorite of the daily photos out there is the Pasadena Daily Photo. Why? Simply because since 2008 blogger Petrea Burchard hasn’t missed a day. Not only are her images well done, many cross the border into the fine art side of photography. Of course she has her share of cute puppies, news/documentary and slice of life stuff but her best work comes on Monday. Monday is “Zen Monday” when she posts an image that is left for discussion and interpretation by the viewer and they leave their thoughts in the comment section. Monday is my favorite day of the week thanks to Zen Monday.

Here is the run down of the other daily photo blogs in the LA Area that I follow with a short comment describing them.

  • Pasadena Daily Photo…she rocks what else can I add to what I already said?
  • The Sky is Big in Pasadena…nice guy documenting what he sees and does each day in Pasadena.  A few pics of his family and co-workers which don’t mean much to anyone who doesn’t know him. Never missed a day since he started in ’07.
  • Altadena Daily Photo…updates very infrequently but does nice quality work, especially enjoy the scanner stuff.
  • Gem City Images…an interesting daily documentary, with a few arty bits of my little corner of LA (aka Monrovia Daily Photo).
  • Covina Daily Photo…updates daily, always very well done arty photos, if not a bit overly ‘shopped.
  • Temple City Daily Photo…he puts up daily but I visit only weekly, not much interesting going on there often.
  • Palos Verdes Daily Photo…does it daily, and usually has some interesting images, some shopped, some just very well shot.
  • Daily Photo LA…doesn’t do it daily, and content isn’t just LA, but rather rambles about So Cal.  Decent documentary images for the most part, nothing really spectacular.

I probably missed a couple so feel free to shout out your favorite daily photo blog in the city in the comments.  Certainly I can stand to add a few more interesting blogs to my list of daily reading.

This post is one of many in the Blogging (in)LA series we are running the next few weeks.


When pigs fly

When Pigs Fly

If you’ve ever driven over Topanga Canyon you have probably seen this little guy. He’s the mascot of Topanga Hauling. Don’t really get it myself but it takes all sorts. That little pig always puts a smile on my face though when I’m driving home.