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Breast Cancer Research Gone Wild

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I never thought I would see the day when I was offended by a breast cancer awareness billboard, but this one was so crass and disgusting that I had to look again just to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

Will the follow-up billboards have a Mardi Gras them and say, “Show Me Your Tit?”

Really, folks, this is pretty gross.

What You Say!!

This week was, well, interesting to say the least…

Bombs Over Boston? – I paraphrase one of the commentors when I say “If the last six years needed a punchline it was delivered this week in Boston.” Some people are arguing that this *wasn’t* an over reaction.

Birds, Bombs, Boston and Bewilderment – The same topic as above, a day later. Interesting point is that Los Angeles has these same devices all over town and no one felt the need to shut down the city in panic. Oh yeah, and they’d been in Boston for 3 weeks.

Did you feel it? – heathervescent notes a quake, whole lotta shakin’ going on.

So Birds does have pitchers of beer, but… – Travis has grabbed this story by the jugular and won’t let go until he gets to the bottom of it. Where are the good pitchers of beer in Hollywood?

Crane collapses on 405/101 Interchange – Yes, a crane fell over onto the freeway. And you thought traffic sucked before. New contributor Sanjay reports.

Forbes’ LA-centric top 25 web celebs

Los Angeles not only has more TV stars and movie stars than anywhere else, but now Forbes is showing we have more internet celebrities than anywhere else.

Their Web Celeb 25 was released today, “a list of the biggest, brightest and most influential people on the Internet”, including the following seven nine Angelenos:

1. Jessica Lee Rose, aka lonelygirl15
2. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton
4. Matt Drudge (moved to FL – add this to the queue LAist!)
8. Amanda Congdon, formerly of (now at ABC News)
15. Cory Doctorow, co founder of writer at BoingBoing
16. Xeni Jardin, co founder of writer at BoingBoing*
20. Little Green Football’s Charles Johnson*
22. Defamer’s Mark Lisanti
23. Web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis

Two Metroblogging authors also made the list: Violet Blue, who writes for San Francisco, and Xeni Jardin, who helped launch before she got busy with BoingBoing.

h/t Jason Calacanis

*UPDATED: It was pointed out to me that both Xeni and Charles, originally not included as Angelenos above, live in LA.

UPDATED (again): Cory and Xeni didn’t found Boing Boing, they just made it rock harder. And everyone insists Drudge lives elsewhere. However, Hosea Frank, aka Ze Frank, will be moving from New York to LA soon so I’m keeping the count still at nine. PS: I just fired our fack checkers.

KTLA Gets Star on Walk of Fame

ktla.jpgThis morning, KTLA is broadcasting their morning show live from Hollywood Blvd in celebration of the Walk of Fame star they will be getting at 9:30 am. This year is the stations 60th anniversary, and station personalities Stan Chambers, Hal Fishman, Larry McCormick, Klaus Landsberg already have stars of their own. If we’re to believe the ads they were running all day yesterday, this is also the first star awarded to a TV station so it’s something they are super psyched about. If you want to run down and try and get on camera or something wacky, the morning show is being filmed in the Babylon Pavilion at Hollywood and Highland, which is kinda on the north side near the Starbucks. If you’d rather read all about their 60th, this star, some of the major stories they’ve covered, and the individual folks there with their own stars check out this handy site they have whipped up just for that very purpose.’s As*-Whoopin’ Fundraiser!!!

In the winter of 2000 I was working teaching classical fine art to kids at a mall in Sherman “Boob Job” Oaks, home of Frankie B. jeans (the first super low-rise ones, made by one of the mothers of one of my students–the little girl was named Frankie–and during share-time, when the parents would sit in the rear and the kids would show their work, all the male instructors would line up in the back of the room to gawk at the mother’s thong gloriously effusing its lurid fuschia or cerulean butterfly wings over her spray-tanned backside–but I digress) and a co-worker whose name I’ve since spaced on told me I should come with her to this meeting for an independent pirate radio station.

“But I don’t know how to DJ,” I said, somewhat ashamedly, ‘cuz this was in the days when everyone but me knew how.

“They’ll teach you,” she said.

Thus was my introduction to, and I have to say…

(exactly WHAT I have to say is behind the jump.)
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Captive Consumers on Airlines

DSC05867I travel quite a bit. And I’m bitchy when I travel. I have a sense of entitlement, I admit. I’ve paid for a service and I expect that service.

I’ve been using USAirways quite a bit lately (out of Terminal 1 at LAX) and though many folks refer to them as Useless Air, I’ve had acceptable travel experiences for the most part.

Lately I’ve been annoyed though. The advertising is getting out of hand. Passengers are being sold out. Both times I took a red-eye last year (most recently for the holidays) they showed a video advertisement for their travel services. I get it, they want to promote themselves, but IT’S A RED EYE … you’re not showing a movie – besides that safety video while we’re on the ground KEEP THE DAMN THING OFF.
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Now That’s Fast

Being an L.A. Times subscriber for pretty much all of my adult life (except when I bitterly cancelled for almost a year in protest when they killed the Tuesday Outdoors section in 2005), I can remember from back in the day the glacial speed within which a missing paper was re-delivered. Sometimes it took hours.

Not anymore.

Shlepping outside this morning to find today’s edition had either been fucking stolen or the delivery person had fucking skipped our house, I shlepped back inside grumbling and went for an online stroll through the subscriber services section of the Times website. Filling out the delivery problem form, I clicked the box indicating I wanted a replacement copy, and noted the time: 8:31 a.m.

In a ridiculously brief amount of time there came a familiar thwap on the front stairs and I looked at the clock. No way! Could it be? Peering out the window sure enough I found its thrower hustling back to his double parked car and a fresh paper still hot from the oven awaiting me on the top step. How ridiculous the interim interval? Twelve minutes. Very nice.


At 11pm last night they flipped the switch and I said goodbye to my internet connection. And this is all they have to say about it:

We’d like to let you know that you may experience a slight service outage during those dates as we upgrade and improve the system. These upgrades are a part of our efforts to continually strive to provide the best possible speed and service.

Is 16 hours a slight service outage?

Soon you’ll experience Road Runner and Time Warner Cable’s award-winning service.

I don’t want award winning service. I want fucking consistent service. I want my connectivity NOW.

There is no action required on your part.

What about having to rearrange my entire day to make meetings and respond to my clients? That didn’t require any firedrill action on my part at all. No, it was just business as usual for me this morning – NOT.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

WTF? We’re sorry for the inconvenience? I highly doubt that. I bet you don’t give a shit. There’s no status or information about the outage, or when my connectivity will be working again. In the meantime, I’m hanging out in the local internet cafe, listening to another person complain about the same effect on his business.

Is anyone else in the same boat? (And if you are, maybe you can’t read this.)

Free This Film is Not Yet Rated screening in LA TONIGHT!


Cory Doctorow is introducing Kirby Dick at USC tonight for a free screening of This Film is Not Yet Rated Sponsored by the USC Free Culture Club. Cory writes:

“This Film…” was the best documentary I saw this year. It delves into the shadowy world of the MPAA’s rating system and the way that it forms a nearly invisible but all-encompassing censorship regime that punishes indie filmmakers far more than the major studios, who run it. The censor board is set up like a star chamber, the members, criteria, and appeals process shrouded in secrecy (Dick punctures the veil by hiring a charming private eye to uncover and reveal the hidden identities of the censors). The MPAA ratings process has been called “Jack Valenti’s other mistake” — apart from seeking wildly expanded copyright, that is.

That’s tonight, Thursday, November 30, 2006, 7:00pm to 9:00pm at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles: University Park Campus, George Lucas Instructional Building, 108. More details can be found here.

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flackery


This might not be what the L.A. Weekly is exactly going for, but above is my decidedly tame though no doubt sourly nostalgic first effort made after Mack Reed at L.A. Voice pointed out the L.A. Weekly’s build-your-own Blank Blankly section of their website that allows you to waste time better suited for more important endeavors in the construction your very own statement that mimics the look/feel of the paper’s current ad campaign. You supply the image and the verb/adverb, and the LA Weekly supplies the finished product. Have at it!