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Pixelodeon: Hugs not drugs

As Sean mentioned in an earlier post, a few of us are at Pixelodeon today. One of the presenters at the festival, Roxanne Darling, vlogged this morning about arriving at LAX and running into a woman offering free hugs. Check it out here. I always wondered what happened to the Hare Krishnas. Now I know they were run out of the terminal by hug thugs. Must’ve been some turf war.

At Pixelodeon At AFI All Weekend

As you might have gathered from my recent posts, tweets, or photos, I’m going to be at Pixelodeon all weekend. A few more of us from will be there as well and we’ll be posting about it like crazy – web connection permitting of course. And if it’s not I’ll be sending in tweets and photos at every given moment but most likely I’ll be posting here most of the day as things happen. Keep an eye on the site if you are interested, maybe just skip over my posts (or pretend you are just now starting to skip over my posts).

Lining up for Bob Barker fans have been camped outside CBS Television City this week for the chance to say goodbye to daytime TV legend Bob Barker. People have traveled from across the country in hopes of seeing Barker tape one of his farewell shows after 35 years as host of “The Price Is Right.

And today’s the day of the last Barker taping.

I haven’t had any reason to drive down Beverly Boulevard this week, but I’m wondering if anyone has seen the lines, or better yet, if anyone knows anyone actually in line. Extra points if we can find someone blogging the experience.

The final original daytime episode of The Price Is Right will be broadcast Friday, June 15 (10 – 11 am, PT) on CBS. The episode will then be rebroadcast the same evening (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT). Episodes of the The Price Is Right hosted by Barker will rerun throughout the summer until the season premiere in the fall.

I, for one, have never been to a taping of The Price Is Right and I’m sad that I won’t ever get to go to one hosted by Bob.

Photo from AP Photo

Local Pasadena News Coverage Not Being Outsourced to India After All

I’ve been sitting on a story for a couple of days about how the news site Pasadena Now was planning on outsourcing two local reporting positions to India:

James Macpherson, editor and publisher of the Pasadena Now website, hired two reporters last weekend to cover the Pasadena City Council. One lives in Mumbai and will be paid $12,000 a year. The other will work in Bangalore for $7,200.

So, on the Indian version of Craigslist, he posted an ad that said in part, “We do not believe that geographic distance between California and India will present unsurmountable problems, and that working together with you will result in your development of a keen working knowledge of this city’s affairs.”

However, when I Googled it just now so I could finally write about, I discovered that KCAL reported this morning that the plan is on hold. They’ve been so busy dealing with media response to the story that they haven’t been able to train the correspondents. Sounds like they’re still planning on moving ahead once the storm settles, though.

Question of the Week: Which Local TV News Do You Prefer?

Picture%2029.pngMaybe its because I’m a sucker for police chases, I’ve always been a big fan of KCAL 9. In addition to being on top of car pursuits, they also seem to be good with covering any other local news. They also get brownie points since two of their staffers are active bloggers (web producer Darleene Powells writes news commentary, and cameraman Bryan Frank writes about life behind the scenes). And it doesn’t hurt that their evening news cast begins at 10pm, so I can save my 11pm hour for the Daily Show.

There’s also KNBC 4, which has the legendary Joel Grover whose investigative reports into corruption at the DMV, Jiffy Lube rip-offs, and vagrant health code violations at downtown markets, often cause actual goverment or corporate action to correct problems. NBC 4 also has News Raw, available online and on HD, frequently featuring local bloggers and raw feeds of press conferences and other breaking news, including today’s fire.

But as more and more Angelenos turn to the web for their news fix, I’m curious if anyone still regularly turns into one newscast over another, and why? Is it just a matter of what channel is already on, a preference for a weatherman, or maybe because one has the best sports coverage?

Which local TV news broadcast do you prefer?

What You Say!!

Anyone want to guess what was the most talked about posts this week? I’ll give you a hint… ah hell no I won’t, I’ll just tell you:

May Day Police Violence: Caught on Tape! by EL CHAVO!

Great American Boycott Live Photo Blogging : Part 2 by eecue (Dave Bullock)

LA Times Refuses to Hyperlink from Articles by eecue (Dave Bullock)

Children forced to march in downtown L.A.? by David Markland

Where my R2D2s be at? by Ruth666

Where my R2D2s be at?

[huge-ass image from Nuclear Ferret]

A few weeks ago I remember hearing that the Post Office was launching some strange Star Wars promotional push (coming up on SW’s 30th anniversary), and that we might well expect to see our familiar blue mailboxes transformed into that loveable scamp R2D2.

Well it’s been months and I ain’t seen one yet.

So I ask you – Where all my R2D2s be at?

May Day Police Violence: Caught on Tape!


Expect to see lots of video coverage tomorrow of the heavy handed police reaction at MacArthur Park, the rally point for the second May Day march. I was watching the coverage on the national Univision broadcast (similar to the major network 6:30 pm programs) and while the local reporter was giving a live update, the police could be seen in the background shooting foam bullets at the crowd. Telemundo had even crazier footage with the news team getting manhandled in their broadcast tent, also while they were broadcasting live. Fox 11 has footage of Christina Gonzalez getting her own sampling of excessive force, and in her report tonight she was rightfully pissed and was demanding an explanation. Even though there were reports of some young kids throwing things at the cops at some breakaway march, nobody can understand why they went after all the families that were in the park far away from all that commotion.

What I found interesting about the live Univision broadcast was the news reporter quickly coming to the conclusion that the excessive use of force by the police was the fault of the protesters, that they brought this onto themselves, which is often the line you hear on the news. But with so many news reporters becoming part of the story (some getting hurt in the process) and with video coverage of the event, this is going to quickly take on a new face. I wonder if this latest example of police over-reaction will affect Bratton’s chances at another term as Chief? Something tells me that once all the LAPD “investigations” are over they will declare themselves to have been completely justified. And so it goes.

Many personal accounts can be found on


You can see the footage from the Telemundo cameras and another video clip over at

Fred Brito story to air Tuesday night on Dateline NBC

Picture%2012.pngProof that everything Fred Brito says isn’t a lie: the one hour Dateline NBC episode about him that he’s been hyping for over a year is scheduled to air this Tuesday, April 24th, at 8pm. From the official site:

Josh Mankiewicz takes viewers inside the mind of someone who’s not just a con man, but also a world-class imposter who has reportedly tricked a state senator, The Red Cross, celebrities, a prestigious medical school and even the Catholic Church.

It will be interesting to see what angle they take, but based on inside tips and a quote from Mankiewicz published last month, I don’t think Brito will be portrayed as heroic:

One of the confounding things about Fred’s story is he has told so many lies to so many people over so many years that even he can’t remember what is true or not.

Fred Brito, now living in Las Cruces, New Mexico, was working in a high paying fund raising position at UCLA in 2005 when he was arrested, and fired, when his employers learned he was hired using an alias and made no mention he was on parole. A couple months later, Brito was again fired from another well paid job doing fundraising with the American Red Cross in Pasadena, where again he was using a false name. Surprisingly, he was able to work there for a month after the LA Times ran a front page expose about him.
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L.A.Times Fiasco: Takin’ It To The Streets

Since it seems everybody and their egos has had to say something (as opposed to having something to say) in regards to this week’s L.A.Times Current section controversy I decided to take it down to the bottom rung on the journalistic ladder and check in with my delivery dude to catch his thoughts on the whole mess after he drove up and tossed my paper this morning:

Me: Hey, how’s it going?
Delivery Dude: Who are you?
Me: I’m one of your customers. I live right here.
DD: What’re you doing up at this hour on a Sunday?
Me: I wanted to ask you something.
DD: I don’t have no money, man.
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What You Say!!

Sorry this is late, it’s such a beautiful day I decided I should go outside for a walk with the dogs. Of course about 3 blocks out I realized it was a million degrees out and quickly returned home before burning to death, but just barely. On to the most active discussions from the last week – I’m actually surprised there aren’t more legends in here, as some of those definitely got people talking:

Top LA Legends #6: Nobody Walks In LA – With 24 comments already this post by eecue clearly happened upon a topic people feel pretty strongly about. You might guess the comments have a lot of “yeah, sure, but they walk more in ____” but the legend isn’t “they walk more than LA in ____” is it?

Daylight Saving Time – the phantom menace – This might be the shocker of the week. Kathleen McGivney makes a simple post about the Daylight Savings Time situation and people flip out, who knew anyone took changing a clock so seriously?

La Cucaracha ya no puede caminar in the LA Times – Cindy Mosqueda covers the issue of the yanked comic, all the way to the reinstatement.

Unusual Occurence!? – Wow, Will Campbell just made this post last night and it’s already in this top list. He’s got noisy neighbors, the LAPD doesn’t want to hear it. readers have some suggestions.

TOP LA LEGENDS #2: There Really IS Earthquake Weather – The other legend to breach the top 5 comes from tammara who tackles the ever present “earthquake weather.” Most people don’t care about some stupid science, it’s REAL!!!

La Cucaracha ya no puede caminar in the LA Times


Updated 3/6: The LA Times relented and La Cucaracha will be back starting Wednesday March 7th. See extended entry for more.

Lalo Alacaraz is mad. His strip, La Cucaracha was cut from the LA Times “without so much as an explanation.” Gustavo Arellano has his back and is raising a well-deserved stink at the OC Weekly Blotter. Arellano notes that keeping La Cucaracha should be more than about meeting a quota in the comics section.

But fuck affirmative action: the strip is funny (we’ll never forget the one or two strips dealing with Paris Hilton’s Mexican relative, Fresno). What’s more boggling is that the Times deported Lalo while keeping creaking gabacho favorites like Crankshaft and Rex Morgan, MD and unfunny tripe like Dennis the Menace and that weird one with the kid that doesn’t talk.

Kevin Roderick at LA Observed notes the irony of the Times cutting La Cucaracha in light of the papers’ most recent strategy to attract more Latino readers (more on the Times’ historical relationship with Latinos by Daniel Hernandez link. Roderick also notes some other changes to the comics pages. The Times also cut Mallard Fillmore, Candorville and Mr. Boffo.
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CBS vs. LAPD on Immigration Rally

So I saw an email this morning on our mailing list about CBS reporting that a request for an immigration rights rally being denied by the LAPD. The next email I saw was an email from LAPD’s E-Policing system in which they are telling me that there will be a large rally on February 24th:

  • 2/24/2007 Full Rights for Immigrants
  • TIME: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM
  • ASSEMBLY: Washington and Broadway
  • ROUTE: Broadway heading South to Temple Street, Temple E to corner of LA St and Temple St.
  • CONTACT: Juan Jose Guiterrez (323) 269-6069

I am going to go ahead and take LAPD’s word on this one and will be there with my camera to capture the event for posterity.

Update LAT has some coverage [bugmenot] on this as well, and it is possible that the LAPD email blast went out before they realized there was a problem.

Update 2 So I called the LAPD and they told me that the permit has been denied for the 24th, but then I called the event’s contact and they told me the event will still be taking place on the 24th, they flyers are printed and that’s what the date says. Discussing this with Eric Richardson he said, “basically it’s a test of whether police departments have any right to grant permits for this sort of thing.” This should be very interesting.

Consumerist Lack of Photo Credit

After a night of throwing up thanks to food poisoning, I see this comment on one of my flickr images:

… it’s also on this website: The Consumerist

Note that the Editor of that site has stated:

"Credit is more [trouble] than its worth because then we would have to deal with people bitching all day that we didn’t spell their name correctly, or they want their name and not their Flickr ID and so on and so forth… when my time is better spent looking for the next post to write. The next post that will save you time or money, or reveal some corporate skulduggery or whatnot. What is the greater good? To use the best photo possible to illustrate the post and move on!"

For more info, see this help topic

When I first went to the page on Consumerist the photo didn’t link to anything at all. It now links to my flickr page, which is better, but not what I want. I have emailed several people over at Consumerist and have yet to hear back from them, hopefully they will just add the photo credit I am asking for: Photo by Dave Bullock.

From what their editor posted on some other flickr photos I am guessing that they are not going to do this. My CC license specifically states that you are free to share and remix my images with the following caveat: “You may not use this work for commercial purposes.” The problem here is that Consumerist is most certainly a commercial entity and they have not asked me permission to use the photo, which I would give them for the low low cost of a photo credit and link to my website. You can read more about the situation on this flickr thread, where a flickr staff member has gotten involved.

You can also digg the actual flickr help topic here. LAist had a similar problem with another Gawker property yesterday.

Update Looks like they have posted a public apology and promised to credit photos properly. Cool deal.

Update 2 My properly formatted photo credit is now up.

Donald T. Sterling, please knock it off

sterling3_thumb.jpgThat is the simple request being made by the Donald T. Sterling Graphic Design Foundation. The foundation is a joint effort between Marc Grobman and people with eyes who can no longer take the full page ads that the LA real estate mogul and Clippers owner regularly runs in the LA Times – because they are so damn ugly. The foundation says:

Here’s the problem: The ads don’t follow even the most basic principles of graphic design. They blend a hodgepodge of un-related type-faces. The margins are reduced to an 1/8 of an inch, surrounded by clunky borders. The width of the type is stretched and squeezed to fit. The space is cluttered with very large type, leaving no room for the eye to rest and making it hard to read or scan the page. Basically, the ads are painful to see.

This is not meant as an indictment of Mr. Sterling’s secretary, nephew, intern or whoever produces these ads. They’re doing the best they can without professional design software or training. But just placing one of these ads in the Times costs more than my annual salary. Donald T. Sterling Corporation can certainly afford to hire a professional to design them.

The foundation is asking for your help – they’ve put up a petition and are calling for an letter writing campaign to the Times hoping to reach someone who can put an end to this madness. Won’t you join their cause? [Thanks Marc!]