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After my last few coffee rants I thought it would be a good time to point out a place that I’ve never had a bad experience at, or a bad cup of coffee from. That would be the Groundwork Coffee Co downtown on Traction. I’ve mentioned this location before, Jillian has professed her love of the westside store and Caryn has talked about how cool they all are but the downtown one is my favorite. The people there are always friendly, and the coffee is always outstanding. Unfortunately it’s not super close to me but anytime I’m in the area it’s a mandatory stop. Also, their “large” lattes come with three shots. w00t.

In case you were wondering, silverlake coffee still sucks

coffee editsI’ve written more than a few times about how much I used to like Silverlake Coffee over on Glendale Blvd. Last summer Caryn blogged about how it was going down hill and I haven’t been back since. Yesterday morning I decided to give it another shot – boy was that ever a mistake.

When I walked in the first thing I noticed was how nice the place looked. I mean, it looked really nice. New tables, new lights, someone was not paying attention to all the details. Not that they weren’t before, but someone had clearly gone out of their way to spiffy the place up. As I got up to the counter I heard the last half of a conversation between the two people employees. The guy was explaining to the girl how he’d blocked a customer from their wireless network.
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The Food from Spain Lands Mainly in My Belly

I’ve been trying to meet a friend for lunch at Spain for the better part of a year. Factors so far have conspired against us, so last night my better half and I grabbed take out from them in the interest of finally seeing what all the fuss is about. I lack the culinary descriptive abilities of eecue, so suffice it to say HOLYDAMNCRAPTHISISGOOD. We over ordered by a long shot, sharing an order of shrimp in spicy sauce with Spanish rice, an egg and vegetable tortilla (which is essentially an omlette), two empanadas and a slice of flan/bread pudding combination. Add in the included bread and side salad and we had way too much food. Not everything was knock-your-socks-off great, but the shrimp and rice and tortilla were all-killer, no-filler. The flan/bread pudding was probably the least satisfying of the bunch, only because the flan part of the equation was a little bland. I’m not a huge flan fan anyway, so my judgement may not be the best.

Now, I’ve never been to Spain, nor have I really eaten a lot of Spanish food. So those of you that are looking for some kind of perfectly authentic Spanish experience may be disappointed. I just don’t know, and frankly I don’t really care. Whatever it is I loved it. There’s also a small deli that carries a varity of Spanish and (I think) Argentenian imported packaged food. If you’re looking to eat in, they do have tables and waiter service, but bear in mind that it’s a small place in a strip mall. If ambiance is your priority, you should probably head elsewhere.

Beard Papa’s

feel the ooze!

If you are ever feeling skinny, there is a quick fix for that: Beard Papa’s. Actually depending on what time you go to Beard Papa’s, you may have to wait in a pretty long line, so the fix may not actually be that quick. Penelope and I went to Marukai in Gardena on Superbowl Sunday to get some tasty snacks and on the way in we say the Beard Papa’s sign and I started drooling. The line stretched around the kiosk and with about 20 people waiting for their custard infused pastry fix.
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Chanko Nabe @ Shabu Hachi

Spicy Miso Nabe

I was in the West Side on Tuesday for a meeting and afterwards I stopped to grab a bite to eat at Shabu Hachi on Olympic. I have had plenty of Shabu Shabu in my life so I opted to try a Japanese dish I hadn’t ever had before, Nabe. Nabe is an assortment of meat and veggies in a hot pot of water. There are several varieties of broth available, miso, soy and chanko which is a spicy bean paste, similar to what is often served with Korean BBQ. I opted for the seafood chanko nabe and along with an order of beef wrapped enoki mushrooms.
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Very Dangerous Chicken

Just so you know, it’s a Really Bad Idea to put a chicken breast under the broiler for a minute or two, then run downstairs to check your email.

I know I should have taken a picture of the carnage, but I was too embarrassed last night and today the trash has been collected, washing me free of all sins.

The highlights: The chicken caught fire, the house filled with smoke, the gaskets on the broiler door melted, and today there’s a fine layer of greasy black ash on everything.

Hooray! I am a domestic goddess!