A Classic Eats Special Announcement!

Victory Or Death!
Victory Or Death!

As you’ve been voting for each Classic Eats event, the Hot Dog Death March has come a tantalizing 2nd or 3rd in each poll. You know you want it, but are just a little bit afraid of it.

Man up people! No more pussyfooting around!

We are going to make this happen: the Hot Dog Death March is now a stand alone event.

The date: Saturday June 13
The time: 3pm – time of death
The progression: Pink’s, Oki-dog, Skooby’s, emergency room
The fun: contests, prizes, special guests
The why: WHY NOT?
Go to the official website: Hot Dog Death March
Follow us on Twitter: HDDMLA
Most importantly, please spread the word!

Classic Eats #4: We Pie’d and We Burger’d

Mmmmm, Burger.
Mmmmm, Burger.

We ate Pie. We ate Burger. Not necessarily in that order. Unless you were originally from Germany. (More on that later.)

Fourteen people converged on Pie ‘N Burger in Pasadena last evening to celebrate Classic Eats #4. There were the CE Regulars: Mr. Hooks, Jeff and Donna, The Other Jeff, myself, and Matt Mason. Then more Metblogs writers came along, Lulu of the Lotus Eaters, Travis and Jodi. There were also significant others and there were the Germans. We even had one Metblog lurker who came out in public to join us. 

We crowded the back “section” of P ‘N B and had our fill of yummy classic burger food. Skip past the jump for more photos and fun.

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Classic Eats #4: Pasadena Bound!

classiceats2You made your voices heard! We are going to Pasadena for Pie ‘N Burger this Saturday, April 4th. I’ve never been there (hence this series!) so I don’t know how big it is. I’m thinking if we get the usual turnout – 10 to 15 people – it will be crowded with just us, so let’s get there at 5:30pm.

Pie ‘n Burger
913 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106
(They have much more than just Pie ‘N Burger on the menu)

Classic Hollywood Cocktails ran a very close second. Don’t forget, if you didn’t get what you voted for this time, it will be on the ballot again for next time.

And if you feel there was any election tampering, click past the jump to see the results.

Looking forward to it!

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Classic Eats #4: Last Chance to Vote!

classiceats2I’m keeping the poll open for one more day! As of Sunday night, 6:30pm, Classic Hollywood Cocktails is wining, followed by Pasadena Bound (by one vote!).

Click here to go to the survey and make your choice.

Click past the jump to get more details on all the choices.

I’ll close the poll Tuesday morning at 6am and then announce the winning location(s) and details on getting together. Makes those votes count!

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Classic Eats #4: Have You Voted Yet?

classiceats2Have you voted for Classic Eats #4 yet? April 4th is the date, you get to choose the place.

As of Friday morning, Classic Hollywood Cocktails and Pasadena Bound were neck and neck.

Click here to go to the survey and make your choice.

UPDATE: As of 4:30 pm on Saturday 3/21, Hot Dog Death March is in the lead, followed very closely by Hollywood Cocktails.

Click past the jump to get more details on all the choices.

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Classic Eats #4: Vote!

classiceats1Classic Eats #4 is on the 4th — April 4th. Where shall we meet? That is up to you!

Our intrepid tech-meisters are still working on the Metblogs internal polls, so for now please click here to vote for C.E. #4. As before, the time will be determined once a location is chosen. We tend to try and time the event early on a Saturday evening so you can come to Classic Eats then move on to your main evening event.

Click through past the jump for details on all candidates on the ballot.

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East Coast Flavor On The East Side

Scooting down Hyperion after work I noticed a pizza joint I have never seen before called “Tomato Pie.” Hungry from ritual starvation, I pulled up their web site as soon as I got home. After impatiently scanning the online menu, bombarded with more options than I expected, my stomach began to groan with anticipation. Tomato Pie’s menu boasts “east coast flavor” pizzas, pastas (hot and cold), salads, subs, desserts, there is really so much to choose from that I couldn’t decide so I called them up to ask what they suggest.

The Grandma from Tomato Pie
The Grandma from Tomato Pie

Another surprise. I totally expected the phone to be answered by an apathetic clock puncher who would be openly annoyed with all of my questions. However, the guy who took my call was friendly and helpful, taking his time to assist me with my virgin Tomato Pie experience. I later found out that his name is Freddy and, along with partner Garrett, runs the joint.

ME: “What do you think is the best thing on the menu?”

FREDDY: “Our most popular item by far is the Grandma.”

The Grandma is a pizza topped with crushed marinated tomatoes over an olive oil base with fresh garlic, basil, oregano, light whole milk Continue reading “East Coast Flavor On The East Side”

Classic Eats #4: Save The Date

classiceatsClassic Eats #3 was another fun evening, thanks to all who made it to Tiki Ti and to Taix! Nice to see previous attendees plus new Classic Eaters! The crazy tropical drinks were a hoot and if you haven’t been, I think everyone who was there would recommend going and would also recommend going *early* to make sure there is enough room to hoist that cocktail. And for fans of moules, we were not disappointed by Taix.

Ready your calendars: Classic Eats #4 will be on Saturday April 4. How easy will that be to remember? Pretty easy. We look out for you here at Los Angeles Metblogs. Look for another post within a week that will have a poll and we’ll vote on where Classic Eats will hit next.

Oh and next time I’ll remember to bring my camera. If anyone has photos from the evening, please share!

See you on the 4th!

Classic Eats #3 Tomorrow Night

classiceats5A few quick updates for tomorrow night’s Classic Eats.

The Recap:
Tiki Ti at 4:30pm  (Map to Tiki Ti)
Taix at 6:30pm
Map from Tiki Ti to Taix

Tiki Ti takes cash only. There is street parking on Sunset and the Tiki Ti website kindly informed me that parking on Sunset is no longer free after 6pm. So while the parking meters say “until 6pm” the street signs now say “until 8pm” so make sure you are covered for the whole Tiki Ti visit.

There is a reservation for eight people at Taix at 6:30 under my name (Julia Frey). If there are many more or many fewer, we can just hang in the bar where we can also get food. 

Looking forward to all your smiling faces!

Classic Eats #3: French Polynesia This Saturday

classiceats4I’m calling it official: This Saturday, Feb. 28, we will be exploring French Polynesia via Los Angeles! (While there were technical difficulties with our polling apparatus, French Polynesia was in the lead before the poll went dark.) 

4:30 pm: Polynesia starts at Tiki Ti in Los Feliz. We will get our drink on, get to know each other better then head over to the French portion of the evening. 

6:30 pm: Taix Restaurant. We will take in some classic French yum yums like Moules and frittes.

For more information, maps, etc, skip past the jump. Please read about Tiki Ti because it has some unique features you might want to prepare for.

Tell your friends! Bring your cameras! See you there!


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Gentle Reminder: Classic Eats #3

classiceats3The poll is still open to decide on where Classic Eats #3 will happen. February 28th is the date, but you still get to decide the places. Last I looked French Polynesia was ahead.

Please click to the original post to vote and read all the details for each contestant. Poll closes February 23.

UPDATE: Sorry, we are having poll issues within our blog posts. Our technicians are working to solve the problem.  Please check back!