Elvis Presley 75th Birthday Celebration Tonight

"Elvis" aka Greg Snyder of Wise Guys Events talks to KPCC's Shirley Jihad about the Elvis trivia game, bingo and more his company has planned for the Elvis event at the Egyptian on Sunday (photo courtesy of the Egyptian Theatre).
"Elvis" aka Greg Snyder of Wise Guys Events talks to KPCC's Shirley Jihad about the Elvis trivia game, bingo and more his company has planned for the Elvis event at the Egyptian on Sunday (photo courtesy of the Egyptian Theatre).

Celebrate Elvis’ 75th birthday this evening at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Beginning at 5:30 PM, the event will feature films, special guest Francine York, music and karaoke from Roarshack, the biggest Elvis Mix ‘n Mingle trivia game and bingo west of Memphis from Wise Guys Events (with Elvis-related prizes), food vendors including banana and peanut butter pancake bites from Buttermilk Truck, BBQ from BarbiesQ and birthday cake for the entire audience from La Morenita Bakery.

Of course, there will be Elvis merchandise for sale from Hollywood Book & Poster and prizes from Warner Bros., Bettie Page Clothing, Taschen Books (at the Grove), the Grammy Museum’s “Elvis at 21” exhibit and Hollywood Book & Poster. The Pig ‘n’ Whistle will also be hosting a “no-host” bar in the Egyptian’s courtyard. I have no idea what a “no-host” bar is, but it sounds like an open bar. They should offer an open bar. It is what Elvis would have wanted.

Then at 7:30 PM, the Elvis Presley Double Feature will begin featuring: Continue reading “Elvis Presley 75th Birthday Celebration Tonight”

Xena Convention. You’re Going to Go.

Not everyone gets Simpson'd
Not everyone gets Simpson'd

There are some of you – no, there are many of us – for whom Xena played more than a cultural touchstone or a convenient shorthand for lesbianism.  I know that you particular people would, given the opportunity, name your steed Argo just as readily as Adam named Eve Eve.  And for the big number of us who waited all Saturday afternoon for Xena to come on (or all day Sunday if you were crestfallen to find that the Dodgers took over Xena‘s afternoon time slot), this one is for you: Creationent will host the annual Xena Convention about a month from now, February 5-7, at the LAX Marriot.

This is the 15th anniversary of Creationent’s Xena conventions, which is testament to both the show’s detached nerdiness and its staying power.  Lucy Lawless – Xena herself to some, Number Three to more than some, and random Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me guest to still others – is going to be there (!!!), as will be Renee O’Connor, Xena’s trusty sidekick Gabrielle (think Kelly Martin if Kelly Martin traded her red rimmed, middle-class Life Goes On glasses for a staff and decidedly not-early ’90s boots).  There will be costume contests (reason enough to go); Lucy Lawless; a dessert party centerpiece contest; Lucy Lawless; and, oh, Lucy Lawless.

The bestest weekend package are sold out – this is, after all,  the Dinah Shore before The Dinah Shore – but there are second-to-bestest weekend packages still available, as well as general admission single day passes (scroll down towards the end of the page).  Ah, you’re going to go.  You just haven’t admitted it to yourself yet.

Savin’ All Your Foodstamps And Burnin’ Down The Trailer Park


I’m actually quite pleasantly surprised that it took a full four days before finding my first curbside Christmas tree carcass. But I’m even more surprised that the inaugural corpse pictured above has a celebrity connection seeing as it’s pronated where it was pitched on the  parkway outside none other than Beck’s Hancock Park residence.

Go crazy with the Cheeze Whiz, but first: remember to recycle your tree!

Noodles, Comics, Art and Free Wine

mignolaSecret Headquarters will have original artwork by Mike Mignola on display for one night only, Friday December 4th. That’s totally like tonight, man!

And since you’ll be rushing to get there after work and won’t have time for dinner, you’re in luck! Kwong Dynasty’s Noodle Fantasy will be serving up noodles in front of the store.

Secret Headquarters will also be offering a limited edition Mignola illustrated letterpress print made specifically for this show. The prints feature never before seen Hellboy artwork by Mike Mignola with color supervision by Dave Stewart. These 3 color letterpress prints have been beautifully made by Aardvark Letterpress of Los Angeles.

One Night Only
Friday, December 4
8 – 10pm

Complimentary wine provided by Bear Flag.

Me & Arianna, We Go Way Back

All this huff-‘n-puffery about the oh-so-long-overdue-and-infinitely-pertinent arrival of an LA-based section of  Huffingtonpost to shoehorn its way into a niche already well-served by so many other long-standing LA group blogs, reminded me of the first and last time Arianna and I met  back in May of 2003 when I worked at the Los Angeles Zoo. There I was sitting at my cubicle in the publications division when word filtered down that the as-yet-uncrowned queen of the blogiverse was on the premises with a film crew and some extras, making some sort of tongue-in-cheek video tribute to Eli Broad on the occasion of his 543rd birthday.

Anyway, I was ordered to grab my cam and head up to the chimpanzee exhibit where the shoot was taking place to snap some shots for potential use in the zoo’s member newsletter, and as luck would have it this morning I was able to dive into my archives and come up with this image I got of  a couple of her entourage on-camera pretending to look at something that wasn’t really there while Arianna gazes directly at me with a stare that says either she wants to kill me or ask me out for drinks.


Either way, welcome to LA’s blog zoo Arianna!

Arnold Schwarzenegger breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law!

arnoldsfrontplateTMZ has a sad example of irresponsible reporting up in the form of this post showing what they allege is Governor Schwarzenegger parking in a red zone in Beverly Hills. But take a close look at that pic – it certainly doesn’t look like a street at all. Instead, this appears to be some sort of parking lot.

However, while TMZ negligently cites the wrong parking violation, they totally overlook the fact that the Porsche Schwarzenegger is driving lacks a front license plate, as required by the California Vehicle Code. I know, the sleek front of that $100,000 beauty would be marred by an unsightly license plate, and that Arnold can afford any ticket that will probably never come his way, but heck, even his wife can’t follow the hands free cell phone laws he passed, so blame it on her bad influence.

Or, maybe he reads LA Metblogs, and remembers this post about how removing your front license plate might actually save you money.

Photo by Ramey from TMZ, text and arrow added by me.

Real World Los Angeles now casting

Are you a narcissitic drama queen? Do you want free rent? Then read on!

A CraigsList ad is asking for potential “new roommates” to apply for “The Real World’s” 24th season.

If you are between the ages of 18 and 24 then email us at [email protected] with the following information: Name, Age, Phone number, A brief bio, Two recent photos

In the subject line write: “[your city] Recruiting”

Think you have what it takes? Feel free to include a copy of your cover letter in the comments below. For shits n giggles.

Klaus Pierre, German/French Action Hero

If you’ve been reading here at LA MetBlogs for any length of time, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I am a man who is connected, and that I like to share those connections with you, dear reader.

Early in 2008 I discovered a great talent with the help of the good people at Boing Boing‘s BBtv. Klaus Pierre, a German/French actor had come to Hollywood to train to be the next big action hero. If you’re not already familiar with Klaus Pierre, here is a BBtv episode you need to see:


I have recently become acquainted with the director who brought those episodes featuring Klaus Pierre to the world. He tells me that Klaus has recently completed post-production on his movie, and that it will be available for your enjoyment soon. In the meantime, Klaus will be shooting an interview later this week to let his adoring fans know what he’s been up to over the last year.

Here is where I share my connections. I know that you all must have many questions for Klaus, so leave them in the comment section below. I’ll pass them along, and perhaps Klaus will answer in his interview video. If you could ask Klaus Pierre anything, what would you want to know?

More BBtv episodes featuring Klaus Pierre after the jump… Continue reading “Klaus Pierre, German/French Action Hero”

D’oh! Better late than never: Cinematic Titanic

cinematictitanicCinematic Titanic! 5 NIGHTS/5 MOVIES at LARGO at the CORONET!

I was too busy celebrating my birthday to get my act together in time to post so you could get to tonight’s showing of “LEGACY OF BLOOD,” but look at it this way: Now you’re even more motivated to go see the other four movies.

What the heck am I even talking about, say ye? Well gather round and I’ll tell ye about the latest Joel (Mystery Science Theater) Hodgson and his gang, doing their now famous schtick-along to some classic film offerings.

Living on an island near a nuclear testing zone has its downsides – i.e. being terrorized by one of the worst movie monsters ever!

See the fully re-riffed version of an MST3K classic… Continue reading “D’oh! Better late than never: Cinematic Titanic”

Maria Shriver, Douchebag Driver?

IMG_1556TMZ, I love you.  I never thought I’d say that.  But that was my reaction after being pointed by the Los Angeles Times Local section online to these photos at TMZ.com purportedly catching First Lady Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger in the act.  No, not an adulterous sex romp, but rather, two cell phone-in-hand chatting sessions while driving, at least one of which reportedly takes place in Los Angeles.  Yeah, it was her husband Arnold who signed  the law that Maria clearly appears to be breaking.

I can’t wait for Maria’s top five excuses:

5.  I was stopped at a red light.
4.  I was stopped in traffic.
3.  The pics are Photoshop phonies.
2.  It wasn’t me, it was Mariel Hemingway (top photo).
1.  It wasn’t me, it was Amy Irving (bottom photo).

This once, I hope a TMZ celebrity story makes front page news and stays there.  Maybe it will save some lives.

Lennon in LA

Today would have been John Lennon’s 69th birthday. His time spent in Los Angeles in the early 1970s is well-documented:

In June 1973 in New York, his wife, Yoko Ono, pushed for a separation and said he should take May Pang, their personal assistant, as his boy-toy while they reassessed their marriage.

Lennon and Pang in LA, 1974
Lennon and Pang in LA, 1974

In quick order, Lennon moved to LA with Pang and flung himself into what has become known as his “Lost Weekend,” an eighteen-month period during which he caroused, recorded some middling material, caroused, reconnected with Paul and Ringo, caroused– you get the picture.

From a rented home in the Hollywood Hills, Lennon lived out loud and large in public places in Los Angeles, making a drunken, coke-fueled spectacle of himself with stars and players of the day. When confronted by the press with criticism, he said, “So it was a mistake, but Hell, I’m human.”

Shortly thereafter, Lennon cleaned up his act.  He and Yoko reunited (in NYC, backstage after Lennon’s cameo during an Elton John concert) into renewed matrimonial bliss, had a son together, Sean, and lived a happy family life in relative seclusion at the Dakota until that fateful, sad night in December 1980 when Lennon’s fame tragically caught up with him.

From where we are with sexual politics in the early 21st century, maybe some wisdom can be gleaned from the way the Lennons openly navigated their relationship in the 1970s and the way it was received. Little public pillorying of John, no tearful media statements from Yoko, no desperate extortion attempts from lurking opportunists due to needlessly keeping secrets about the bumps in a relationship’s road, no knee-jerk accusations about employer/employee dalliances from self-appointed know-it-all scolds.

Just honesty about how a particular marriage of interest was going; forthrightness about monogamy and the lack thereof occasionally as a reality check; and not a speck of shame, contrived or otherwise, from anyone involved.


“A Celebration of The X-Files” with One Ms. Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson collageIt’s been about a sweet 16 years since the first episode of The X-Files aired.  It’s been about a sweet 16 years since I developed my first crush:  Gillian Anderson.  Sigh.  I think my mom sort of looked the other way and chalked it up to an adolescent search for a role model and, really, could you ask anything more from Dr. Dana Scully?  No, no you could not.  So, you can imagine the all sorts of first-love butterflies that fluttered when I got wind of this: IBG is hosting Ms. Anderson, along with executive producer/writer Frank Spotnitz, at a “Celebration of The X-Files” panel on November 14 at the Beverly Wilshire.  Along with other to-be-announced guests, the pair will remember, reflect, and re-live the ground-breaking series on a moderated Q & A panel (here’s to hoping that someone articulates exactly how one runs in high heels) aimed at raising money and awareness for a number of charities, including the Rape Treatment Center.  Tickets range from $50 for general seating to limited $125 tickets for VIP seating.  Those with the Benjamin to spare for a VIP ticket will have the opportunity to queue up for an autograph from the panelists, including the lovely Ms. Anderson.  As if that weren’t enough, IBG just organized an auction to meet and greet Ms. Anderson prior to the panel.  Additional auctions will shortly follow — keep checking IBG’s site for further details, and check out their FAQ for other questions you may have about the event.  Oh, be still my beating heart.

Clockwise from the left, Gillian Anderson is: my Dana Scully action figure, circa 1998 and recently retrieved from the back of my closet; Data Nully from the series “ReBoot”; Moro in the American version of Princess Mononoke; and Queen Vorkana in Robbie the Reindeer: Close Encounters of the Herd Kind.

Mike Shinoda’s Glorious Excess (Dies) art exhibit to close at JANM this weekend

About a month ago, Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park fame opened a exhibit of his artwork called Glorious Excess (Dies) at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo.

This show, a follow up to his highly-successful 2008 show Glorious Excess (Born), allowed Shinoda to return the Museum this summer to unveil his latest collection of paintings and digital works. Larger, broader, and more sensational than before, Glorious Excess (Dies) is the next (and final) chapter in his series exploring society’s obsession with celebrity culture, consumer addiction, and fascination with excess.

His Glorious Excess works follow a skeletal central figure’s rise to fame in the nine works created for (Born), and the character’s fall in the 17 works produced for (Dies). Not to be missed is the coffin installation; made by the same company that made Michael Jackson’s coffin.

There is a ton of stuff happening in Little Tokyo this weekend, including the ID Film Fest, so check it all out before Glorious Excess (Dies) closes on October 4.

On a side note, 8Asians (another site I contribute to) is doing a giveaway of an autographed copy of the limited edition collectible art book that Shinoda produced for Glorious Excess; the forward was written by Shepard Fairey.

Photo taken by me.

Tomorrow: Mary Lynn Rajskub and Katee Sackhoff at the Laugh Factory

The first time I saw Mary Lynn Rajskub was at a crowded $5 performance (thanks, Goldstar) at the Steve Allen Theater.  “I need to warm up,” she declared.  She crouched.  Curled her fingers.  Stretched out her thumb and pointer finger in the shape of a gun.  Squinted.  At something in the near distance.


Since then, I’ve seen her stand-up set at least two more times – pretty much whenever I hear she’s around.  Her awkwardness shines like a talented art student struggling for recognition in stats class.  On Thursday, there is yet another chance to catch her:  she headlines a show at the Laugh Factory in support of the Childrens Hospital.  Joining her will be a few past, present, and future cast members from 24, including Jean Smart (Jean Smart!!), Glenn Morshower (you know him.  You just don’t know you know him.), and get thisKatee Sackhoff (be still my beating heart still beating for Starbuck) (for those who don’t have a “Katee Sackhoff” Google Alert set (…crickets…), Sackhoff joins the 24 cast next season as CTU’s head programmer).  Tim Allen also will make an appearance.  Providing musical relief will be Garfunkel & Oates, an act that is a stream of consciousness mashup of The Ditty Bops, The Pipettes, and certain cross stitch patterns.  Hello, children.

Tickets for the rabble are $20; the remaining VIPs in this economy can salad fork over $30 to Fast Pass their way to the front of the line.  There also is a two drink minimum.  I know, it’s annoying when someone tells you how much you must drink, but this is for charity, right?  And Mary Lynn and Katee?  Right, right.

After the jump, a clip of Mary Lynn during an inexplicable but welcome appearance at a Heritage Foundation panel on “Public Image of U.S. Counterterrorism Policy” hosted by Rush Limbaugh.

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Michael Jackson in my backyard

David & me:smOne of my stock events for visiting friends is to take them to the Glendale Forest Lawn cemetery, a short drive from where I live in Silver Lake. It’s a serene setting with towering shade trees, usually very empty, with views that look out over Glendale to the San Gabriel Mountains.

It has it’s restrained yet overwrought kitsch in the guise of a full-size replica of Michaelangelo’s statue of David (carved from Carrara marble from the same quarry as the original); a stained glass reproduction of Da Vinci’s Last Supper; and something called The World’s Largest Painting, a.k.a. The Crucifixion, that measures 195 by 45 feet and is housed in an enormous square building with a church facade. There’s also The World’s Second Largest Painting, The Resurrection, in the same building and they are both unveiled from behind a huge curtain in an auditorium  presentation with darkened lights and rumbling narration. Continue reading “Michael Jackson in my backyard”