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Very Dangerous Chicken

Just so you know, it’s a Really Bad Idea to put a chicken breast under the broiler for a minute or two, then run downstairs to check your email.

I know I should have taken a picture of the carnage, but I was too embarrassed last night and today the trash has been collected, washing me free of all sins.

The highlights: The chicken caught fire, the house filled with smoke, the gaskets on the broiler door melted, and today there’s a fine layer of greasy black ash on everything.

Hooray! I am a domestic goddess!

The Angry Angelino – a new low

Okay I admit I’m compulsively watching UPN News.

Lauren Sanchez is simply horrifying – those giant breasts, glossy slug lips, the whore togs, the leering come-on as she reads the bite-sized newslets – hoo gah, I’m hooked!

The “news” broadcast has lots of dopey segments backed with loud craprock, designed to lure what I can only guess is the younger generation into watching the same otherwise boring stories on every other network at 11pm.

New to the lineup is some dork they call The Angry Angelino – a pudgy 30-something pan-ethnic jerk yelling about something he’s pretending to be mad about. Really in all of LA they couldn’t find a better actor than this?

The best thing was the other night when he was bitching about LA being – are you ready – too superficial! He was complaining about people obsessively getting plastic surgery, botox, and other medical enhancements – right under the resculpted nose of the anchorwhore! His message was something stupid like, “embrace your face.”

And boy was Lauren not happy to have to listen to it – her face looked like she was smelling shit!

Stamp this newscast: a train wreck.

Empathy Study Update

Just heard back from Jim on the subject of these empathy quotient tests:

“we need to get to at least 100 respondents
for this to work.

so i hope more of you will consider taking the quiz. it is
interesting and easy. educational and enraging. fun for the whole

Come on, I know you’re just sitting there wasting worktime – why not do society a favor and Take The Tests???

Free Personality Tests!

But relax, it’s not the Scientology kind. Really.

A friend (Jim Mason) needs data for a psych study. You are invited to take two personality inventory tests – a few minutes of your time max – and email Jim your results for compiling. Of course all personally identifying information will be erased at the end of the study.

Both the Empathy Quotient and Interactive Systemising Quotient tests are accessed by clicking
this main page.

Please remember to email your scores on each test to
jimmason AT longnow DOT org
and announce your race, class, gender and sexual orientation.

To repeat, all personally identifying information will be erased at the end of the study.

Here’s his full original email to me (for you completists):
Continue reading Free Personality Tests!

Not just a flashlight – it’s also a science lesson!

Sure there’s lots of dumb commercials for crap you wouldn’t need if you lived to be 100. And then there’s the Faraday Flashlight.

Wasn’t I just reading how most LA residents are ill equipped with regard to emergencies? Everyone agrees a flashlight is essential, and nothing is quite as maddening as a flashlight with dead batteries.

This flashlight doesn’t use them! Instead it uses Faraday’s Law of Induction, which I this case creates energy by moving a coil of wire into and out of a magnetic field.


Just the mention of this would be plenty cool, but – wait for it – the actual equation is featured in the commercial!

Show your support! Go and buy the thing at if you want, but apparently the light isn’t exactly blinding–


And no I don’t get a kickback.

No More Antitrust Laws?

Okay so I’m a crackpot. I freely admit it, so hold your namecalling please.

Lately I’ve been seeing commercials and billboards proclaiming the delightful merger between at&t and sbc. This on the heels of Cingular merging with at&t just last year, further limiting your choice of cell phone providers. This makes me wonder….

Since I am So Old, I remember way back in the dusty old last century when Ma Bell was forced to break into little tiny non-antitrust-law-violating pieces, thus giving birth to local phone providers (like Pacific Bell, which quietly got eaten up by sbc years ago).

I have been noticing a slow and utterly ignored progression of big fish eats little fish here, and I’m wondering

Whatever happened to the legislation that broke up these giant telephone/communications monopolies?

We still have Verizon, Cingular and T Mobile for cell phone service, but sbc ingested all telephone and dsl service long ago and now they are safely back in the bosom of at&t.

Am I just nuts? Is anybody else alarmed by this?

Hate Cingular’s Voicemail?

Allow me to make your day.

Recently I had to call customer service, and when my problem was resolved I got the all but rhetorical, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Well,” I said, expecting nothing to come of it, “I really hate this new voicemail. You have to listen to old messages before new ones and you can’t delete anything until the end.”

Then, gentle readers, the whole world changed.

“Why don’t you use 77?”


Yep, there’s a whole slew of new key prompts that come with the (still sucky) new voicemail:

This is posted on the Cingular site and is very hard to read. Let me run it down for you:

1 Listen/Replay
2 Pause
4 Play it Slower
5 Date/Time
7 Delete
8 Normal (?)
9 Save
0 Help
* Cancel/Exit
# Skip (won’t work with “last call” messages they insist on playing prior to deletion)

I’ve scoured the Cingular website but find no mention of this, the most important key command of all time. But here it is, I freely give it to you.

You may begin work on the temple to me now.

Here’s a really bad idea

Where did I take this picture?


The Best Buy in Los Feliz.

As a person with a very low Noodling Threshold, I know better than to walk into, say, a Guitar Center. I also understand that many people have a biological imperative to noodle, and I’m fine that stores exist that cater to that need.

I just need my local Best Buy not to be one of those stores.

I’m in there shopping for movies and office equipment; I really need to be Bad Shrieking Hendrix-free for this task.

Just Shoot Me Already


Thrilled as I am to be posting on, I hope I don’t mess this post up too bad with all my pictures. I promise to get better!

Okay, on with the post:

Gosh it sure is glamorous living here in trendy Silver Lake!

Why just look at the HUMONGOUS film shoot going on here today.

I realize that I’m not getting around to posting this until it’s already dark, but believe me this shoot will be annoying people in our hood well into the night. From my house I can already see lots of lights, and giant reflector panels high in the trees.

I feel sorry for anyone over there trying to get any sleep tonight.

No idea what this shoot is, but it’s BIG.

The corner lot (Silver Lake @ Glendale) that normally stands empty unless it houses Christmas trees or pumpkins was turned into a trailer park this morning – at least a dozen full-on big trailers, plus lots and lots of support vehicles.


Trailers, grip trucks, and motorcycle cops adorned Silver Lake Blvd from Armstrong all the way down to Cove around noon today when I drove by and snapped these shots – sorry, they’re from my moving car – and dozens of cars were parked on the grass inside the fence where many large tents were set up.




I didn’t have time to ask anyone what the shoot was – does anybody know?