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Does Antelope Valley Count?

November 21, 2014 in Art, Crafts, Events, Food & Drink, Holidays, Seasonal

Because if so, there are a few very groovy things on the horizon!

Crafters and Chili Cooks Sought for Holiday Event
at the Antelope Valley Indian Museum

The Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historic Park is currently planning the fourth annual “Holidays on the Homestead,” a holiday-themed fundraiser for the museum to be held on Saturday December 6th from 5 pm – 8 pm. Participants are now sought for the “cowboy” chili cook-off and the handmade craft boutique.

Rose Edwards, the wife of the museum’s builder, was known for her chili and cornbread holiday feasts at their 1930’s homestead holiday celebrations. This delicious tradition is being revived in her honor! All chili styles will be considered; there is no registration fee for the cook-off.

Representing the talents of artist and museum founder Howard Arden Edwards, crafters are being sought for a craft boutique of handmade country and holiday-themed items. Booths are $30, supporting the non-profit Friends of the Antelope Valley Indian Museum.

For chili cook-off or craft booth information and applications, contact Jean Rhyne at (661) 946-6900 or [email protected] See below for more information about this fun event!

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There’s Noplace like home

November 20, 2014 in Classic Eats, Entertainment, Food & Drink

Is it Thursday? Already? Again?

Then I must be at Musso and Frank ~

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Your Krampus Konnection!

November 19, 2014 in Entertainment, Events, History, Holidays, LA, Seasonal

Greetings, Children...!

Greetings, Children…!

Let your Great Aunt Rusty hook you up for all things Krampus this year!

All Info Right Here!

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Please tell the City not to ban medical marijuana collectives!

June 20, 2012 in Crime, Law, Law Enforcement, News, Politics, Rants


We just received word that the vote, and all action at City Hall, has been POSTPONED until further notice.

Please continue to Support Unionized Medical Cannabis Workers, and your right to Safe Access, in LA by writing a letter to your council person at

Sorry for any inconvenience. Here’s my original post:

The city is set to vote to ban collectives this Friday.

Yes, you read that right.

Currently there are 8 votes in favor of banning ALL L.A. medical marijuana collectives. In order to overturn that, we need to make sure Busciano, LaBonge, or Krekorian lean in our favor. If all three of them vote to ban… It’s referendum time.

Unless we turn just ONE VOTE by Friday, all LA collectives will be banned.

To be clear, there could very well be 8 votes to ban right now because 3 of those votes have been holding their cards close to their chest.

If you can (and you care) please show up this Friday, June 22, 2012 at 9am, at LA City Hall East () for a press conference with Union Members, Patients, and Community Allies, to preserve safe access. This is important and very real; your voice can help keep collectives open to the law-abiding citizens who use them.

Please call and write to your councilmember in the meantime:

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A Three Hour Tour???

February 7, 2012 in News, Politics, Rants

LA’s broke & getting broker – so let’s all (or rather a select few) take our minds off it with a “free” ride on this yacht that will cost us yet another $Mil or so next year alone….

Villaraigosa, you are SO FULL OF SHIT!

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Foo Fighters – YES! – October 14th – If you compel me….

October 4, 2011 in Entertainment, LA, Music

Just to give you a little peek behind the curtain, the nice people at Goldenvoice often grace us with delicious bundles of free tickets to their events, in hopes that we will write about them and increase attendance.

We love this – and I have to say that I love it in particular because

a. I’m too cheap to buy tickets to things, and
b. I like to feel like a bigshot.

Most of the time there are tickets a-plenty, which means the person who blogs the story gets two, and everyone who wins the contests we run gets the rest. Nice deal.

Except now. When we only get ONE PAIR of Foo Fighters tickets!

That means I have to be generous and groovy and give YOU these tickets, without even getting to go myself! Think of it! The horror!


The contest is this: You tell me why YOU deserve to go more than I do, and you get a pair of tickets to FOO FIGHTERS AT THE FORUM ON THE FOURTEENTH.

Simple, right?

So get creative. Because I REALLY dig this band.

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The Best Party You May Never Have Heard Of:TwentyWonder!

July 6, 2011 in Art, Celebrity, Comedy, Education, Events, LA, Science, Social issues

Some of you have been around long enough (and are lucky enough) to have attended SUPERBALL – the crazy, eclectic, celeb-studded (but in a good way) event where damn near anything could and did happen.

Like all gigantic, out of control events, SUPERBALL kind of reached its peak and when the dudes behind it got busy with life, it went away for a while.

But nature abhors a vacuum, and out of the ashes of SUPERBALL came … TwentyWonder! A Carnival of the Mind, and a great cause too.

Plus, TwentyWonder just got featured on GoldStar. Discounted tickets are now $20 for a limited time. Jump on it, and then alert your friends!


This Saturday! July 9th! From 6pm to Midnight!

21 and older with ID

VIP Tix include a souvenir medallion – very cool!

(hope this image cures the JumboTron effect – was posting from the phone)

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LAFD: Right On!

June 16, 2011 in East Side, LA, Rants

I just want to take a moment to exploit this public forum to send out some very personal gratitude to the LAFD’s emergency responders.

Thankfully, it was only water spurting out under high pressure this morning and not blood, but the intrepid (and so handsome!) dudes appeared in a jiffy and had the situation under control in short order.

Did I mention they were gorgeous? And that after battling the water I looked like a drowned rat?

Oh and before you downgrade my IQ by 50 points you should know that They couldn’t find the water shutoff to the house either.

In fact, now that daylight is upon us and calm is restored, I’d really like to know where that shutoff is….

(and PS, kids: if you’re gonna sleep naked, maybe have some clothes in your handy emergency kit. Just sayin.)

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So delicious it defies pronunciation

June 3, 2011 in East Side

Want some really great Vietnamese food?

It’s cheap, yummy, and for the love of god It Has Parking!

(maybe I should save this as a draft until I eat there a few more times)

Compromise: I just won’t post the address – D’oh!




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Make it a GIRLVERT Wednesday!

June 1, 2011 in Books, Celebrity, Events, LA, Social issues

Hey Kids – No wait, strike that – Hey Adventurous Non-Squeamish Over-18-Year-Olds!

The inimitable Ori (aka Ashley Blue aka GIRLVERT aka Oriana Small) has written a memoir that will twist your brain better than any Terence Malick movie ever could.

And guess what? She’s reading excerpts (and doing who knows what else) tonight at Largo at the Coronet!

Not sure if scanning the doo-dah in this image will work or not but do please find a way to attend. Knowing what I know, you’ll be talking about this for a while.

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Tonight – The Story – KPCC

May 20, 2011 in Books, Celebrity, Filmmaking/Filmmakers, Movies

My buddy Hank Rosenfeld has a piece airing tonight at 8 on KPPC.

He’s talking about Hollywood screenwriter Irv Brecher and I’m guessing a lot of this stuff is from his great book, The Wicked Wit of the West.

You should check it out –

(Main page for “The Story” is here.)

((ooh, so linky! I’m actually writing a post NOT from my phone ~))


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The Dude Aside –

May 19, 2011 in Fashion, Rants, Shopping, West Side


I saw This Person shopping at a Santa Monica Ralph’s last week, fully without irony.

She and her friends were not looking to see if anyone would notice the robe, nor were they in any sort of Dude-like good humor.

I would have been willing to Consider giving her a pass if she at least bought milk and/or Kahlua, but all they bought was a few bags of Doritos.

They wandered the store, jabbering in a language I failed to identify (and I’m pretty good at that), and exuding general bitchiness.


No thank you.


(No, I don’t show her face. And neither should she.)

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Breakfast of Champions

May 7, 2011 in History, Hollywood, LA bloggers

One of the great things about writing for is you get to go to writers’ meetups at some of LA’s classic eateries.

Today we met at Musso and Frank (a.k.a. my house), where Benevolent Dictator Jason hosted us for flannel cakes, bloody Mary’s with lots of fresh horseradish, and eggs Benedict.




(and yeah, Will did do an entry about this – sorta – way back in ‘Ought Six)

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WTF – The Chinese Theater sold???

May 6, 2011 in Filmmaking/Filmmakers, History, Hollywood, LA, Movies, News, Real Estate

[Sorry, too angry to dig for a CC photo]

I realize the world will end anyway on May 21st, but The Hollywood Reporter is, well, reporting that Grauman’s Chinese Theater is being sold and we should Expect Some Changes once their deal closes on May 20th.

Bull SHIT, sez me!

There’s a Facebook page to save it but everybody knows what that’s worth.

I’m not completely clear if they’re only getting the Mann Chinese 6 at Hollywood and Highland, or if the rumor that the developers are “considering turning the theater, which has 1,152 seats, into a nightclub,” is anything more than that, but still.

Really? The Chinese Theater? It’s not IT enough for you?

The Chinese is on all the historic registries, but developers (and Samaha in particular) are notorious for moving forward with their nefarious agendas and hoping no one will notice until it’s too late (Yes I Mean You out there bulldozing Johnnie’s Broiler).

Let’s not let this get swept under the rug, Angelenos!

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The Easter Aftermath

May 5, 2011 in ICME, Seasonal, Shopping, West Side

Spotted at the Santa Monica Ralph’s – this vast array of Easter markdowns.

In case you were wondering where Peeps went to die …

And here I thought they just packed this stuff up and warehoused it ’til next Easter.