Vagabond Blogger: K-Mart Department Store…Wait, what?

So, I was in the Kuh-Mart today, because there is no S-Mart.
(“Shop smart, Shop S-Mart.” Anybody? C’mon! Army of Darkness? “This is my Boom-stick!” Anybody? Really people…)

Anyway, I was at the Kuh-Mart today, finding my way around. They have remodeled and changed things around quite a bit since they bought Sears. As I was doing so, I noticed the strangest thing: internet kiosks. W’huh? It even said “K-Mart Internet Cafe” on the wall above the neat little row of computers. And get this, it’s Free.

After the jump we’ll take a look at Today’s Blue Light Special on Public Internet Access.
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Vagabond Blogger: The Coffee and The Writer

For the first two entries in the Vagabond Blogger series, I thought it important to cover two of the more obvious choices for public ‘net access in Hollywood. The library is likely one of the first places to come to mind and it’s hard to miss C&C on LaBrea if you drive around Hollywood much.

With those dispatched, I thought I’d turn to venues probably not as well known. We’ll start with The Coffee and The Writer on Sunset Blvd. and Highland Ave.

We’ll take a look at this quiet, little spot after the jump.
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Vagabond Blogger: The C&C ‘Net Cafe

First of all, Friends and Neighbors, let me start my second entry in the Vagabond Blogger series with some good news: my computer is working, at least for the moment. (We’ll see how long this actually lasts.)

None the less, I would feel negligent to let the series die with only one entry and, indeed, it would then not be a series at all, now would it? And, frankly, I’m kinda having fun, so you’re likely to see a couple more of these.

Besides, one never knows when disaster might strike. Any of my fellow Angelenos could find themselves suddenly stricken without ‘net or computer access at any given time. It’s horrible, let me tell you.

It might even happen in the middle of the night. It might happen right in the Heart of Hollywood. You might find yourself having to go to The C&C Internet Cafe!

I’ll tell you all about the place after the jump.
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Vagabond Blogger: Hollywood Regional Library

So, funny story:

Turns out one of my favorite Blogs was looking for new contributors recently. I was, in fact, thrilled when I received an e-mail telling me I had been accepted to contribute to this fine site.

Then, my computer promptly died.

The Universe, it would seem, has a sense of humor. And I respect that.

Thus, Friends and Neighbors, in an attempt to take the crap handed to me and make “Crap-ade,” I present the first installment of my hopefully short-lived series: “Vagabond Blogger: Libraries and Net Cafes of Hollywood.”

After the jump, we’ll review at the Hollywood Regional Library on Ivar.
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