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Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothing to Trifle with. Win Tix!

Do you remember the movie Airplane?

Remember the two gentlemen who spoke “Jive?” Remember the subtitles at the bottom that translated what they were saying? Remember whenever one of them would say a certain word, the subtitle always translated it as “Golly?”

Such fun.

It’s in this spirit I would like to remind you, one and all, that The Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ to Trifle With!

(And if you haven’t seen Airplane, get your golly together and watch the trifling thing.)

In Any Case, I’m giving away Tickets to see The Wu on Saturday, Jan 21st! Wanna Go?

Email your Full Legal Name as it appears on your Legal Driver’s Licence or State ID card to [email protected]

Winners will be notified and will show said ID at the Will Call booth the night of the show to claim tickets. Protect your neck.

Wu-Tang Featuring All Original Members: RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God and Masta Killa
Saturday January 21, 2012
Club Nokia
Los Angeles, California
Show time: 9:00pm
Door time: 8:00pm
Age: All Ages+

Step to the Wu.

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Blogging.LA Holiday Giving: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

I’m going for the obvious here, but I don’t care.

Kids. Sick kids and their families.

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and Orange County are pretty much tops at what they do. And what they do is help sick kids, not just to feel better, but to feel like they can and will grow into normal, healthy adults, instead of some outcast, freakshow survivor of childhood illness. And that last part is worth a lot.

Go to for more info.

Win Tix to Tiger Army, Octoberflame IV, Friday Night!

Tiger Army are performing their 15th Annual Octoberflame show!

And I Have a Pair of Tickets to Give Away!

Send an email with your Full Legal Name as it appears on your Legal ID*, and I’ll pick Winners at Random. I need them by Right Away! So send me an email and then watch your Inbox!

Send Email To [email protected]

Tiger Army
With Swingin’ Utters and Reckless Ones
City National Grove of Anaheim
Anaheim, California
Show time: 8:00pm
Door time: 7:00pm
Age: All Ages+

*See, you show this ID at Will Call when you Pick up your Tickets. Makes sense, huh?

Win Tix to The Lemonheads Thursday Night!

The Lemonheads will be performing the album “It’s a Shame About Ray” in its entirety,

And I’m Giving Away Tickets!

Send an email with your Full Legal Name as it appears on your Legal ID*, and I’ll pick Winners at Random. I need them by Right Away! So send me an email and then watch your Inbox!

Send Email To [email protected]

The Lemonheads
performing It’s A Shame About Ray
With The Shining Twins and Street Chant
Thursday October 27, 2011
El Rey Theatre
Los Angeles, California
Show time: 9:00pm
Door time: 8:00pm
Age: All Ages+

*See, you show this ID at Will Call when you Pick up your Tickets. Makes sense, huh?

Win Last Minute Tix! See Morris Day with The Original 7ven!! (The Band Formerly known as “The Time.”) TOMORROW!

This is the Real Deal!

Morris Day, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Jesse Johnson, Jerome Benton, Jellybean Johnson, and Monte Moir.
That’s right, the Original Seven Members of The Time. (Hence the name.)

But I need names, NOW!! Show is tomorrow, Wed. Oct 19th. Wanna go?

Send an email with your Full Legal Name as it appears on your Legal ID*, and I’ll pick Winners at Random. I need them by Right Away! So send me an email and then watch your Inbox!

Send Email To [email protected]

*See, you show this ID at Will Call when you Pick up your Tickets. Makes sense, huh?

The Original 7ven:
The Band Formerly Known as The Time
Wed October 19th
Club Nokia
800 West Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Doors at 7:30

Win Tix to Snoop Dogg Health Awareness Benefit Show! This Sunday!

Click for Attribution

It’s the 2nd Annual Health Awareness Benefit Concert
Featuring live performances by Snoop Dogg with Tank, New Boyz, Uneek Music All Stars and special guest DJ Greg Streets

Want Tickets?
Send an email to [email protected] and winners will be picked at random. Email must contain your full, legal name as it appears on the ID you will show at the Will Call Booth when you win!

Hurry! I need winners by tonight!

Free Tickets! Big Audio Dynamite at Club Nokia! Wed!

Pic thanks to Geoff_B. Click for Attribution


Get tickets to see Big Audio Dynamite and The Chain Gang of 1974!
Wednesday, August 10th at Club Nokia!

I have a limited number to give away and I need to have winners by tomorrow morning, Tuesday Aug 9th!



I need an email to get you the tickets! Well, essentially, I need your full, legal name, as it appears on your picture ID, so you can show that ID at the will call booth at the show, but that seems more privacy-invading than asking for an email on a public site.

New comment system screwed up my game. Hurry! Time’s running out!

Tickets to See The Dropkick Murphys!

I have a bunch of Tickets to give away for The Dropkick Murphy show July 1st at the Fox theatre in Pomona!

Yeah, Pomona. Yeah, I know. But it’s Dropkick! With The Tossers, She’s A Kreeper and The Parkington Sisters!

Plus, and I don’t KNOW yet, but MAYBE, I might have some tickets to see them at The Hootenanny, with The Reverend Horton Heat and The Murder City Devils, July 2nd!! Now THAT is going to be an Awesome show!

Now here’s the thing: I really don’t know if I have the Hootenanny tickets to give away. If I do, you don’t get to choose, you might get one show, you might get the other, you may very well get both. Enter by leaving a comment on this post.

But understand this, and I’m serious here, anyone who posts that they are only interested in one show or the other is immediately disqualified. You makes your post, you takes yer chances. All entries must be in by Thursday, which happens to be my Birthday.

So, post in the comments to enter the contest and GOOD LUCK!

Arsonist at large in Los Feliz

Corner of Franklin and Vermont about 12:15AM, 4/29/11

Someone was Lighting a String of Trashcan Fires late Thursday Night / Early Friday Morning

I took the picture to the right myself. Firetrucks were already on the way, and in fact, already in the area, as this was at least the third trashcan fire lit.

I felt slightly guilty snapping the pic, like I should have done something more, but my Android doesn’t have a “Fire Extinguisher” App, and I really didn’t have that much water on me at the time.

“I.C.M.E.” indeed. Eyewitness account after the jump.

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Random Acts of Staggering Kindness in the Big City.

Found in Google Search for "Good Friday," labeled for reuse. Click for photographer's websiteHappy Good Friday/Earth Day. For all of you Jaded City Dwellers, here’s to let you know there’s still some simple human kindness amid the concrete.

So, in the midst of my running around today, I opted to stop at Trader Joe’s. I swung into the one on 3rd and LaBrea on my way back across town.

On a Side Note – Had I not needed a few items, I’d have avoided the area entirely, and I’d advise you do the same; there is crazy construction going on near there that will tie up traffic for the next month or so. Through May 23rd, I believe.

Anyway, I circle my way through the store, gather my few things, drink a dixie cup of coffee, try out a Latka with applesauce, and I come across that rare and beautiful thing: an open checker with no line. Awesome. (It always makes me a little suspicious, like ample free parking – I always think there must be some mistake.)

The checker and I are having a nice banter, trading ideas on making quick dinners out of the things in my basket, and he rings me up for a total of about 18 bucks. I reach for my wallet and … I don’t have my debit card on me. Oh, Crap. I have all of about two bucks in cash.

“OK, I’m sorry, but we have a problem,” I say, “I’m embarrassed, really. I don’t have my card on me for some reason. I so sorry, man. I must have taken it out at home, or something.” The clerk’s totally cool about it, I check my other pockets, kinda shrug sheepishly, apologize again, and make to leave, when I hear a voice.

“You don’t have any dough?” I hadn’t even seen the guy get in line behind me. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll cover you.”


The thought went through my mind in the kind of stunned silence before I found the wherewithal to speak. “What? No. That’s ridiculous, thank you, but I just forgot my card, I can come back. That’s very nice, but … Thank You, I’m okay…”

He would not be dissuaded, “No, it’s fine, it’ll come back around to me, it’s Good Friday, it’s no problem, I insist. Pay it back down the road, it’s all good…”

He walked over to grab some paper products, past the clerk, told him to add it to his stuff and then started giving him his things to ring up. I protested again, but he would not relent.

The clerk and I were stunned. Should I have protested a bit more and ultimately refused? Possibly. Frankly, and I mean this, it really kind of dazed me. So, still stunned, I thanked him profusely, shook both their hands and walked out the door. Outside was a woman collecting for a Homeless Charity, I stuffed that last two bucks of mine into the collection box and asked her to have a nice weekend. I drove home slack jawed, and started writing this post.

So, Hey Man, where ever you are, Thank You. I hope to not only pay your kindness forward, at some point, or whatever the phrase is, but I hope in so doing I can truly brighten and astound someone’s day in the way you did mine. I’m not even sure entirely what Good Friday is, or is meant to be about, but you’ve certainly made an impression on me about it. Lord knows my history with it is slightly checkered.

Here’s to keeping that Spirit of Kindness alive no matter the date, time or reason. (or denomination.)

Thanks Again, Man.

ICME – Rooster in the City

"Where all the chicks at?"
Rock Out with your Cock Out

Welcome to the Jungle. You’ll find all sorts of Animals here.

Saw this guy near the Public Library on Madison Street and Santa Monica. Actually, that’s the lawn there that he’s strutting on.

Granted, it’s not Hollywood and Vine, but we’re still smack dab in the middle of the city. Vermont and Santa Monica Boulevard are a couple of blocks away. This is Gawd Damn Silver Lake Adjacent and what not. This is in no way rural or even suburbs.

But we got chickens.

Maybe it’s a Hipster Rooster; “Flying’s way too mainstream.” “I strut, you probably haven’t heard of it.” “I was into Free Range organic way before it was popular.”

More pictures of Uncensored Cock on the Street after the Jump:

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ICME: Where to Buy Your Stupid Man Suit

All Kinds of Crazy on Sale

Donnie: Why do you wear that stupid bunny suit?
Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

While it doesn’t answer the question the question why he’s wearing it, now we know where Donnie Darko may have got his stupid man suit.

Korea Town, Western and 3rd.

I’m not sure it’s very convincing, though.

(Pic taken w/my phone.)

We’ve Got Valentine’s Day Licked: Vendor Fair at the Bordello of Decadence

Going to a Valentine’s Weekend Vendor Fair at a local BDSM Fetish club, one might expect to find some surprises, but the real surprises are the down to earth, common sense options that may be useful all year to any Consenting Adult.

My friends at The Bordello of Decadence had a Vendor’s Fair Friday night for much the same reason Blogging.LA is doing this series; to help find playthings for Valentine’s Day. Sure, there were all manner of floggers, whips and paddles to be found, plenty of toys in an environment whose very accessibility may be surprising to some, but leave it to the Truly Kinky to think of some things that most people wouldn’t think of, but I think most people can use.
Innovation from the Extraordinary.

Do you need an IT guy who won’t react like Seth Rogan in 40 Year Old Virgin when he see’s what’s on your Hard Drive? Maybe you need to scrub things clean before you give your old computer to someone who doesn’t need to know just where you spent your extracurricular browsing time. You really wanna take your porn to some College kid at Best Buy?

You want EP Consulting, “The Kinky IT Guy.”
13 years in the business, discreet, reliable, understanding and a great guy. And he has constructed his own “Cat 5 of 9 Tails.” (It could only get geekier if it were used on Seven of Nine.) Go to 5 of Nine Tails

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly romantic. Might not be a Valentine’s Day thing, useful though it is. Maybe you want to Pretty up the Package that contains your real gift. Perhaps you want the Box that Special Present is in to look extra nice. Maybe that whole process can be part of the fun.

Let me introduce Miss Jenny, the Waxinatrix. Manscaping, waxing, anywhere there’s hair there, Domme and Master Esthetician Miss Jenny can make the process as comfortable or excruciating as you wish. Everyone is welcome, couples included, and believe me, that can be a lot of fun. Find her at or shoot her an email at  stiffler’[email protected]. She also has a wicked love of puns. Enjoy.

Bed by Ivan BeastOf course, there was no shortage of fine, handmade instruments of delight and torture, with standouts from Big Daddy BD, Ivan Beast (owners and operators of the venue) and Black Cat Whips. “Leggs” provided kinky undies, vibrators and chocolate flavored edible body paint. (Razzgasm!) Ivan also makes incredible furniture, beds, cages, St Andrews Crosses and so much more, if you’re ready for that big kinky purchase. (Contact the Bordello of Decadence for more info on any of the above.) But what do you get for that deviant Star Wars Fan?

If Slave Girl Leia was really a big influence on you or that special someone, you need to shop the wares of The Kinky Geek. Dragontails, floggers and whips with lightsaber handles. Yeah. He has, on special order, even made a couple of double sided, detachable, Darth Maul-type toys. Go to Excite you, they will.The Kinky Geek

So, it may be a little late to get any of this stuff for this year, but if your Valentine misbehaves, I guarantee there’s something here to back up your promise of retribution. Now that’s Love.

The Bordello of Decadence is still working of their website, but for informationon when and where they have their parties, and/or info on any of the vendors mentioned, shoot them an email at [email protected].

The Kinky GeekThis post is part of the We’ve Got Valentine’s Day Licked series of posts.Furniture by Ivan Beast