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Mark is lives in Hollywood and draws comic books for a living. Steve lives in Oxnard and works at Sony Pictures in Culver City.

Covered in Bees!

Hello friends! Companies like Burt’s Bees and BeeCeuticals are doing all they can to assist the Earth by attempting to remedy the ongoing bee problems we’ve been having, from the wiki:

Colony Collapse Disorder (or CCD) is a poorly understood phenomenon in which worker bees from a beehive or Western honey bee colony abruptly disappear. While such disappearances have occurred throughout the history of apiculture, the term ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ was first applied to a drastic rise in the number of disappearances of Western honey bee colonies in North America in late 2006.[1]

Today, you have an opportunity to do your part! Grab some gloves, and a cardboard box or something and pick up some free bees! All you have to do is go pick it up and you’ll get a large, pre-built hive, no assembly required! Comes with premium Queen Bee, ready to keep you supplied with all the bees you need to construct a beard of bees or attack your enemies!

Picture from the Honeybee Centre.

Slusho-NO You Didn’t!*

Hey friends! So I have to get this shit off my chest… It’s the story of a nerd and his dream, and how the state of California threatened said dream… But it’s pretty much about Steve and his Volkswagen Beetle, and the personalized license plate that the DMV denied…

UPDATE: I’ve decided to present you all with the original denial letter from the DMV. View in all it’s horrific glory after the jump!

Click here to read the haunting tale!

“Snake? Snaaaake!”

Hello friends! Tonight at midnight, Metal Gear Solid 4 finally comes out for the PS3! Several Gamestops and Best Buys will be open at midnight to sell the game to rabid fans who have been waiting years to virtually sneak around a war zone and punch some dude in the crotch… for only $59.99!

The most notable launch event, in our opinion, takes place at 11:45 pm – 1:00am tonight at the Best Buy on La Brea and Santa Monica. The voice of Solid Snake, L.A. native David Hayter, will be signing copies of the game. Also signing are Producer Kenichiro Imaizum and Associate Producer Ryan Payton.

Get in line soon!

Photo taken from

The Mystical Unionists: Enter The Cartoon Utopia

Hello Friends! Awesome cartoonist, Ron Rege Jr. is having an art show and concert at the HOPE Gallery in Echo Park with fellow artist and band mate Becky Stark.

From his blog:

‘The Mystical Unionists’ is a project of Becky Stark and Ron Rege Jr, both of the band Lavender Diamond. For one month they will turn the gallery into an ultra-optimistic projection of the future, via constant in-house drawing, musical performances, and puppet theatre. ‘Enter the Cartoon Utopia’ aims to inspire viewers towards positive imaginings for their surroundings, and the empowerment for their realisation.

Utililising his distinctive cartoon line-drawing style, Rege envisions a future utopia, drawing largely from the Los Angeles cityscape, and the genre of 60s utopian sci-fi novels. Stark’s installation consists of multiple miniature stages for future-utopian puppet shows, as well as musical performances and dance, featuring Stark and friends.

It looks to be a swell way to spend a Saturday night… instead of messing with the Zohan, go experience some amazing art, why don’t ya? Click on the flyer for the full deets!

They need blood and you’ve got more than enough!

Hello friends, Mark here. Walking around Franklin and Highland today, my fiance noticed a large glob of dried blood on the street. Click to biggify, if you dare.

Is it at all odd that all of the least violent situations we can imagine that result in a whopping dollop of plasma splattering all over the pavement are also the most nauseating? It’s not like there was a trail of spots leading up to or away from the larger puddle, which to me, rules out any injury… right?

In any case, you ought to visit the Southern California Red Cross some time. They can guide you to a more appropriate place to deposit your spare bodily fluids, rather than all over the sidewalk.

Kung Fu Panda… mega hit of the summer?

Hello friends! Walking down Hollywood on our way to the Farmer’s Market we noticed quite the hubbub by the Chinese Theater.

Judging by the size of the premiere, Dreamworks is counting on Kung Fun Panda to be a huge release this summer. We’ve heard good things and are both big fans of Jack Black. So, it’s a good sign of faith to see the studio sink this much money into the opening.

They are still setting the things up, so if you are anywhere near the area, you can go see the giant display and probably get a gander at some celebs with their kids. Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian Mcshane, Seth Rogan, Lucy Liu, David Cross… sheesh, don’t they hire actual voice actors for these pictures anymore?

Click here for some more pics you can click to biggify

Save Paul Prischman’s Brain! Go see Blade Runner!

Who is Paul Prischman? Well friends, we here at the Mark and Steve Foundation know him best as the storyboard artist for the Hellboy movie. Paul is an all-around swell guy, LA resident, talented artist, devoted fan of movies, music and comic books… and he has brain cancer. From his site:

In late 2007, Paul was plagued by a series of symptoms which seemed, at first, to be some sort of recurring sinus infection. But no conventional sinus treatment helped, and his symptoms worsened. In February, an MRI revealed that Paul had a brain tumor the size of a golf ball in his brain stem. On March 18th, Paul underwent brain surgery. Although the tumor was successfully removed, the pathology proved to be Grade 4 brain cancer: Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM).

Tickets for a special screening of Blade Runner: The Final Cut, featuring a Q&A with awesome director Ridley Scott along with some as of yet unannounced cast and crew are on sale now. Biggify the flyer for more details.

And even if you can’t go to the screening, maybe throw a few bucks into the Paypal donation fund and keep an eye out for the sure-to-be amazing items up for auction… whatever we can do to help our fellow in need.

Dharma issue food night

Hello friends! Tomorrow night is the season finale for the fourth season of the mind-f***ingly awesome show, LOST!

We love the show so much, that all of our friends get together and watch it every Thursday. Those that can’t make it to the gathering often wind up participating in the discussion via text message or Skype. Yes, we are all just that nerdy.

This season, we’ve been getting together for LOST night at Mark’s place and he has been supplying Dharma issue foodstuffs whenever he had some extra time or we heard beforehand that it would be a special episode. We know for sure that we’re not the only people doing this, so here’s our entry into the community of LOST-themed fun times!

Click here to see the different foods and some helpful tips to have your own LOST party

Wescue da widdle aminals!

Hello Friends. We are animal lovers through and through. Steve’s two bitches are the closest thing he’ll ever have to children, and that’s a good thing for everyone.

The Sante D’Or Animal Rescue is looking for more volunteers! If you’re in Los Feliz, and have a few hours to spare a week(cutting into that GTA IV time isn’t gonna kill your lazy ass!), give a loving animal some eats, and meet some cool peeps! That was an unintentional corny rhyme. Promise.

Click here to read their flyer and start making a difference!

Johnny 5 is ALIVE!

Hello friends! In a previous post, we broke the news that Pixar is re-making the 1986 screwball, robo-comedy hit, Short Circuit.

Not only are they making a movie about Johnny 5 in the future, called Wall-E, the wizards at Pixar have a taken a cue from Short Circuit 2 and are actually producing little Johnny 5s to explore the Los Angeles sidewalks!

Click the picture for the video, courtesy of!

We here at the Mark and Steve Foundation applaud Pixar’s efforts to stay so true to the franchise while totally reinventing it for the next generation!