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subject line here: the inside story

As you may have heard, tonight at Improv Olympic in Hollywood, eight of us bloggers are going to take the stage to read some of our favorite entries in the name of charity. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do (as a performer and writer), and I have this little dream of keeping it going as a continuing series of bloggers from LA (and beyond) reading and performing some of their favorite, funny, personal, meaningful, interesting work for an audience of people that get blogging. I don’t know if there’s a huge audience for it, but tonight we will find out.

There is a wealth of talent and artistry online and within the world of blogging. Although constrained at times by format or layout or text, bloggers are usually people with something to say and something to share. As intimate as the connection between blogger and reader can be, I wanted to see if the words that reach us on a computer screen can become even more personal; more animated; more meaningful, when brought to life on a small stage. It started as a way to get my favorite bloggers under the same roof, and it became a quest to get them all together to share a piece of themselves live, in front of an audience.

I don’t know what to expect tonight. Any revenue we generate is going straight to Wil Wheaton’s Team in Training, which benefits the Leukemia/Lymphoma society. All eight bloggers are doing it because they are true artists. I’m excited to share the stage with them all. Words on a computer screen brought to life. That’s what I’m hoping.

We’d love to have you there.

Improv Olympic (Hollywood and Cosmo)
7:30 pm

Did I mention that there’s a full bar?

on Ed Davis…


Legendary former LAPD chief Ed Davis passed away this weekend at the age of 89. Davis was a visionary in his day, and apparently some of his ideas are still drawn upon by many police forces around the country. He was also very outspoken, and was at the forefront of the news back then. According to this AP article in the Washington Post:

He led the LAPD through some of the most high-profile and shocking cases of the 1960s and ’70s, announcing on Dec. 1, 1969, the arrest of Charles Manson.”

Known for his controversial statements, in 1972 Davis suggested reinstating the death penalty in California to punish airline hijackers.

“I recommend we have a portable gallows, and after we have the death penalty back in, we conduct a rapid trial for a hijacker out there and hang him with due process out there at the airport,” Davis said.

The proposal earned him the nickname “Hang ‘Em High Ed.”

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Fruta Fresca


For ten years, I’ve never given food cart vendors more than a casual glance during my time in Los Angeles. They were scenery to me, in the same league as bus stops, panhandlers and sidewalk prophets. I’d have sooner accepted tickets to a “free show” on Hollywood Boulevard than have stoppped to patronize a street vendor in front of a Bank of America. That is, until I got a hot tip about the fruit carts.

Each vendor has a fresh selection of assorted fruits, peeled and ready for chopping. Depending on your appetite, you can order a three or five dollar bag, (I highly recommend the five dollar bag). Your options are: pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, orange, coconut, mango, papaya, cucumber and jicama. Unless you specify what you want in your mix, he will chop up a bit of each and scoop the whole thing into a plastic bag. Next comes the reason to seek these carts out: chile powder and lime. A quick sprinkling of both over the fruit in the bag creates one of the most addictive, healthy snacks I’ve ever had in my life. It may seem odd to eat fresh fruit and chile powder out of a plastic bag with a plastic fork, but trust me, it’s a treat.

So, now you know. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

park on Hope street…


Los Angeles in the evening is hopeful, even when a flipped SUV on a monstrous concrete onramp slows traffic to a crawl. There is something electric about dusk in LA; our vibrant city nestled near the bottom of the North American coastline; the side that gets to see the last of the sunlight each day, the side that everyone wants to be on, even if they don’t. It is a city filled with one of the greatest mixes of races and cultures on earth, and in the early hours of the evening, it seems possible to feel the energy of them all.

As I drove south towards the relative safety of my xenophobic town of Manhattan Beach, I stared at the Porsche SUV sitting on it’s side atop the cement above me. $65,000 worth of metal and status tipped askew and firing it’s headlights off at an angle that was both un-nerving and compelling. Briefly, I panicked about the growing gap between the rich and the poor, but I was distracted by an iPod billboard, which reminded me to plug mine in. I drove home, placated and ignorant.

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bullets over sunset


I had a rare day off in Hollywood today after a particularly unmemorable audition for some voice over work at my agent’s office on Wilshire. Lately, I find myself becoming less cynical about so much in my life, including the fact that the sights and sounds of Hollywood are something of a facade; a play put on by a cast of willing characters, including myself on this afternoon.
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Best Headline Ever.


This was Tuesday’s Daily News headline. I wonder if paper sales spiked because of it. Probably not. Probably only weirdo, easily amused, former X-Files fans found themselves shelling out .54 cents for this one.

People like me.

Anyone ever find out what the mystery blob was? Please tell me the blob is sentient, please tell me the blob is sentient, please…

On Michael Wempe

wempe.jpg AP Photo

This is the face of a child molester. His name, in case you’ve been ignoring the local news for the past few weeks, is Michael Wempe. Father Michael Wempe. That’s right, another Catholic Priest accused of abusing his power to seduce and molest young boys. Rather than reiterate the facts of this case, I’ll link you to CBS News coverage, which explains the details of this trial.

I happen to think that this despicable man should go to jail for the remainder of his life. The fact that he hasn’t been rotting in jail since he first started molesting boys in 1972 is the reason he was able to continue preying on children for years afterwards. Perhaps equally accountable in all of this is the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. In the mid 1980’s, Cardinal Roger Mahony sent Wempe away to a retreat in New Mexico called “The Servants of the Paraclete” to “get cured of pedophilia.” After treatment, and as seeming proof that the Catholic Organization have their collective heads irretrievably deep up their holy asses, Mahony thought it smart to assign Wempe as Chaplain of Cedars-Sinai: a hospital with a pediatric unit and a school.

Oh yeah, and he failed to mention that Wempe’s past included the molestation of an untold number of boys over a 15 year period starting in 1972. Clearly, THAT information wasn’t worth divulging.

So now, Wempe stands accused of molesting another child in the very school to which he was reassigned in the 1990s. How many more of these stories can the Catholics hear before they stand up and demand a change within their own organization? This behavior is not a fluke, nor is it an anomaly. Something is clearly broken within the Catholic Church. How many passes do we give them? Why isn’t there a federal inquiry?

Wempe, I hope they convict you. I hope you pay for the lives you’ve ruined and the pain you caused. Most of all, I hope you get to meet some new boys in prison. Boys that abuse their power.


I’ve recently been turned on to an online Scrabble gaming site called “Internet Scrabble Club.” Now, I know about that new funky number puzzle thingy that’s taking the nation by storm (what is it called?), but I’m old school. I still loves me some Scrabble. I suppose I’ve always had a knack for words and letters. After all, I was almost the fifth grade Spelling Bee champ in my elementary school (damn you “tempest”. Why did I think you had an “a”?), not to mention the fact that I can still spell antidisestablishmentarianism without even thinking about using spellcheck. As a matter of fact, I never use spellcheck. Come on folks, THAT’S a gift. (wait, is spellcheck one word?)

A few years ago, there was a screening of the documentaty called Scrabylon, by Los Angeles filmmaker Scott Peterson (no, not that one). It’s a great little 50 minute documentary, which you should throw in your Netflix cue if you’re into Scrabble at all.

ANYWAY, I think it’s clear that I rule at Scrabble. If you’re interested in “schooling me,” or any of the other thousands of players online, swing by the Internet Scrabble Club. My name there is SN89. Yeah, that’s right, I graduated High School in 1989. Honors English, suckers.

(Weirdly though, I got a 520 on the verbal portion of the SAT and a 580 on the math portion. I blame numbers for the obvious mistake.)

Stupid numbers. Everyone knows it’s all about the letters.

And the Benjamins, I suppose.

And perhaps the “He said, she said Bullsh*t.”

But no, mostly letters.


Theo headed for the West Coast?

If I were a Dodgers fan, I’d be holding my breath, praying to the Baseball Jesus for some kind of good fortune. That might be the most borked organization in Major League Baseball.

Since I am NOT a Dodgers fan, but instead a Red Sox fan, I am cursing the Baseball Jesus for the resignation of moneyball master, Theo Epstein.

Is’t possible that Theo has designs on the West Coast? Hard to say. One thing is certain:

Without Theo, we of the Red Sox Nation would still be crying in our beer over Buckner. If there is a Baseball Jesus, maybe he will grant you Dodgers fans a Theo Epstein for Christmas.

I’d say you deserve it.

treasure hunting

I used to post here, remember? Then I didn’t for a while because I’m lazy, but now I’m posting again because I’m trying to de-laze my ass.

Now that we have that out of the way, I thought I’d post a link to the California Unclaimed Property website. Since I struck out on the “finding sweet rewards that are unclaimed” front, I thought maybe some of you lucky people might have untold fortunes waiting to be claimed.

Here’s the link.

May your money be waiting there for you.

Feel free to reward me in beer if you discover millions.