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Goodbye, folks!

Tomorrow we are heading for Vancouver. (And hopefully our baggage will end up in Canada, too.)

We had a great time here and I really enjoyed blogging for! Thank you for supporting our tour.
Best wishes and auf wiedersehen!

PS: Visited Caltech today. Took a picture of a geeky antidogism sticker on one of the material science lab doors.


Stick to it

If my name would have been Pope Urban II and I would have lived in 1095 I would have chosen a cool slogan for the First Crusade.
For example:
“Real Men Love Jesus”

A Cannonball-Like Swing-By Race Through LA CitySpace

illegal space race
Tomorrow afternoon we’ll present our fourth and last ‘Experience’.
2 PM @ Machine Project.

Experience The Experience Of An Illegal Space Race

LA is big. Big enough for an “illegal space race”. We will place the planets true to scale (sun, 4 meters in diameter, Pluto, one centimeter in diameter, about 11 miles away) throughout the LA cityscape. Then we will conduct a car race. The team that makes it through ‘LA space’ fastest wins the interplanetary trophy.

So, bring your car!

Patrick Dondl (Caltech) will be on hand as our astrophysical guest commentator to comment on the events.


Water Market


There’s an ongoing discussion in Europe about liberalizing the water market. Globalization, ya know.

Yesterday (@ Newsroom Cafe) I was confronted with the term ‘designer water’ for the first time.

Purest water?
Easy… distill it.

A Grand Day Out

Today we utilized our ‘car’ (a wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor) to travel to a small town called ‘Malibu’.

Friedly people, shining sun.

First we analyzed the sand for remainings of David Hasselhoff. Negative. Not even cellular fragments.


Suddenly we witnessed a terrifying spectacle.
A couple of unrighteous men vandalized the ground with mighty gas-powered power shovels! They tried to restructure the shape of the dunes, to flatten the beach! And neither the Santa Monica Police Forces nor the National Guard tried to stop them!


G¸nther Friesinger was outraged: “They think they are creation’s crowning glory! Those fools! God shall cast them down to hell, and deliver them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgement!”


And it happend as G¸nther predicted.

The glorious waves of God’s resounding anger caught one of the sinners in his unholy machine and dragged him down into his cleansing floods.


Praise the Lord.
For he shall rise again.

Local meme store

Driving to the supermarket at 11 PM is a completely nonsensical thing to do in Central Europe (see: labour laws).
But I’m visiting LA. So I checked the time, seized the chance and strolled around the local Ralph’s outlet.

And what did I spot? Ye olde symbolism!

It’s always astounding how iconographic memes travel around the known world and settle down somewhere.

Here’s an example:
“Arm and Hammer, the Standard of Purity”. Marxist labour iconography goes bleach PR.



In gastronomical enterprises the management frequently elects to present art as a form of extraordinary room decoration. Some time ago we @ monochrom decided to dedicate a page to the breathtaking world of ‘gastro-art’.

Today we had lunch at Denny’s Restaurant @ Vermont.

Spotted gastro-art:
Standard watercolor painting.
Cat kept staring at me. Cat couldn’t believe how many calories you get there for just $15.


Dear internet users! Please help us collect more gastro-art! Take pictures and upload them!

Link / Gastro-Art

Sugar? Corn Syrup? What the hell… boil!!

We’ll present our third ‘Experience’ today.
8 PM @ Machine Project.

Experience The Experience Of A Brick Of Coke


Sugar has always been expensive enough that in a variety of cultures and eras it has even been used as a medium of exchange.
Refined white sugar was the symbol of European conquest and of century-long repression and colonial dependency.
Sugar still dominates the Western meal plan as the main energy provider. The “former” tropical colonies are still ruled by the multinational concerns of the sugar industry. Coca Cola is the largest seller on the world market.

monochrom is currently putting several gallons of Coca Cola into a pot and boiling it down until the residue left behind can be molded into a brick. A symbolic endeavor!

Results? Tuesday evening.