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bLA Podcast: John Landis and Edgar Wright! For those who’ve been waiting (and those who are just joining us), I am proud to bring you the John Landis Q&A from the December 10th Screening of An American Werewolf in London and Tremors at the New Bevery Cinema, hosted by Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright.

This one is a doozy. Following the screening of his film, Mr. Landis held the audience of the New Beverly captive with stories about porn, Mickey Mouse, and Alfred Hitchcock. If you’re offended by rude jokes about Princess Diana, you might want to skip this one. Those of you out there with distinguished senses of humor will thoroughly enjoy listening along.

I do want to apologize to Ron Underwood, the director of Tremors. He made a hoot of a monster flick, but conflicting schedules (i.e. my job) made it impossible for me to stay and record his talk with Edgar. Perhaps sometime in the future Mr. Underwood will come back to the New Beverly and we’ll definitely catch him then.

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Podcasts from the Top Secret! and Bananas, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and
Head, and Raising Arizona and Evil Dead II double features will be up soon! You can take a listen to the previous podcasts with Paul Williams, Timothy Dalton, Joe Dante and Shane Black after the jump!

Spauncheriffic Landis photo by pietroizzo, via flickr.
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The Wright Stuff Film Festival Has A Groovy Panty On Its Head so if you even pretend to like movies and you’ve missed the last six nights of the New Beverly Cinema’s Wright Stuff Film Festival, I will forgive you. In fact, I may even take pity on you. Edgar Wright (director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) has been screening his favorite movies over the past two weeks, and along with those movies he’s invited a the directors and the stars to the theater to meet the fans and talk about their work.’s final double feature is a can’t miss. You’re going to get Raising Arizona followed by Evil Dead II, followed by a super top secret “gonna have to kill you if I tell you” midnight movie. You don’t have anything to do tomorrow morning, right??

Again, three movies and special guests…. All for seven dollars. The first show starts at 7:30pm tonight.

Bite me Arclight.

The New Beverly Cinema
7165 West Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-4038

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The Scoops Scoop! The Oreo Day Edition! Tai about his most popular ice cream flavors and he’ll tell you that people love Oreos. And who doesn’t? Over 490 billion Oreo cookies have been sold since 1912! Looking back on all those years, one will find almost every variation imaginable on the original Oreo design has been produced: Oreo WaferStix, Uh-Oh Oreos, Golden Oreos, Double Delight Oreos, Flavored Oreos (peanut butter, chocolate, mint, caramel and strawberry milkshake creme), Double Stuf Oreos, Big Stuf Oreos (316 calories and 13 grams of fat!), White Fudge Oreos, Milk Chocolate Oreos, 100 Calorie Pack Oreos, Shrek Oreos, Oreo Cakesters, and Oreo Pizza.

Now it’s Scoops turn! Here’s the lineup for this weekend. I can’t wait to try the Oreo Strawberry!

Oreo Mint
Oreo Maple
Oreo Banana
Oreo Chocolate Stout
Oreo Cheese Cake
Oreo Strawberry
Bacon Chocolate
Avocado Banana

Cookie-riffic photography by mihoda.

The Wright Stuff Film Fest Continues there’s one thing that can unite all people of every race, color, and creed, it’s the movies. And probably sex. In fact, I might put sex before movies, I mean… Just as an idea that pretty much everyone can get behind.

But I digress.

Or maybe not! New Beverly Cinema’s Wright Stuff Film Festival may be coming to a close this weekend, but it’s still going strong. Tonight’s double-feature is Russ Meyer’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (see, there’s the sex!) followed by the Monkees’ Head.

You will not want to miss BVD. The print was struck not five months ago, so it probably has less wear on it than Beowulf does right now.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls starts at 7:30, with Head to follow. $7 gets you both, with trailers and Mickey Dolenz himself on hand to talk about the making Head.

Consider yourself spoiled.

The New Beverly Cinema
7165 West Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-4038

PS. Sorry about the podcasts being so tardy. I’ve been in technology hell for the past week. Both the Shane Black and John Landis Q&As will be up first thing tomorrow.

updated for clarification: Fuck the WGA Strike

(Edit: I do have a lot of writer friends whom I love dearly, and would not like to see go fuck themselves. The strike, as much as I’m trying to ignore it, is becoming a real pain in my ass.)

The last time I published an anti-strike post on bLA, it was about a week before I invited a large group of people over to my apartment for a social gathering. One of the replies to my invitation noted that with my post I had risked offending my potential guests, many of whom are writers (but not necessarily WGA members). That’s a reasonable accusation, and perhaps my ignorance of the facts and the true motives behind the strike lead to an offensive – and ill-advised – editorial.

In the days since then I’ve refrained from exposing myself to the rhetoric behind the WGA’s battle with the AMPTP with the reasoning that it doesn’t affect me and I truthfully just didn’t care one way or the other. Well it still doesn’t affect me, but now it’s starting to hurt my friends and co-workers and I am pissed.
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Squirrel Nut Winners Squirrel Nut Zippers are playing the El Rey tonight, and bLA contest winners D. Gershwin of The Abba-Zappas (“…sugary-sweet Swedish pop meets jazz-inflected experimental rock, all with a quite lackadaisical approach to delivering biting social commentary…”) and mmmmmmmichael of Big League Chu (“Mandarin rap over samples from Huey Lewis and the News’ Sports album, exclusively.”) will be there. Congrats, rockers!

Tickets should still be available, but only at the door. Call ahead to be sure. Doors open at 8pm.

Dust off the two-tones, it’s time to torch this place! (Figuratively speaking, of course.)

The El Rey Theatre
5515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca. 90036
(323) 936-6400

Ticket Giveaway: The Squirrel Nut Zippers at The El Rey 12/11’s easy to dismiss the Squirrel Nut Zippers as a mere by-product of the Big Band/Swing/Third Wave Ska fad of the ’90s when they were actually partially responsible for kicking it off in the first place. Like all fads, it came on strong and faded quickly enough to make a lot of us feel bad about spending all that money on swing lessons we don’t remember or the two-tones that sit gathering dust in the back of the closet or making Vince Vaughn a movie star.

But the fact that the Zippers have outlived most of the bands that tried to cash in on their success is kind of a testament to their talents. They never really “broke up”, and after a six-year hiatus they’re taking their special brand of big band, calypso, jazz and blues on the road across the US. Perhaps outside of all the hype and annoying knock-offs some of the haters will begin to warm up to the Zippers and see them for the rarity they are – a group of genuinely talented musicians who really know how to swing.

Sooo… If you want some tix, I’ve got two pairs. Here’s the contest:

The Squirrel Nut Zippers are named after an old-timey candy bar. If you could start a band and incorporate the name of a candy bar into your band name, what would your band be called? Also, give the genre of music. I’ll pick the winners on Monday!

Squirrel Nut Zippers
with Eleni Mandell, Ryan Hedgecock

El Rey
Tuesday December 11, 2007
Doors open at 8pm

Delicious photography by The Flooz.

bLA Podcast: Edgar Wright and Paul Williams at the New Beverly 12/2/07

Bear with us, this is kind of an experiment in progress. Edgar Wright and the good people at The New Beverly Cinema have kindly allowed bLA to record their Wright Stuff Film Festival special guest Q & A sessions both for posterity and your enjoyment. There are of course, still a few bugs to work out, but we will continue to bring you new interviews every few days.

You can read my original post on the Bugsy Malone and Phantom of the Paradise event here.

Also, don’t forget to check out tonight’s double feature, Flash Gordon and Danger: Diabolik! with special guests Timothy Dalton and Joe Dante! The fun starts at 7:30pm (but get there early)!

7165 West Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-4038 then, use the embedded player below to take a listen to Edgar Wright interviewing the Oscar/Grammy-winning composer of Bugsy Malone and Phantom of the Paradise, Paul Williams (at right, as Swan from Phantom).

P.S. If you have a problem with the music under the intro, take it up with Markland. It was his idea.

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The Wright Stuff Wreport

“There are people on the Internet who have asked me, ‘Why bother showing movies in a theatre that you can just watch on DVD?’ To that, I say, ‘Fuck you.'”

Right on, Edgar.

And with that, the Wright Stuff Film Festival opened with a bang at the New Beverly Cinema Sunday night. It was an amazing evening. The line for tickets wrapped around the block. People came from out of state to see these flicks. Fans mingled with movie stars. Look! There’s Mike White!

Inside, the air was thick with the smell of fresh popcorn and a strange electricity that seemed almost too intense for the cramped lobby. I can’t continue without saying that festival coordinator Julia Marchese looked terrific!

As my girlfriend and I found our seats our ears were treated to a Paul Williams musical montage, and we started singing right along with “Moving Right Along” from The Muppet Movie. I started to feel all giddy inside.

More about the films and special guests after the jump! Also, keep an eye out for audio downloads of the chats between Edgar and the guests!
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Holy Crap This Weekend is the Wright Stuff sneaked up on me. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t paying attention to the calendar and now the awesomest film fest of the year is about to begin at the awesomest movie theater in Los Angeles.

The New Beverly is really something special. It’s one of those places that makes LA what it is. Filmgoers and filmmakers and everyone in between flock to its ticket booth like pilgrims to Mecca.

If you love movies, this weekend you should be doing the same. On Sunday Edgar Wright will be kicking off his Wright Stuff film festival with Bugsy Malone and The Phantom of the Paradise. The movies start at 7:30pm with Edgar hosting a Q & A session with songwriter Paul Williams at some point during the evening. I’ll be sure to report on all the coolness.

A super-duper secret midnight feature is scheduled as well.

7165 West Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 938-4038

The Scoops Scoop: The Over 21 Edition!

Please do not eat this ice cream while you’re driving.

Or operating heavy machinery.

Or juggling knives. Or babies. Or babies and knives.

This weekend it’s all about the beer:

CHIMAY AND RASPBERRY (thanks for the tip, CHAVO!)

One time at Scoops this lady got all bent out of shape when she found out that there was actually Guinness in the Guinness ice cream. Seriously, there’s about one pint of Guinness in the whole tub. The same goes with the other flavors. You can probably get more alcohol out of a shot of Ny-Quil than in one cup of ice cream.

That being said, the first person to hit a .08 BAC purely off of the Pabst Blue Ribbon and avocado sorbet will get a free taxi ride home.

The Wright Stuff Film Festival – Updated!! New Beverly Cinema is fast becoming one of my favorite places in Los Angeles, and this is just one of the many reasons why. Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of film fests, but Edgar’s got this one packed with so many awesome movies, my head is gonna explode.

Now the top-secret list of special guests has been cracked open, spilling awesomeness all over the place.

Before you check the update, the Bev is showing a Woody Allen double feature this weekend, with Stardust Memories and The Purple Rose of Cairo. If you haven’t seen either of these movies, now is the perfect opportunity!

Update after the jump!
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There Was Something In the Mist!, it was the Weinsteins.

Press release excerpted from Photo by mocodragon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In preparation for the opening of the highly anticipated Thanksgiving release, THE MIST, Los Angeles was covered in a dense foggy mist last night, reducing visibility to only a few feet in some areas. Dense fog advisories are still in place in the Los Angeles area and drivers are, of course, advised to use extreme caution on the roads. A publicity stunt? Or a eerily timed Stephen King-style wake up call to moviegoers?

You be the judge! But more importantly, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Personally, I think it would be more fun to see who can come up with a dumber way to promote a movie.

Friendly Neighborhood Koreatown?

The craigslist ad for my apartment said it was in the Westlake district, so I started doing all my research on that area of Los Angeles and telling all my friends about it and blogging about it, and getting it into my head that I’m moving from quasi-suburbia (I can see through you now, Los Feliz) to a real urban neighborhood.

Well, that’s exactly what I did, but not quite in the way I expected.
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