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Huge Wildfire Licks at Avalon as Catalina Burns

Early today a brush fire broke out on Catalina near the airport. It’s spread across hundreds of acres and nearly six miles to the city of Avalon. At this time it appears that one home has been lost and at least four other structures. Firefighters have been ferried in as hundreds of residents have been evacuating the island entirely. Catalina Express is running special all-night ferries to meet the demand. Other residents are still on the island, many evacuated their homes only to wait down on the pier as the fire fighting efforts continue just over the ridge behind Avalon.

I had a meeting down in San Pedro this evening so I made a quick zip down to the point to see what I could see. The smoke was quite apparent in the southern sky, as I got close to the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Catalina fire

Another photo after the jump.
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BL.A Garage Sale – Buy my PS2 & Games we go! I’m getting rid of stuff at our blogging community garage sale. I’ve got classic anodized aluminum goodies (tumblers, popcorn bowls, pitchers), a vacuum cleaner as well as many books that I’ve lost interest in, stacks and stacks of design & food magazines (Sunset, Martha Stewart, Bon Appetit, Architectural Digest … you can have em for free). I also have a cherry stained coffee table and side table set. They have glass tops (so no worries about using coasters). They’re in good condition.

But my big ticket item is our old Play Station 2. It has two controllers (well, it has a third that we plum worn out), a DVD remote (so you can watch movies), memory card and lots and lots of games (15 plus). I’d love to sell the whole thing as a package for $150, but if folks don’t want any or all of the games, I’m not going to argue. (Click to embiggen to see the titles … I may have more, I need to do some more digging.)

9am-3pm (no early birds!)
Saturday – May 12th
1500 Block of Elevado

The sale is basically on the northwest hill above the intersection of Silverlake Blvd. & Sunset Blvd. We’re taking over several driveways & carports in that block. It’s gonna be that big! Elevado Street is a little circle street off of Westerly Terrace. Westerly is off of Sunset and Berkley to Westerly off of Silverlake Blvd. Stayed tuned for more postings about all our wonderful crap we’d like you to buy from us.

What is Dante’s View?

I saw in the LATimes that Councilman Tom LaBonge mentioned that Dante’s View park was lost in the fire. (LaBonge is a huge supporter and user of the park.) I’d never been there and wasn’t quite sure where it was. I figured you might not know the park either. Dante’s View is familiar to all of us, it’s that picturesque overlook to the Griffith Observatory.

While fire has always been a natural part of the park and area long before we came along, it’s sad to see all of that go up so quickly and dramatically.

More photos and links to more photos of the area before the fire after the jump.

photo from Noeluap who writes at idiosynchratic.
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Write that Script!

SF_Generic_120x240.gifYou live in LA … one of these days you’re going to get pulled over and someone’s going to ask to see your screenplay. No more looking at the floor, ashamed.

Take June and write your script!

I’m again serving as web community hostess for a writing challenge (in November it’s National Novel Writing Month).

The Challenge?

Script Frenzy
Write a screeplay (or a stageplay) in June.
It’s a contest … every winner gets a screenplay!

Sign up online. Join the web community. Take over your local coffee house. Hold you head up high at summer barbecues.

Deal of the Week – Valrhona Bars for $2 Man and I toodled over to Surfas in Culver City yesterday in search of some spices and other goodies.

I wanted to pass along the deal that I stumbled up on there. Valrhona chocolate bars for $2 a piece. Before you go saying, chocolate bars for $2 is no deal! Let me explain that Valrhona bars go for as much as $6 each (though I think they’re far less at Trader Joe’s).

The caveat is that the bars are expired. I bought an assortment and found that they were just as tasty and fresh as others I’ve bought.

The selection was good, with 9 bars representing their Gran Cru, Single Origin and Organics lines. They had quite a few left, in addition to the displays, full cases below on the shelves. Some of the expirations were from last November, but others expire tomorrow. It’s not like they’re eggs and become toxic once past their prime, as long as bars are stored properly they’re good for 18 months.

If you have a passion for real chocolate, be sure to tell the FDA “Don’t Mess with My Chocolate“.

Offshore Report (April 25)

dolphinicon.gifThe Blue Whales are back. They’ve been sited in the channel off of Pt. Vicente at least three times in the past week. Humpbacks and Fin whales are also making appearances as there have been great “boiling masses of bait fish” sited even from shore.

dolphinicon.gifThe northbound migration of cow-calf pairs of Pacific Gray Whales is picking up. So far 33 have been spotted for the season, at least a half a dozen of those in the past week.

dolphinicon.gifLast night’s lecture at the American Cetacean Society meeting was fantabulous. Captain Mat had some excellent photos from his 12 years on the Condor Express. (more after the jump)
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Whales of Summer at Cabrillo Aquarium

Tonights’ speaker at the American Cetacean Society’s monthly lecture isn’t some dry scientist repeating statistics and nomenclature. Captain Mat Curto takes visitors around the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary to see dozens of different species of marine life year round.

I’ve been to Santa Barbara to ride the Condor Express and have seen the Humpback and Blue Whales and have to say that if you can’t get up there (or even if you’re planning a trip already) it’s a fun way to familarize yourself with what’s there. Tonight he’ll be presenting the best of his 12 years on the seas.

7:30 PM
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
3720 Stephen M. White Drive
San Pedro

(Has anyone been watching the Planet Earth documentaries?)
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Translation for the non-bi-lingual after the jump
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Could Someone Explain This to Me?

I watch the dog shows … they never show this kind of stylish do.

I can appreciate it, but you know, I’m not the kind of person who can get her dog’s nails trimmed on a regular basis, let alone maintain her own hair coloring, so I don’t think I’d be the right person for a style like this.

Does anyone even know how this is done? Shave the dog and then get out the sharpie markers?

(Perhaps he got it done before he went to the Blessing of the Animals. This photo was taken yesterday around 2PM at Cafe Tropical.)

The Hummingbirds of My Back Yard

The Orchid Tree in my back yard is in full bloom and since I got off work early this afternoon for Good Friday and took advantage of the daylight.

I’ve been trying to get decent pictures of hummingbirds for a couple of years. For the record, the two on the left are the same bird.

Click on the photo for life-sized-ness.

How is it that flickr and Fox News have the scoop but not LATimes?

So, I’m browsing Flickr (actually, it’s a feed of the Flickr photos in the LA group) and I see one that mentions the President’s visit.

How is it after reading the front page of the LATimes website several times today, I know nothing about it? (But I do get the whole story of some Laguna Hills folks getting their windshields smashed?)

Oh, but Fox News has it?

Photo by Noeltykay with a lovely CC license.

Flickr is Awesomeness

Seriously, I’m impressed. It’s amazing that so many folks not only shot pics of the fire in progress, but then speedily uploaded their shots to Flickr. And further, tagged them with FIRE. It was easy to see stuff streaming in from all over the country just by looking at the most recent uploads tagged.

Everyone’s perspective of the unfolding story really gave it, um, perspective!

From Shaker Designs From jallenholt From marcoslovescrystal From PortugePunk From PortugePunk From PortugePunk From madmojo From kthrynileen From BabyRiles From grendyll From carencey From Matthew Field From nailmaker From nailmaker From unsure shot

Okay, now I’ll stop posting flickr photos. I am not paid by flickr … I just really enjoy it sometimes.