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From abLA :: The West Coast New Energy Encounter Group this Sunday


As part of Erik Bluhm’s absolutely fantastic solo exhibition Cooperate With The Energy And Anything That Happens at David Patton Gallery, there will be an “live activity” this Sunday with The West Coast New Energy Encounter Group featuring Bluhm, Paul Gellman, Relatively Clean Larry Rengert, Ruby Neri, Bonnie Perkinson, Fellow Candle, Tom Watson, Danny Leyson, and Ashley Gallagher…continue reading on

From abLA :: the New g727


I just got this email from York Chang about a new project that sounds amazing (probably due to my current obsession with books). Chang is collaborating with g727 (the space formerly known as Gallery 727) with “a new community resource/library space where contemporary artists, architects, urban planners, and social justice organizers can come together to engage their imaginations in new ways to address issues of urban communities in Los Angeles.”…more on

From abLA :: Art Review: Week One


My first piece in a four week series (each Wednesday) on art in L.A. for Art Review’s online magazine began this week. It’s given me the motivation, or more accurately a kick in the ass, to get out and see some shows. Sounds cliche but all dealers know this – it can sometime be really difficult to get beyond your own white walls and into someone else’s. Fortunately the good thing about my gallery being open via appointment only right now means I get to go out into the world with fresh eyes, experience it, and write about it. Not a bad deal…continue reading on

From abLA :: LA Weekly Biennial features Mystery LA Painters

For the third year in a row Doug Harvey has curated the LA Weekly Biennial – Osome Paintings opens on January 12th at Track 16 and is “an idiosyncratically personal and optimistic love letter spelling out the potential inherent in the world’s third-oldest profession and how it is currently manifesting itself in our city.”

While we know that there will be performances at the reception with The Spirit Gils, Wounded Lion, John Kilduff of Let’s Paint TV, the exact list of participating artists will not be revealed until the LA Weekly Arts Issue comes out. However, I spoke with Harvey with prying questions and can divulge the following…continue reading on

From abLA :: John Baldessari on Art Review dot com


Hello and happy new year! I cannot believe that it’s 2008 and that, quite frankly, I managed to survive 2007 with as many limbs as I did. But it’s the new year and things are already kicking into gear – I’m excited to see the fruition of the decisions and changes made last year and can say that while 2008 will probably bring about more changes, I welcome them with open arms!

On that note, my first post for 2008 is a link to an interview with the fantastic John Baldessari on Art Review’s new online magazine…continue reading on

From abLA :: Miracle Mile Art Walk


Walking in Los Angeles is always taken with a bit of a sneer – who is the world walks in LA? Isn’t there an 80s song about that? But, with the clustering up of galleries spaces throughout the city, walking in regards to viewing art in Los Angeles is becoming quite popular if not totally refreshing. There’s the downtown art walk, the Culver City art walk, people can certainly walk around Chinatown, and now there’s the Miracle Mile Art Walk. (And yes, I’m sure I’m not mentioning something). Taking place this Saturday (October 20) the Miracle Mile Art Walk, that I will now call MMAW, is held on the third Saturday of each month, from 12-5pm. Ok ok, so there’s a trolly making the round to participating galleries so LA retains its reputation…continue reading on

From abLA :: dba256 Gallery Inaugural Opening and Pomona Art Scene by Kerry Kugelman


Pomona’s art scene continues to move forward and offer pleasant surprises alongside the garden-variety fare that’s been a staple of the area for so long. September’s Second Saturday saw dba256, Andi Campognone’s newest venture, throw wide its doors for the inaugural Inland Emperors show. The official “ribbon-cutting” opening was last weekend, which also marked the opening of the wine bar within the gallery (really!)…continue reading on

From abLA :: Art Crawl by Mike Kelley

The Art Crawl is next weekend and that’s a good thing because it puts a face on a the new(ish) east side art scene that as a whole is elusive due to the fact the galleries don’t all line up in a row and there isn’t a Blum and Poe to anchor the area. Fortunately what the region does provide young galleries is a chance, an opportunity for the resourceful and hardy to experiment. Like weeds these galleries see opportunity in the cracks. The last couple of years has seen a growth spurt. Quality galleries have emerged, survived beyond a year or two and even established themselves with moniker of respectability…continue reading on

From abLA :: Snow in LA by Valerie Palmer

I went to see the Dash Snow opening at Peres Projects this past weekend and left feeling a little empty and a little uninspired. The exhibit itself is broken up into both of Peres Projects’ spaces. The new space is very bright and very white and the old space has been painted black. Both contain Snow’s signature photos and his collages that rely heavily on tabloids and pornography. Right there I had a problem: I feel like porn incorporated into art just serves as a crutch for boring people who want to be provocative. I mean, it seems like a default for artists who are trying to be shocking or outrageous but aren’t creative or smart enough to do it in an original way. In any case, all the engorged body parts and dripping fluids felt kind of old and tired to me…continue on