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Kent is a filmmaker and geek living in Los Angeles and is the co-creator of

Born in Orange County, CA, Kent grew up a tall and creative child who wanted to make movies and tell stories.

In high school he was Senior Class President, star of the stage and an average student.

When he left Chico State in 2000, he put his heart and soul into learning how to be a filmmaker. He bought a digital camcorder and an iMac and taught himself everything he could about being a storyteller.

By 2003 Kent was called the "future of the industry" by Scott Billups in his book "Digital Moviemaking Second Edition". That year his film Baggage won the 48 Hour Film Project (Best Film of the Year, Best Film from Los Angeles, Best Writing from LA, and the Los Angeles audience award).

In 2005, Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine created the award-winning series Ask A Ninja. Since then, the series has been viewed over 80 million times, quoted on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, featured in the New York Times Magazine and endorsed on numerous blogs.

Recently, Ask A Ninja was voted the Best Series of 2006 at the YouTube Video Awards and The Ninja was the recipient of the Best Actor Award at the first ever Webby Film and Video Award Ceremony.

Kent also blogs at and is a contributor to This Week in Media and he has spoken internationally on the topic of new media.

Beer (as in Beer) Pong (as in Old Skool Video Game)

Tomorrow night a new era of Beer Pong will be upon us, with the inaugeration of Beer Pong 2.0.  Instead of all of the bouncing with real ping pong balls, all of the action will be virtual.  There’s still a slot or two open.

(And for the purists, there will be an old skool beer pong 1.0 table set up outside for anyone who just wants to play beer pong.)

It’s at Life on Wilshire, doors open at 8pm.

Sounds like a fun time and it’s change we all can believe in.

Can’t Make It To Carson To See Palin? Text an E-Billboard!

Too many personal commitments to see a candidate that’s a 72-year-old’s hearbeat away from being the top of the Republican ticket?

Don’t worry, the California Democratic party has rented an E-Billboard across the street from the Home Depot Center to ask Governor Palin less filtered questions:

To submit a question for our electronic billboard, text the keyword ASK then the question to the number 69866

For example, send to 69866: ASK You said you’d run a respectful campaign on the issues, what happened?

Keep your questions under 160 characters including spaces and remember to keep them family friendly since we’re showing them in public.

Awesome!  Click here to watch the billboard live!

(h/t Online Video Watch)

Sooper Sekrit Ninja Show

I’ve been hipped to a special Ninja-prov performance that is part of the final night of the LA Improv Festival tomorrow, Saturday 6/7/08.

The Ninja from will be telling stories from his life and then the talented cast of improvisers will use that as inspiration in an improv format known as the Armando.

Show is at 8pm at IOWest on Hollywood.

Click here for more info and tickets.

updated to reflect that the show is tomorrow 6/7/08.

Lakers Report

Went to the Lakers Game last night.  They won.

Our lawyers threw us their tickets and we had a nice time.  It was the second Lakers game I’d been to.  The last time was when Shaq had just left and the team and the fans were a little down in the mouth.

These were pretty good seats, 16th row and had a face value of $230.  So it’s just under a grand for a family of four.  <gasp!>  But I guess theoretically one can get $10 tix, but essentially the lower tiers and the boxes are all in the corporately priced range.  The third tier, aka the nosebleeds, is for the common man.

My Ninja partner Douglas did the smart thing and took the subway to the game.  I drove and had the privilege of paying $20 for parking.

The crowd was pretty into the game, lots of clapping and cheering.  The announcer was still creepy — after the Laker Girls do a dance he intones lecherously “LLLLLLLAKER GIRLSSSSSS”.

Our tickets got us into the Royal Room, which is just a bar with overpriced food and drinks.  But they add a velvet rope, so it must be cool inside.

I left with a lot of the fourth quarter remaining.  The game was fairly in hand and I didn’t want to wait in traffic.

Overall, even with free tickets, it’s not something I’d do regularly.  The food and the parking, even by sporting venue pricing, is a little on the high side.

And it’s a little crazy that flying two people to spring training and catching a game is cheaper than two Lakers tickets.

Such is life in LA.

64 Worst: Cost of Buying A House vs. 110 Freeway

Following up on this morning‘s topic of crazy rent pricing, is the outrageous cost of buying a house. IrvineHousingBlog covers our pathological need to compete and how out of whack out housing pricing is — when LA County’s median income is half of what is needed to buy a median priced home, there is something terribly, terribly wrong. Thankfully the idiots that ruined the market for the rest of us are getting their comeuppance…

Even if you could afford to buy a home, you prolly wouldn’t want to put it along the 110 Freeway. Home to the most recent rash of Freeway shooting to the South and adorable, but antiquated construction to the North, this first freeway is where Americans go to die on the road.

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A Visit To Angels Spring Training

Well yesterday was fun.  Tiring but fun.  In honor of my Dad’s birthday I took him to Angels Spring Training in Arizona.  It was a hoot.  In front of a sold out crowd, over 8000 fans strong, the Angels beat the Brewers 11-4.

This was my first time to Spring training, and a couple of impressions and more pix after the jump. Continue reading A Visit To Angels Spring Training

The LA Movie is 10 Years Old

Great films just seem to appear.  As if the sculptors of culture just removed everything that wasn’t supposed to be in the movie and the work always was and always will be cemented in our collective soul.

The Big Lebowski is one of those films.

It’s hard to imagine another film capturing so many disparate elements of Los Angeles’s character into one coherent form.  The laid back people, the rich folks, the pornographers, the showbiz aspirants, the fanboys, the hippies, the fascist cops, the weird artists.  They are all in there.

I love it so much.  The details (look at the toilet seat cover), the people (Walter!), the places, and the writing.

The writing is so brilliant.  It works on the surface, watch-it-one-time level, but repeated viewings reveal the subtle layers of recursive dialog.

The movie is such a classic that my business partner has devised the Lebowski test — if a potential love interest doesn’t like the film, just walk away.

Thanks to WelcomeToLa for the reminder.

ICME: Fix Your Accent

Spotted outside the Beverly Center.

My question is how do they fix it?

“My accent is not ridiculous enough, can you fix that?”

Of course!

“I have an accent that sounds Russian, but I’m from the Bulgaria.  Can you fix that?”


“Small animals burst into flames when I say certain words.  Can you fix that?”

No, you’re a dragon.  Accept yourself and move to a less populated area.

Or maybe it’s just an enterprising Hyundai repairman.

Fullerton Gets Stabby

From the OC Register:

Two men were stabbed and injured Sunday night while watching a horror film at the AMC Theater in Fullerton during what appears to be a random attack, police say.

Man this was one of the movie theaters of my youth. Cute girls would reliably ignore me and my friends there in High School.

I recently saw Superbad there over the summer. And my cousins who are locals said the theater had gotten quite a bit seedier, but it seemed fine-ish.

Now this happens. Who randomly stabs folks at a movie? That’s like punching grandmas at a funeral. Easy targets, and really bad form.

Gangs, Death, and Eagle Rock

Our friend Mollye lives in Eagle Rock, across the street from a cemetery and squarely in the territory of the Avenues street gang.

On Thursday she was evacuated from her home:

A drive-by attack followed by a wild shootout between gang members and police shut down dozens of blocks of Northeast Los Angeles for nearly six hours Thursday afternoon, stranding thousands of residents, keeping students locked in their classrooms and leaving two people dead.

Veteran L.A. Police Department officials described the bizarre midday shootings — and the widespread disruption they caused — as highly unusual even in an area known for gang activity. It left the neighborhood littered with shell casings and its residents fearful.

And here’s a good backgrounder on the gangs and the neighborhood:

Police have tried to crush them for years, but for all the law enforcement rained upon the shabby two blocks of wrought-iron fences and stucco apartments, homeboys still command the street

Retro LA: Do You Know How To Ram It?

The Rammers Ram on

Do you remember when LA had two football teams?

I do.

The only pro game I went to was in the 80s when the Rams played the Raiders at the Coliseum. The thing I remember most was the cable cam above the field and that the tickets were expensive even though we could really see anything. Oh and I remember looking at the naked statues as we left. Hott!

I dunno if we’ll ever get another NFL team here, but I do know that I know how to Ram it!