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Sex Nerd Sandra at NerdMelt

2 weeks ago, friend of the blog Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm invited me out to see him talk on the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast at NerdMelt. The NerdMelt space is technically in the back of Meltdown Comics on Sunset but the theater is a 3-way collaboration between Meltdown, Chris Hardwick and Geek Chic Daily where they basically film live podcast tapings. As a long time fan of the Nerdist podcast I was excited to go.

The theater is in the back of Meltdown so the first thing I did was put my head down and stare directly at my shoes as I made my way to the back to avoid any impulse buys before I even got to the show. I’m terrible in comics shops and never make it out without my bag being heavier and my wallet extremely lighter. The theater also doubles as an art gallery which is nice since it gives you something to do when you get there too early and desperately don’t want to step foot in the store and spend all your lunch money for the week.

I do have a few complaints about the theater but not many. The damn bathroom door wouldn’t close which some twat had to figure out in the middle of the show by repeatedly slamming the door which was partly the theaters fault for having such a shitty door and the twats fault for being so twatty. There was also no AC or fans which made it a bit too hot. PRO-TIP: Sitting by the door in the back definitely helps. Lastly the chairs were really crappy and after sitting in them for 2 hours straight really put a hurting on the old ass parts. Definitely not enough to keep me from coming back but something they should really fix. Especially that bathroom door!

The podcast taping actually ran for 2 hours total and was a really good time. Besides Sandra and Jordan they were joined by comedian Dave Ross who is a seriously funny guy. You really have to check his stuff out. It was a sex podcast but sadly no one was having any so they just talked about it a lot. As far as podcast tapings go I was a little more sober than I usually am (I’ve only ever been to Diggnation tapings and you tend to never remember those) so it was pretty cool to actually remember the whole thing the next day ;-) The panel shared advice and funny as hell stories that I definitely encourage you to check out. The mix of humor along with the sex and relationship talk make for a great combo. All in all it was a great time and cheaper than a movie. You can check out the episode here and the NerdMelt calendar here. Go grab some tickets and catch a show!

Blogging (in) LA: L.A. Can’t Drive

Nice one, dumbass...

L.A. Can't Drive I can’t think of a better day to talk about this next blog than a rainy day in Los Angeles. I just drove back from the gym which is less than a mile from my house, and in that single span I saw more 4 wheeled dumb-assery than a Target parking lot in the Valley on a Saturday. Which, by the way, I personally believe is the single most dangerous place to walk in all of Los Angeles. Compton ain’t shit when you have a horde of trophy wives in Escalades on Blackberry’s meandering blindly in search of two parking spots they can sprawl their Bimbo Boxes in showing the world just how much they don’t give a fuck about their fellow human beings. Now that I have that off my chest…

I was doing research a few months back while I considered starting my own ‘Bad LA Driver’s Blog’. “The Devil’s Taint”, which is what I affectionately call the 405, was going to be a masterpiece of snark, wit and plain old trash talking. Then I found L.A. Can’t Drive… My hopes were dashed! The site was everything I wanted. Replete with photos, hilarious stories and not just an Idiocy Meter™ but an Asshole Meter™ as well. So I gave up my dreams and added L.A. Can’t Drive to my newsreader and haven’t looked back.

The founder of the site, a bloke naked Mike was kind enough to do a quick interview with me about the site, driving and other fun stuff. Enjoy and check out the site. He does take submissions from the public so if you’ve got any doozey’s send them his way. Just check L.A. Can’t Drive for details.

J: First off I love your site. As a 10yr+ LA driver I see this stuff every day and I’m glad you’re there to chronicle the gems. How did you get started with the site? Was there one particular incident in particular that spurred you into action?

M: The website has always been and always will be a medium for me to vent freely about my frustrations with asinine, assholish, and quite frankly retarded–yeah, I said it, you overly PC fake-as-hell bitches–L.A. driving. All kidding aside, when I moved to L.A. in 2006, I found myself succumbing to road rage, which when coupled with my sciatic issues from sitting in traffic all day, made me a pretty irate commuter. As a born and bred New Yorker, adjusting to the culture and lifestyle of Southern California is hard enough without having to deal with sucky drivers. And believe me, the irony has not been lost on me that a Chinese (albeit Asian American) male from New York City is writing about bad driving. Contrary to what some detractors may say, I have never claimed to be a perfect driver, nor do I drive like I’m chauffeuring Miss Daisy. And I certainly don’t drive around like a citizen cop trying to find bad driving for my blog. I needed a cathartic release from my daily frustrations, and being a creative person at heart, I thought that writing about my anger and letting it go in the webosphere was healthier than acting it out behind the wheel and screaming epithets at other drivers. There wasn’t one particular incident that made me decide to finally start making a running commentary on L.A. driving, though I must say that the plethora of drivers cruising around at night without their headlights on blew my mind from day one. And I’m not talking about dusk either…owls are hunting and roaches are having bonfires, and yet a disturbing percentage of L.A. drivers still have no idea that their headlights are off. To this day, I still don’t understand it, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen in any other city I’ve lived in or visited.

Read the full interview after the jump

LAFD Annual Open House this weekend

Crazy tree fire outside my Hollywood apartment
On Saturday, May 14, 2011 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM all Neighborhood Fire Stations in the City of Los Angeles will be holding open houses for people of the community to come by and say hi! You can find your local station using the handy Fire Station Locator. From the Official LAFD blog post:

To increase awareness of our services, the Los Angeles Fire Department designates the second Saturday of May as Fire Service Recognition Day. This year, the focus is on Emergency Preparedness:
“Your Safety is Our Mission”
Neighborhood Firefighters are using this year’s Open House as a timely opportunity to help you be prepared for disaster.

They encourage your to bring your cameras although no word on if you can shoot your own calendar while visiting. All the stations are open to the public but the stations below will have something a little more special planned with demonstrations and enhanced displays.

  • Fire Station 88 5101 North Sepulveda Blvd Sherman Oaks
  • Ports O’Call Village San Pedro
  • Fire Station 86 4305 Vineland Ave Studio City *Pancake Breakfast from 8:00AM to Noon
  • Fire Station 56 2759 Rowena Ave Silver Lake
  • Fire Station 27 & adjacent LAFD Museum 1327 North Cole Ave Hollywood *Pancake Breakfast from 8:30AM to 1:00PM
  • Fire Station 34 3661 7th Ave Jefferson Park
  • Fire Station 69 15045 Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades
  • Fire Station 65 1525 East 103rd St Watts

If you can’t make it on Saturday there are a few Stations that will be open on Sunday, May 15, 2011 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

  • Fire Station 102 13200 Burbank Blvd Valley Glen
  • Fire Station 58 1556 South Robertson Blvd Pico/Robertson
  • Fire Station 61 5821 West 3rd St Fairfax District

From the top of Topanga

Drama in the Valley

Topanga signageThis is the view of the San Fernando Valley from the top of Topanga Canyon a few minutes ago. I’ve driven Topanga Cyn hundreds of times and not once have I ever stopped at the overlook so today I thought I’d just take the time and take in the valley. I had no idea there were benches and a parking lot up there. There’s also badgers and mountain lions and a couple that was scurrying off into the brush for a frolic. I didn’t stick around for that though. It’s a very cool spot and I’m glad I finally took the time to stop. Apparently it’s also a good place to go get stoned according to Google.

Where NOT to eat for Mother’s Day

I’ve never understood the need to kill and eat animals that don’t provide you with the basic needs of life. Case in point is Shark Fin soup. Something that is cruel, wasteful and utterly unnecessary is still being made and served in our local eateries. If you want to get your blood boiling just watch the video below…

I’m including a list of local eateries who still serve this shit along with their phone numbers if you’d like to call and demand they stop serving it. Sadly one of my favorite restaurants is on this list and I won’t be going back until it’s off the menu. So long China Garden in Woodland Hills, it was fun while it lasted.

Full list of restaurant’s after the jump

CERT getting into gear

CERT I recently posted about CERT training in LA and here’s a gentle reminder that now’s the time to get started. There are a ton of classes starting up this week. Actually for some places Monday was the first class but my Google Alert got piled in a bunch of emails so hey, better late than never eh? If you missed the first class you can make it up later so no reason to not jump in. I’m going to be going to the Woodland Hills training so if anyone reading this can make it, say hello! The online calendar is a little out of date so I contacted them this morning and they sent me the up to date full class schedule.

Hidden Gem: 94th Aero Squadron

Last Friday my friend took me out to a fantastic little place for Happy Hour nestled next to the Van Nuys Airport called The 94th Aero Squadron. As we’re driving through an industrial park to get there I’m a little leery but when we pull into the parking lot there’s a bi-plane parked in the front yard of a beautiful ivy covered building. Completely out of place from were we’ve just been driving and totally takes me off-guard. We walk into the place and it’s covered in old war paraphernalia like a TGIF out of the middle of a World War. When you walk up to the bar there are giant windows overlooking the runway. And by that I mean you’re about 100 feet from the planes taking off and landing. Sadly it was a super windy day ad the planes were taking off from the opposite end of the field. My friend said she got totally star-struck when Larry Flynt’s plane taxi’d by their table the week before ;-) I saw a few Coast Guard Blackhawk’s taking of and what looked to be a Russian Mig rolling around.

Like I said it was Happy Hour so we dug into the free noshables and ordered the GIANT appetizer sampler platter while we downed our cabernets and margaritas. There were just 3 of us total and it completely filled us all up to stuffing. OMG, the coconut shrimp were AMAZING! After a few glasses of wine my friend went over and chatted up an old guy at the “Pilot’s Only” table, which turns out actually is for pilots only. The staff was great and the vibe was chill. Before we left our waitress told me to go check out the banquet room which was made up like a blown out house overlooking the back patio where a band was just getting settled in for a long night of cover tunes. I’ll be going back there quite a bit I for-see. Definitely a hidden gem in the valley.

The restaurant is located at 16320 Raymer Ave in Van Nuys and you can find more about them at the The 94th Aero Squadron website. Hope to see you at Happy Hour!

Is this too good to be true?

Shuttle to LAX

So, I’m watching Mythbuster’s or maybe it was RuPauls Drag Race, I can’t remember, but this ad comes on for this new airport shuttle service to LAX called Shuttle 2 LAX. They service the entire LA area for $20 for the first rider and $11 for each additional. I thought it had to be a sham, because most of the shuttles from my BFE part of town (Woodland Hills) are close to $80. That’s what a town car cost me from Hollywood for crissakes! I usually end up driving to the airport and parking for a week because after you factor in the round-trip it’s still cheaper. BTW, is a rockstar and I usually leave my car at the Hilton and it’s great. But I digress… I’ve asked around and I can’t find anyone who’s used them so I ask you, our dear readers… is it the new found must have in our LAX arsenals or is this too good to be true? And while this may look like a giant cheap ad for them I’ve honestly never used the service and need feedback. My Grandmother in Chicago is very sick so I’m looking to get my ducks in a row for solid airport transport. Thanks and hit me in the comments.

From Silver Lake to Venice

I took my camera out on my adventures yesterday and grabbed a few snaps around Silver Lake and Venice. I moved to San Francisco right after the Venice Skatepark opened so I never got to go hang out. I snuck out and took some time to check it out yesterday. It’s pretty damn nice but man was it hectic. Like watching a crazy tennis match on acid. I was amazed at the little kids ripping it up. They’re going to be amazing if they stick with it. The head scratcher of the day though was when 2 cop trucks pulled up with 2 more cops on ATV’s as backup just to remove a little kid who was riding a scooter in the park. The biggest downside of the park were are all the people smoking pot and stinking up the joint. It was really overpowering at times and no matter where you moved you got a snootful. The raging sunburn I got is no fun either. Remember, just because it’s cloudy you can get fried. I forgot that lesson. Ouch. Enjoy.

Manhunt in Studio City is now over

Murder Suspect Sought in Studio City (via

UPDATE: My bad, I had to walk the dog and forgot to hit post when this was relevant. *Doh!* Please go about your day. The suspect is now in custody.

According to coverage at KTLA:

Three schools were placed on lock down Friday as police search for a murder suspect in Studio City.

Police say the suspect was last seen just east of the Carpenter Ave. Elementary school campus where he fled after being recognized by North Hollywood detectives.

Authorities are searching the area near Laurel Canyon and Maxwellton.

The suspect may be armed and is dangerous, officer Diana Figueroa said.

Read the full story at

Zombies invade Satan Monica Tomorrow!

Tomorrow the zombies invade Satan Monica to terrorize tourists and shoppers. I’ve been to a bunch of these in San Francisco and I can tell you from experience they’re more fun than a barrel of severed limbs. If you’re in the area definitely check it out!

When- April 16, 2011
Where- 3rd st. Promenade in Santa Monica, CA
Meet up location-TBA
Time- 5:00 pm. with the “WALK” starting at 6:00pm sharp! Be on time for “RULES”, photos! Leave early if you live far so you don’t miss the kick off!

For more info check out:

Hat-tip to @PIXFeedLA