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A Million Dying TreesLA

It seems Villaraigosa’s MillionTrees LA initiative has made its way to El Sereno. Two weeks ago, unbeknowst to the property owners 3 trees were planted on our street. In theory, that sounds really nice and I have to admit to a twinge of jealousy. I would love a tree on my parkway. That would save me the time from buying one and digging around the services and streetlight in the middle of it. It would also force me to stop pretending it’s not just a patch of weeds and dog poo.

When I attended the Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo last weekend, I picked up a form from the Million TreesLA table. The form is basically a oath you sign promising to water the sapling the city plants on your parkway. The trees above are planted in front of an empty house. The property owner doesn’t live here and his partner asked me about the trees showing up. The trees have been watered once since they arrived. The other tree down the street is a goner. The branches are brittle, there is one lone dried leaf on it. The property owner hadn’t even noticed the tree until I asked after it this morning.
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