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Dave Bullock / eecue is the offspring of a photographer and a programmer. He has been sifting through bits on the internet since he was young and along the way has taught himself programming, UNIX and photography. Dave is a frequent contributor to WIRED News and a member of the San Bernardino Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team. When he's not shooting photos of geeky stuff around Los Angeles, you can usually find him crawling through a cave, out in the desert or rescuing a wayward hiker.

Rosslyn Neon, The Generator Special

Rosslyn Hotel Signs Lit

The neon atop the Rosslyn hotel was temporarily lit last night during the filming of Life on Mars. Oddly enough, the neon wasn’t connected to the DWP mains that once powered it, but to the production company’s generators. I wrote a bit more about the history of the Rosslyn’s neon on blogdowntown.

Of course, I wasn’t the first or only person to shoot the temporarily lit sign, Jim Winstead, Bert Green and Sha In LA also shot and blogged about the sign. You can see more of the photos I took on flickr or

Wired Nextfest : Nextweek

If you like robots, cutting edge computer technology and world-fair-like exhibits showcasing our amazing future, then you’re going to love the upcoming Wired Nextfest. I am especially looking forward to playing with and photographing the aforementioned robots! In fact I sifted through the Nextfest pavilion exhibitors and preened a list of what I thought would be the most interesting robots, which I posted on

Also of note (and with robot) is the Spoon show featuring Keepon the super-cute and funky-head-bobbing yellow robot, whom my wife described as a “dancing twinkie.” The show is a benefit for one my favorite things, Creative Commons (all my photos and writing are licensed under CC). You can read more about the show and buy tickets here.

I will be attending and shooting photos of the event, so keep an eye out for them on, blogdowntown, flickr, eecue and possibly on Wired, boingboing, Laughing Squid and MAKE.

Wired Nextfest takes place September 13th through the 16th in the South Hall of the LA Convention Center. Tickets will run you $20 if you’re and adult, $15 with a student ID, and kids 2-12 are $5.

[Full Disclosure: I may possibly be shooting the event for Wired for pay, but that doesn’t play a factor in me being excited about the robots!]

Guess Where Los Angeles

Los Angeles from ?

Yesterday I was driving to work after meeting my mom for lunch and I spotted a location that I needed to shoot for a project I’m working on. I stopped and grabbed the shot, which required a short hike. I actually first stopped at a concert venue and asked for directions at the ticket window. Crazy enough, the girl in the booth asked “Are you eecue?” I guess she somehow recognized me from the internets. Anyhow, as pointed out in an early thread, this idea of “Guess Where LA” was stolen from the Guess Where LA flickr group which was stolen from the Guess Where NYC flickr group. If you guess where this photo was taken from you win an invisible and worthless prize…. actually there is no prize.

DLANC CERT Training Session 1 of 3 : This Saturday: September 8th!

The time has come for the first of the three Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council’s (DLANC) Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training sessions! The training will begin this Saturday, September 8th, starting at 8:30am and running to 4:30pm at the Los Angeles Theatre, located at 615 S Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. DLANC is sponsoring the training and is providing delicious lunches from the Corner Bakery.

There is no charge for the training or the meals, the only thing you need to bring is your thinking cap and note-taking supplies.

Please be sure to RSVP to [email protected] with your full name and phone number if you are planning on coming.

Detour Festival


Last year’s Detour Festival in Downtown Los Angeles was well attended and quite fun, if I may say so myself. This year’s festival has just been announced along with the partial lineup. I am looking forward to the full lineup, hopefully with more bands that I’m in to, and with some more hip-hop, but I’m sure folks who are more hip than me will be very excited about the lineup. The tickets are on sale here for $35.50.

More photos from last year’s Detour festival can be found on flickr and The full map and press release can be found after the jump:
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Ticket Giveaway : Guru w/ Jazzmataz @ the El Rey : This Saturday

Brought to you by the department of procrastination, I am giving away 3 pairs of tickets to the Guru show this Saturday. If you want a pair, be one of the first three people to post a comment. It is extremely important that you respond to the email I send you and give me your full name so I can put you on the list. If you want to make extra sure, feel free to put your full name in the comment. Here is a bit more info:

KCRW Presents
7/29 Guru w/ Jazzmatazz @ the El Rey
Featuring: Superproducer Solar,Dj Doo Wop and The 7 Grand Band

UPDATE Oops guess it would help if the comments were open!

Ticket Giveaway : Buffalo Tom / Julianna Hatfield for Thursday July 26th @ The El Rey

I’ve been extremely busy as of late, as you may or may not have noticed my lack of blogging. I am supposed to come up with some sort of trivia question / giveaway contest, but I really don’t have enough time. I don’t even think I’m going to be able to make the concert so that means I have 3 pairs of tickets to give away. If you want to win a pair of tickets, be one of the first 3 people to post comments on this thread. Yeah, not the greatest contest ever invented, but hey it’s honestly all I have time for. [no need to post your info in the comment, just put your email in the email field and i’ll email you to get your details]

Os Mutantes & Busdriver This Friday – TICKET GIVEAWAY

Bus Driver

This Friday Os Mutantes are playing at the El Rey, along with Busdriver (as seen in the photo above, taken by me at Coachealla a few months ago). Os Mutantes is a rocking Brazilian band that’s been around for over 30 years. I actually know more about Busdriver, and so that’s what the question for the giveaway will be related to, so here goes: What music scene, other than hip-hop, was Busdriver frequently found MC’ing in over the last 8 years or so? To win a pair of tickets, email your answer to: [email protected] The winner will be selected at random. My friends and family are not eligible for this giveaway.

Downtown LA Film Production Maps

april through june filming in downtown

I’ve been working hard in my free time over the past couple of months to create a parser and mapping application that will show the locations of the filming productions in Downtown Los Angeles. It isn’t perfect and it still in beta, if not alpha, but you can check out the Downtown Filming Notification site here. If you want to know all the gritty details of what I did to make it work, and a little bit of background as to why I volunteered to create this application, you can read more about it on

Grand Performances : Ozomatli : Photo Essay

On Sunday I walked over to 3rd and Grand, which don’t actually intersect so much as float above one another, for the kick-off of the Grand Performances summer season, which featured Dengue Fever, the Yohimbe Brothers and Ozomatli. My wife’s new niece was in town so I missed the fist two acts, but Ozomatli rocked the diverse crowd as they always seem to do in Los Angeles. Here are some photos from the event:


Asdru and Wil-Dog

? and Jabu

More photos can be found after the jump as well as on, blogdowntown, flickr, and in my Grand Performances Ozomatli gallery.

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Pixelodeon 2007 Photo Essay

Yesterday I went to Pixelodeon and shot some photos of the bloggers, vloggers and ultrarobomovloggers. Here is one of the first photos I shot of the “Sweet Ass Vlogging Lounge”:

Sweet Ass Vlogging Lounge

The lobby was the real, although unofficial, Sweet Ass Vlogging lounge:

Crowd in Lobby

Sunny Gault and Steve Woolf

More photos can be found after the jump as well as on, flickr and in my full Pixelodeon 2007 gallery.

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