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I am Los Angeles through and through. I was born in Panorama City, and grew up in Burbank. I have always loved our fair city, but as I've gotten older, I've really learned to appreciate it's history (we have history here?!?!) and various cultures. That said, I am now south of the Orange Curtain, but thhat doesn't stop me from heading up north whenever possible. Especially when I am wanting to be out past 10pm (seriously, Orange County....some people do stay up late).

Papoo’s Hot Dog Show Closing After 62 Years

How can you not trust a hot dog with a halo??
How can you not trust a hot dog with a halo??

Since 1949, Papoo’s Hot Dog Show has been filling the tummies of Toluca Lake residents and visitors with tasty hamburgers, sandwiches, fries and of course….hot dogs. Countless movie and TV stars have been regulars over the years. Though the owners and recipes have changed, it has always remained a great hole-in-the-wall place for some really good grub. Well today, Sunday August 28, 2011 marks the end of 62 years of Papoo’s Hot Dog Show.

Hot Dog Show holds a special place in my heart as I’ve been going there since….well before I was born! My mom worked there when she was 16, her initials STILL carved into the counter. In fact, I only just found out that my parents met there. If it weren’t for the Hot Dog Show, I wouldn’t exist! Having lived only 1 block away for most of my life, I can remember riding my scooter or bicycle up there on a regular basis. I always ordered 2 plain dogs with ketchup, fries and a Dr. Pepper. While I would wait for my food I would play either Galaga or Ms. Pac Man with the “WOOZ” (upside down “ZOOM”) button. With that “WOOZ” button I could fly through to the banana stage in about 4 minutes flat.

I’ll miss you Hot Dog Show and I’m not looking forward to the rumored Italian restaurant taking your place. At least we still have Dale’s Jr. Money Tree Hampton’s IHOP Copper Penny Bob’s!

See Usher with Akon and Tinie Tempah For FREE

Creative Commons /
Creative Commons /

That’s right kids, Wednesday June 1st, Usher will be doing his thing at the Staples Center here in LA and I have a FREE pair of tickets to give away. But I refuse to just give it to anyone. I want to make sure the person who gets to go is a true fan.

This is a 2 part process, so pay attention.

First, in one of Usher’s first singles, he states “I tried, I tried to fight it but…..”
But what??
(This really isn’t that difficult)

Last, I want you to tell me why you should go over the others who answer correctly.

You all have 1 week to submit your answers/reasons in the comments section. I will announce the winner Wednesday May 25.

And now, to get you in the mood, here is a little Usher mashup from DJs From Mars via the Bootie Mashup gang.

Make sure your account is linked to an email address or I can’t tell you you’ve won!!!!!!

3B Show Brings Art To The Movie Nerd World

Jennifer, Back To The Future, Painting
Courtesy of and available at the show.

What happens when movie nerds and the ability to paint form into some super movie artist nerd? Excellent things. Like the 3B Art Show at Gallery 1988 in Venice. 3B showcases pop art based on the movies Back To The Future, Beetlejuice and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey. A similar show was held last year titled 3G (Goonies, Gremlins and Ghostbusters) in which Ernie Hudson showed up opening night in Ecto 1. While there were no stars at the show, there were 2 Delorian time machines, pre and post Mr. Fusion (In the same space-time continuum?? This is heavy). It was awesome.

As far as the art in concerned, it was really amazing to see what some of these artists came up with. (My friend Sam Carter created the pinup of Jennifer from Back To The Future you see to the right) A lot of the art wasn’t what you would expect. I really enjoyed that the artists pulled a lot of scenes and characters that don’t initially come to mind, then when you see it……”Great Scott! I forgot that was in the movie!” I’ve included a few pictures that I took opening night and you can see all the art on the 3B site, but you should really go check it out in person. The site just doesn’t do some of them justice.

Reminder: Grand Prix of Long Beach This Weekend

That’s right folks, it’s that time of the year again. Time for gasoline and sunshine….and beer. The 37th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach will make it’s way through the streets of Long Beach this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There’s a schedule of events you can check out but I suggest that you do NOT mis the celebrity race on Saturday afternoon as well as the ALMS race immediately after. Sunday will be the main Indy Car race and the culmination of what is to be a great weekend.

It looks like the weather will be perfect too. Sunny and warm, but not hot. I’ll be wearing my sunscreen. If you’ve never been, check out a post I did a couple years ago for OC Metblogs. It gives you a good idea of what to expect each day. I highly suggest you check it out. You can get Friday/Saturday tickets super cheap. Doooo it!

Help the Red Cross

While this doesn’t directly relate to Los Angeles, I don’t really care. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last 24 hours, you know some serious shit went down in Japan. Stuff that could easily happen here in Los Angeles. YOU can help. Donate to the Red Cross. There’s a direct link HERE. You’re welcome to click on the Japan tab, but remember there’s bad things happening elsewhere. Why not make a general donation? The money will go where it’s needed most.

C’mon. Skip the Starbucks once and spend that money to help those in need. Who knows? It could be you seeking out the Red Cross after a huge quake here. Wouldn’t you want them to have enough supplies for you?

Anchor Meltdown

Most of you probably saw, or at least heard about this happening last night on our local CBS 2 News:

……..yeah. Funny right? Maybe not. Turns out she was taken to the hospital to rule out the possibility of a stroke. Inability to speak can often be the first sign. I REALLY hope this isn’t the case. I went to school with her and I seem to remember her being very nice. Hopefully it was just a quick flub. Cause if she’s OK, then we can laugh.

Tim Burton at LACMA

As someone who is a huge Tim Burton fan, I am really looking forward to this. LACMA will be hosting an exhibit featuring “Tim Burton‘s creative work, both as a director of live-action and animated films, and as an artist, illustrator, photographer, and writer.” As cool as I think it will be to see pieces from his films, I’m more interested in seeing his art, photography and some of his writing. A couple years ago my wife and I saw “Nightmare Before Christmas” at the El Capitan and before the movie they showed his first animated short, “Vincent.” It was so cool to see his early work and the beginning of what would eventually become his trademark style. And of course they have this show running through Halloween. Tim Burton LACMA followed by WeHo on Halloween? THAT could be fun.

And for all the haters out there who think all his films are the same and have no depth, blah, blah, blah…..good for you. Don’t go see the exhibit. More room for me!

Wife and I as Corpse Bride a few years ago.

Pogo Comes To LA

I am so excited for this, I can’t tell you. Well, actually….I can….and I will. I’m excited!

Pogo is a young Australian bloke who has made himself famous thanks to some crazy musical talent and You Tube. He first captured my (and 5 and a half million others) attention with this remix from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland:

The thing about Pogo is, he doesn’t just make a song that includes sounds from a particular movie, he creates songs with ONLY sounds from the movie. And the music he makes is just too damn good. I like the pleasant, chillout aspect from most of his work. While “Alice” will always be a favorite because it was the first, my personal favorite is “Upular”:

Loyal You Tube fans aren’t the only people recognizing him anymore either. Last year he was honored at the Guggenheim in New York for a piece he made called “Gardyn” that featured his mother and sounds from her personal garden. His latest endeavor, Remixing The World, has him travelling around the world creating music from anything he experiences. “Joburg Jam” is a taste of what’s to come, and I like it.

Making You Tube videos isn’t all he is about. Apparently he plays live too. For a while US fans have been asking him to head our way and he finally is! He’s set to do a brief US tour in March, ending here in Los Angeles March 12. I am really looking forward to it and can’t wait to see what he does live. You can find out more details of his tour here (scroll down to “Pogo tours North America”), including the location of his LA show.

Are any of you fans of his work? Planning on seeing him? I know I’m excited for the new “Lord of the Rings” mix he’s working on.

The Sad, Lonely Existence Of The Night Shifter

This evening, when I got excited because I realized my local WalMart is open 24 hours, I remembered how boring it can be to be a night shifter. I recently became a night shifter with my new job. I worked night shift briefly once before, but my girlfriend (now wife) worked days and most of my friends worked days, so I was constantly switching to accommodate to them. Now my wife also works nights, so that’s nice, but what do I do when I’m off and she’s not (which happens all too often)? And what do we do together for that matter? I have never been one to sit around the house. I mean, I have my days of lazy, but usually I love to just be outside.

Do we have any followers out there who work night shift? What do you do? I know I could go to a bar or club until 2am, but I have to be in the mood for that. I know there are some 24 hour diners, but what if I’m not hungry? I’m open to any ideas. It’s times like these where I wish I lived in a city like New York (except for the blizzard part), where there’s ALWAYS something to do.

Help me out fellow Angelenos!
(And if you know of something close to Long Beach, I’ll be extra, super special excited)

Intros & Exits: A California DJ Project

This Saturday marks the beginning of a travelling DJ project known as “Intros & Exits.”  The goal is to set up in random spots all over Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Here’s a brief explanation:

“Ever wonder what it would be like to experience a club/lounge setting in a place that’s anything but loungey? That’s what our friend Jon Paul Joe asks with his Intros & Exits: An Outdoor DJ Project, which kicks off Saturday Dec. 18th. “Anyone in L.A. can sit in boulevard traffic and pay a wallet’s worth of cash to kick it in a Hollywood club. What we want to do is offer the same music in a decidedly unpretentious setting.” Far from the old-fashioned “rave” concept, Intros&Exits is non-profit and doesn’t require an audience. “The goal is to get out and play music in parts of the city and backcountry that would otherwise never hear a soundsystem. We have plans to play in the desert, and the redwoods when it gets warmer. We even have a set planned for the James Dean crash site in the middle of nowhere.” The first I&E event will be in a small parking lot in an industrial side of Glendale, near Burbank. The set will begin at sunset (4:30) and go until 9ish, with an afterparty nearby.

When: Sat Dec. 18th 4:30-9
Where: 1714 Standard Avenue, Glendale CA
Who: open minded chillsters looking for something different

more info at

I have known about this for about 2 months now and am super excited for it.  I hope you can make it down.  The more positive energy we can muster the greater the experience.

This Day Brought To You By The Sun

Sunrise over Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier

Working night shift has its positives and negatives.  Negatives include being awake all night while my friends and most businesses sleep, awkward eating habits and sleeping through gorgeous days like today.

However one of my favorite positives of being on a night schedule is I’m usually awake for the sunrise.  Since it was so warm out this morning, I ventured 1 block over to snap some pictures.  I’ve included a few here.  Check out the rest here.

In front of my house, looking down the street.
Buoy's on the Belmont Pier
I wasn't the only one enjoying the sunrise.

Naples Boat Parade

I so totally meant to post this earlier this week!  This Saturday (tomorrow) is the annual Naples Holiday Boat Parade.  It starts at 6pm, and from what I’m told it’s very cute and fun.  I’ve been to the Newport Beach Boat Parade in the past and if it’s similar to that, it’s great to see what people come up with.

For those wondering why I’m posting about a random Italian city, Naples is a small community in South Long Beach made up of really nice homes.  Similar to the Italian city, it has canals that run through the community.  It is a very nice place that I suggest you check out sometime, even if you can’t make it for the holidays.

I was hoping to attend this year, but my new job is having their holiday party tomorrow night.  If you go, please tell us how it was in the comments!  I’ll even update with some of your pictures if you’d like.

Gymkhana Grid

How did I not know about this??  For those not in the know, Gymkhana is a sport that has grown in popularity lately thanks to the efforts of rally driver Ken Block.  Block released a series of web videos showcasing his amazing talents at this incredibly entertaining sport.

This is what I’m talking about:

I love that I just found this video.  I hadn’t seen it yet and (perfect for my post on here) it takes place in Long Beach!

Back to this invitational.  From what I can get off their awful website, it is a competition containing a Gymkhana style course.  I wish I had know about this earlier, I think it would be a blast.  If you like cars and you’re free tomorrow.  I suggest you make your way over to Irwindale Speedway.