Pasadena’s Old Town site of Concorso Ferarri 2016

Today was the annual Concorso Ferrari…a concours quality car show featuring the drop dead gorgeous Ferrari line of cars.  From the early Series 250 to the uber rare Enzo and La Ferrari the line was well represented.  There were 76 cars presented for judging…those cars were identified with yellow window placards and were up significantly in number from last year.   Also regular pristine drivers totalled nearly 150 cars.  Add in the exotics from lessors, restorers and new car sales there were well over 200 Ferraris on display  in Pasadena’s Old Town April 24, 2016.

More on a few of my favorites after the jump….

Two of my all time favorite Ferrari’s were well represented this year.  The Enzo (which one had an interesting scandalous history here in L.A a few years ago) and the Testarossa.

Beautiful example of an unmolested ENZO!
Beautiful example of an unmolested ENZO! Click to embiggen
The Testarossa
The Testarossa, click to embiggen

The next couple of cars I’m not sure the model, but the are unmistakeably Ferraris from the early years here in the U.S.

click to embiggen
click to embiggen
Love this black beauty, click to embiggen
Love this black beauty, click to embiggen

This show was produced with the help of the Blackhawk Mueseum in association with several Ferrari dealers, lessors, restorers.  As an interesting tidbit there were several rare model Ferrari for lease by one vendor.  A 2004 Stradale leases for only $4,250/month.  No one ever said these are affordable for us regular dudes.

More pics from this morning at Concorso Ferrari 2016 can be found in my  flickr album.