25th Annual Monrovia Custom Car Show recap

custom ford coupe
Ford Custom Coupe…my personal best of show, click to embiggen

Yesterday was the 25th annual Monrovia Car Show and it wasn’t a disappointment.  No sirree.  It was side by side both sides of the street and some side streets in Old Town Monrovia jam packed with more old cars in every stage of repair and customization you could imagine.  Focused primarily on domestics, there were the few odd imports…a Pantera here, an Anglia there, an Austin Healy there…you get the idea.  A car show.

Of course there were all sorts of cars and trucks that defied description and you have to see them in person to grasp their importance.  Or silliness.  to see them you need to make the jump.

In the category of defies description was a Ford Maverick, a stalwart economy compact car that had a lift kit AND a huge supercharged V8.  Standard back in the day was an anemic 200ci inline 6 that if it made 100hp it was doing good.  This was overkill.

Lifted and blown Ford Maverick...click to embiggen for max silliness
Lifted and blown Ford Maverick…click to embiggen for max silliness

Next up in the I’m not sure what to make of it, but it was really cool none the less was a Ford heavy duty truck converted to a race truck. Looks worn out, but I heard the V8 under the hood really packed a punch.

Ford race truck ready for a pink slip challenge....click to embiggen
Ford race truck ready for a pink slip challenge….click to embiggen

I couldn’t decide if this was the proverbial too cool for words or just silly. You decide and sound off in the comments.

The "Too school for cool" bus, click to embiggen
The “Too school for cool” bus, click to embiggen

Finally, the one car that I would take home. Use it for hauling stuff to art shows, kids and boogie boards to the beach or just waxing and keeping shiny. This gorgeous, chrome laden, super crisp and rare hardtop 1964 Chrysler New Yorker Station Wagon. Want, right!?!

1964 hardtop Chrysler New Yorker wagon...click to embiggen and enjoy
1964 hardtop Chrysler New Yorker wagon…click to embiggen and enjoy

More pics by me can be found in my flickr album.