Concorso de Ferrari 2015 in Pasadena…its a wrap

April 27, 2015 at 10:30 am in Driving, Entertainment, Events, San Gabriel Valley, Transportation, Vintage

Yup, this Sunday as promised was the Concorso de Ferrari in Old Town Pasadena. It was a most excellent show. A Ferrari for every budget from 40K fixers for sale to a one of a kind 15M model.  And everything in between.  Making a token appearance to offset the legion of La Ferrari was a Saleen S7.  Even Maserati, the bastard stepchild of Ferrari, was there with new cars under a tent from a local dealer.  Not to be out done, totally non-Italian Aston Martin was present with its own tent as well.  Supercar stars were alligned in Old Town this weekend.

1952 212 Export Coupe, click to embiggen

1952 212 Export Coupe, click to embiggen

To pick one favorite sorta does injustice to the entire show.  There were so many stunning cars in various states of wear to better than new ever was restoration the best I can do is single out the really amazing ones that grabbed my attention.

First up was this 1952 212 Export Coupe pictured here.  A very nice 2 door coupe that was restored beyond reproach.  Not a dimple in the body.  Not a pit in the chrome. Leather laid flawlessly across its seats and dash. It was even right hand drive which tells us it went to the UK initially.  It was by far the most beautiful restoration car in the show.  I would have loved to hear it started and let it purr at idle, but I suspect this car was trailered into the show and not driven.

Classic Ferrari, click to embiggen

Classic Ferrari, click to embiggen

Another of the cars that got my attention was a slightly newer version also labled “Export Coupe” and I should have scratched out more particulars on a note pad from the entry form in the window.  Suffice it to say I like the long sexy curves over the hard edged angular models of the 80s and 90s.  Call me fickle, these older examples had more sex appeal than raw agressive machismo of the later cars.

Vintage Ferrari coupe, click to embiggen

Vintage Ferrari coupe, click to embiggen

Pure evil...sinister, menacing, click to embiggen

Pure evil…sinister, menacing, click to embiggen

Clearly the new models have their own sinsister, menacing even glook to them.  Sharp sabres cutting through the wind.  The growls and snarls are nothing short of amazing on these newer cars.  The example here…sorry batmobile you need to move over, this is the king of ths supercars.

Of course very dog has his day and this show was no different. This pooch rode in a ferrari badged wagon.  I couldn’t find a better way to end this post.

Ferrari badged poochmobile.  click to embiggen

Ferrari badged poochmobile. click to embiggen

All pics by me, more in my Concorso de Ferrari 2015 flickr album.

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