Final effort for the “No Big Dig” to save Hahamonga

Time is limited and the citizens in Pasadena aligned against the counties plan to rape, scrape and gut the Hahahmonga watershed need your help.  All efforts to bring reason and preserve the area have fallen on deaf ears.

Their “Hail Mary” plan is to resort to litigation and they need our help.  They have a crowd sourced fund raiser going on indiegogo to raise the funds to litigate and bring a stop to the Counties plan.  Please donate today.  They’ve got 9 days left to raise the funds.

One thought on “Final effort for the “No Big Dig” to save Hahamonga”

  1. There’s been an upsurge in donations over the last few days, so it looks like it’s possible to achieve our goal. You’ve heard the phrase, “every little bit helps.”

    Thank for the shout out, Frazgo.

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