L.A. Auto Show…press days round up

I have to tell you the cacophony of the Auto Show during press days is very different than that of public days. Its not thousands of people meandering about, but a herd mentality of media types running from one press conference and reveal to the next. Its usually a couple in a row in one hall where you shuffle a few feet at time vying for the best seat to hear/see and be the first on stage for photos when its over. Its 15 minutes of manufacture hype with 5 minutes of photo op, then 5 minutes to get to the next show. Insanity.

Also different is that the manufacturers have stuff that is available for press days only. The reps I talked with didn’t think the live demo of the iRoad in this video would take place for public days…so thats my lede.

Every manufacturer does things a bit different but the theme is the same.  Top of the food chain gives you an overview of how they see themselves in the market.  Followed by discussion on the product they are about to reveal and what will make it unique compared to is competition.  An infomercial you can’t fast forward to to get to the meat of why you are there…see the product in the flesh.

Honda revealed its first ever HRV. Its a compact crossover utility vehicle. Its related to their Fit in terms of engineering packaging. How it differs from its competition is numerous and deep. As they note in the video its going to have technology, engineering and a fun to drive edge over its competition. Closest revealed also was the Mazda CX3, not bad but it does pale when put feature to feature against the HRV. Nice job Honda


Ford revealed its new Exploer. L.A’s best selling midsize SUV, though technically if you want to be picky its a crossover utility too as its a car based platform that is a unibody, not a body on frame that is traditionally used. Regardless the metric you use to compare the Explorer gets a full redesign and a new “Platinum” model topping the model range. New this generation is no normally aspirated engines. Standard is a 2.3l ecoboost (twin turbo in Fordspeak) with an optional 3.5l ecoboost on the top of the line models.

I have to admit I marvel at all the accents and languages spoken during press days. Its amazing the draw this show has compared to 2007 when I first attended during press days.

More pics of the show in my flickr album.

Complete info on the L.A Auto Show can be found on their web site.  Order your tickets online and you can breeze through the check point in.  The L.A Auto Show is open to the public now through November 30, 2014.

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