Pasadena PizzaRev opens to a packed house

My pizza, beef pepperone, bleu cheese onoins, olives and 'shrooms

I popped in for lunch today with the lovely Mrs, and imagine my surprise to find a line some 35 deep and growing at noon. Turns out this Pizza Rev is in the ideal spot for a lunch crowd. Surrounded by shopping malls and offices in its East Pasadena location.

I absolutely love the pies from Pizza Rev.  You can build your own custom or chose one of their specials or recipe-down-pat varieties.  I can’t help but get creative and my pie was a custom, baked to order and really tasty.  The combos are pretty endless.  The addition of gluten free for those of you who watch that is a nice option.  Ditto the inclusion of vegetarian options.  Menu here.  Regardless of how you build it, you get a super thin crispy crust Roman style pizza in minutes.

As I posted the other day yesterday was their grand opening with proceeds going to benefit the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.  I talked with Dave Olson, the general manager for Pizza Rev Pasadena, and he said the turn out was unbelievable.  Easily ONE THOUSAND folks crossed their threshold for a made to order pizza yesterday.  He said they were beyond pleased with the response from the community.  Today wasn’t much different, big crowds and pretty much standing room only inside by noon.Compared to the Burbank location this has quite a bit more indoor seating and a very large, shaded outdoor eating area.  The decor is decidedly modern indutrial not unlike the Burbank location.  The concrete floors, though very cool, do add to the din when the place is packed.

I can’t wait for this location to get its liqour license nailed down.  They have a great $9.95 special, pizza and a glass of wine or beer.

Pizza Rev has the assembly line pizza down to a science.  Pic your dough, your sauce then cheese it and topping and its ready for a quick blast in the wood fired oven.  Its really just a matter of minutes from ordering and building to having the finished product in your hand.

Lastly don’t forget to sign up for their contest to win a chance at pizza for a year.  Enter HERE.

Deets: PizzaRev, 3455 Foothill Blvd (At Halstead) Pasadena CA  MAP HERE.