Act up? No ACT-SO

Tonnette Morehead winning work, click to embiggen

ACT-SO?  Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics.  Its a program within the NAACP where young people are mentored by pro’s in a field to help them grow and develop their talents.  Its about grooming the next generation to go forth and do great things.

Saturday was fun, different for me. It all started 10 days ago when Lois Gaston of the Pasadena chapter of the NAACP contacted Lisa Barrios, the Vice President of the Monrovia Association of Fine Arts (MAFA) for help in locating photographers to judge a  coming competition.  Lisa referred her to me and before you know it I had rounded up other photographers to help me with the judging.

In  short order I had the needed photographers in line to do the judging.  First up was Enilde “Ginger” Van Hook, a fine art photographer from Otis College of Arts and Design graduate as well as teacher.  Next up was Joseph R Davis artist, digital artist and photographer.  Rounding out the judges was yours truly.

What an experience this turned out to be for all of us. We were simply blown away by the body of work produced by these regional winners for ACT-SO. The judging was close and point based.  Sadly only 1 of the students could move on to the National Finals to be held in Las Vegas in July.  That winner was Tonnette Morehead.

Tonnette’s work focused on combining her love of Dance and photography.  Using artful and careful decision she demonstrated not only a talent but technical ability that lead her to win the competion.

Tonnette Morehead and her winning body of work, click to embiggen
Tyler Wooldridge and a sample of his work. click to embiggen
Faith Earley and her body of work, click to embiggen
Tyree McLemore and his body of work, click to embiggen

All images by me.