Menu Mining: Sage Organic Vegan Bistro

This isn’t my first time to Sage, I must admit I do enjoy it. Great food keeps me coming back. And I do feel compelled to remind you I’m an omnivore that just enjoys great food prepared well, not a vegan with an attitude. (I really could give 2 squirts if its vegan or organic). Those rumblings aside, on to the food.

Sage Organic Vegan is a Bistro in Echo Park on Sunset at Logan. There is ample parking on pay lots off Logan and a short walk to the restaurant.

The ambiance is trendy bistro in a rehabbed 1920’s store front. Ample windows so its bright and cheery inspite of its mostly black and white and shades of gray interior. The staff is what makes this place, greeted warmly when you arrive and the service is attentive and wonderful the whole time.

This time around it was for a light lunch and they didn’t disaapoint.  We were seated and promptly served a giant bottle of water and some glasses.

My friend ordered the Polenta with Tomato Confit which looked really yummy.  It was a big square of polenta topped with a big scoop of tomato confit, vegan sour cream  and surrounded with basil oil.  It was pretty tasty, but I still liked my option better.

I had the TexMex Chimchang Eggrolls.  This was a spicy bean, corn and chili mixture with some sort of vegan cheese wrapped up in an eggroll wrapper and deep fried.  It was served with an order of quac on the side.  Righteous and didn’t miss the meat at all.  My only niggle is with the guac. For chrissakes this is a vegan place and I expect them to get it right. It was just ok. Needed seasoning. Needed more heat from say a jalapeno minced in. Needed some onion and a tidge of cilantro.  I’m picky that way.

On a previous visit I had the daily lunch special which was a “Sopa” or corn meal cake layered with beans instead of the traditional browned/seasoned meat, lettuce, fire roasted chilis, vegan sour cream and cheese.  And that guac, passable but could be worlds better.

Will I be back.   Yup. Its really off my beaten trails around L.A but worth the detour.  Don’t just trust me see them on yelp too!

Details.  Sage Organic Vegan Bistro 1700 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90026.  213-989-1718 MAP HERE