Protest L.A. plan to ban feeding the homeless in public

flyer for the protest march, click to embiggen

The movement is gathering momentum.  Some of the major local media has picked it up.  In short the Monday Night Mission is organizing the protest in response to discussions based on neighborhood proposals to ban feeding the homeless in Los Angeles.  In short a bunch of gentrifying NIMBY’s somehow think banning the feeding of the homeless will end the problem and remove them from their neighborhood.

Do contact your local council person and tell them to vote NO on this proposal.  Contact Mayor Garcetti as well and ask him to kill the discussion.

2 thoughts on “Protest L.A. plan to ban feeding the homeless in public”

  1. This is just shameful. I can’t think of one good reason why somebody would be against feeding a hungry person. This is just a way to make the problem go out of sight out of mind.

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