Pizza Rev comes to Burbank

Inside the Burbank location - click to embiggen

I checked out the Pizza Rev Burbank location last night in advance of  their Grand Opening set for Thursday, 12/12.  I liked it, a good honest pizza without having to pay an appendage for it.  My son who tagged along absolutely loves them and looks forward to the Pasadena location opening after the first of the year.

What hooked me and him is that the pies are wood fired artisnal thin crusts that you can load up how you want as you go down the assembly line.  At each station there is an attendant to load up what ingredients as thick or thin as you want before it all goes into the stone hearth, open fire wood oven.  This pizza cooks fast too…3 minutes.  Perfect crispy, charred in spots perfection.

The dough is made daily.  The  4 sauces, red, white, bbq and olive oil are prepared from fresh ingredients.  They have several cheeses to choose from, the real deal buffalo mozzarella is the best I’ve had on a pie in years.  The remaining ingredients are all fresh prepped that day. They even include gourmet items such as sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts.  Best part is the pizza is a flat charge no matter how much of the goodies you load on top of it.

They also do salads from chopped romaine.  The saladas are built to order with whatever toppings you want.  This too is done for a flat fee regardless of how much you add to the salad.

Dessert Pizza with caramel and chocolate drizzles - click to embiggenThe dessert pizza is really good as well.  Its their thin crust slathered with a buttery cinnamon sugar layer and baked until crispy.  Then you get your chose of caramel, chocolate, raspberry drizzles for the top.  I went for the caramel chocolate and wasn’t disaappointed.  Perfect bite to finish off the meal for two.

What I couldn’t get from the media crowd was what sort of clientele they are catering too.  I think its pizza lovers in general given the quality of ingredients and the wood burning pizza oven.  They have a kids meal with milk, juice and fruit options, and a family meal deal (4 pies, 4 salads, 4 drinks and a dessert pizza 39.99 on Mondays),  This tells me the place will be kid friendly and family friendly.

They have also have a Perfect Pair deal that I really want to take advantage of.  Its 9.95 for a Pizza and your choice of beer or wine to wash it down.  This deal is available daily 4-6Pm and after 8:30Pm.  This tells me they are also shooting for an adult hang out crowd as well.  Pizza and a nice cold beer…I’m in!

They have a nifty video that sorta takes you through the whole process at Pizza Rev.

This is a Los Angeles based chain and I think it will do well.   They have locations open right now in El Segundo, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Oxnard and Studio City. They even offer up call ahead ordering…as if a 3 minute pizza isn’t fast enough for you.

All pics by me with the trusty camera phone and embiggen with a click.

Deets: Rev Pizza, 178 E Palm, Burbank CA MAP HERE.  Call ahead ordering 818/238-0149