I want that shirt and our old ‘stang back too.

50 Years Mustang and Fashion
50 Years Mustang and Fashion shirt back

Blogging leads to adventures and fun soirees. Last night I was invited to a pretty swanky affair celebrating 50 years of Mustang and Fashion. It was held at The Standard Hotel on Sunset in WeHo.  This shirt was worn by the wait staff from the hotel’s Event Department and we couldn’t get them to give one up for us.

The event is documented in my flickr set, and was actually a lot of fun. Great food, nice cocktails and cars with pretty models next to them.  The Standard itself is quite the place. I remember it as the Golden Crest Hotel, then a retirement home when I first moved here, then it was abandoned for a while.  Quite the come back as you will note from the pictures.

The show itself was a fun bit of high zoot fashion history intermingled with a particular generation of the Mustang.  The speakers were L.A.’s own Christos Garkinos an expert in all things vintage along with Ford Design Director Joel Piaskowski who talked about the cars.

50 Years Mustang and Fashion designers and models
50 Years Mustang and Fashion, designers Christos Garkinos and Joel Piaskowski with models

The concept for the event was high fashion and how the Ford Mustang has evolved through the years to suit the times and fashion.  Hard to believe its been nearly 50 years since its launch and invented the entire pony car class and craze.  Of course here in the land that rust forgot we have original 1964 1/2 Mustangs on the street still, unmolested serving as transportation.

With so many Mustangs in use still everyone in L.A has a Mustang story, either their own or their friends and family.  My wife had a nice fox body LX when we were dating and it lasted until we were married and needed to put car seats in our cars.  Loved that car, decent performance for the era, certainly it had its share of luxury touches too.  Miss that car, just not its lack of back seat room.  I’d take it back now that we don’t have to deal with car seats for kids.  Did you have a Mustang or still have one?  If the latter what’s your favorite bit about the car?  What was your favorite generation of he Mustang?

All pics by me and embiggen with a click.