Driverless cars programmed for rude too?

Google Self Driving car, click to embiggen

Just about a year ago CA allowed driverless cars.  Google has a few out there, mostly in the Bay Area.  Or so I thought. Coming back from the desert yesterday I spotted this one on the 10 somewhere around the 15.  It was in the slower lanes and well, I wasn’t so I lost sight of it and continued my trek into the city.

Imagine my surprize as I was merging onto the 57 North when it suddenly appeared to my left and behind me.  It was coming fast and passed me with signal on and the damn thing cut me off.  I had to brake to keep a decent following distance, then it braked and moved over one more lane.  WTF.  Can’t they program it to keep decent following distances and not cut others off too?

Gawd as my witness,it happened. I even have a witness, my daughter Kari was with me and she grabbed the picture.  All I gotta say is watch for them. They have giant spinning thing on top and look kinda dorky.

4 thoughts on “Driverless cars programmed for rude too?”

  1. I always figured you could drive one of these off the road pretty easy, since the it’s programmed to avoid collisions. But maybe they are programmed to drive offensively?

  2. you don’t know if the program was rude or the human was rude.

    the “giant spinning thing” is a 3D laser imager. Basically radar with laser, called LIDAR.

    Perhaps the program was rude but it’s still orders of magnitude better at driving than humans.

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