Found on Craigslist can humanity get ANY LOWER?

vile and disgusting
vile and disgusting, click to embiggen

I heard about it on the news this morning and did a quick Craigslist  search and found one post on point.  Seriously, women are selling positive home pregnancy tests.  The purpose…to trick guys into marrying them.

Vile and disgusting.

And sweetheart, if you need to trick a guy into marrying you, is it really “love” or just some desire not to be alone?  Any guy that needs to be tricked really isn’t the catch you imagine, if he were and love was part of the equation, which it should be in my book, then he would have “popped the question”  What you are doing is plain evil.  Doesn’t even address what happens in 9 mos when you are supposed to pop one out.

I find the preggo selling positive dipsticks for this purpose a vile and disgusting waste of human flesh.  As reprehensible as this post is I still obliterated your phone number and address, consider it a favor.

2 thoughts on “Found on Craigslist can humanity get ANY LOWER?”

  1. Really? Someone’s surprised by this? Women having been trying to trick men into marrying/staying with them by saying they’re pregnant for generations. Women have been told for generations that the 2 most important things are having 1) a baby, and 2) a man. Not always in that order. If you don’t like this, then YOU can do a few things to stop it—- 1) Teach your sons to wear condoms always during sex, no matter what their girlfriend says she’s using as birth control; Its the guy’s responsibility to protect himself. 2) Teach your daughters that they are more important than just being a sex object or a baby-maker: They really can be a happy, accomplished person on their own, and find a man who actually loves them later.

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