Hong Kong Supermarket FINALLY opens in Monrovia

July 21, 2013 at 12:24 pm in Food & Drink, LA, San Gabriel Valley, Shopping

After over a year of delays and general dicking around the Hong Kong Supermarket finally opened.  I am ecstatic.  No more trekking to Alhambra or China Town just for miso paste, thai red chili, or kecap manis (sort of a sweetened soy sauce).  I can get it where I live.  Yahoo…especially handy since we do meatless mondays around here.

Tucked in the back of a rather non-descript strip mall on Duarte Road in Monrovia lies this gem of an Asian supermarket.  It has the best in terms of breadth and depth produce of any of the grocs in town.  Very heavy in the Asian veggies and fruits.  All the stuff in the past I had to trek all over the city looking for or search for substitutes. Best part is that they are cheap, as in 30-60% cheaper than the regular stores in town.  This is really gonna help my food budget as well as have creative stuff for our Meatless Monday menus.

They have tanks of fresh, live seafood.  Tons of fresh fish on ice, a lot of it is sushi grade.  All of it way cheaper again than anyone else in town.

Their butcher department is on the small side.  They do carry a lot of ingredients that you don’t see everywhere else, even the local Latin markets, like Chicken feet, entrails and gizzards.

Their soy sauce aisle and chili aisle is something a gourmand or wanna be like me only has dreamt about.  More selection and depth than anywhere I have seen before.

Now for the only downside of the Hong Kong Supermarket.  It has no bakery.  It has no deli or hot food court.  Not a bad thing, but would be welcomed.

The market has been well received in the community.  It has gotten its own facebook page and been yelped favorably.

Deets: Hong Kong Supermarket, 935 Duarte Road, Monrovia CA 91016.  MAP HERE.  626-566-3880 Open 7 days 8:30AM-9:30PM

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