Have you joined Nixle for the latest crime and civic information?

June 27, 2013 at 11:36 am in Law, Law Enforcement, News

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If you haven’t heard about Nixle let me give you the details.  Its a service many local police and fire agencies use that you as a citizen can get alerts on what is going on in your community.  I signed up for a few in my area so I know when streets are closed due to some sort of fire or police emergency.  They always include a link to get more details if you need them.

Today its a heat emergency and it will exist through the weekend.  Two of the agencies I follow included links to cooling centers in the area.

In recent weeks I’ve learned of street closures because of fires, accidents or other police activity.  Some directly affected me and I was able to use the info to avoid the problems.

Sign up is easy.  You get to pick as many agencies as you want to get alerts from.  You can have sent to you via email or text message.  The information you get is well worth the few clicks it takes to get signed up

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