LA County Clerks office issues statement RE Prop(H)8

Ok, I couldn’t find a snazzy graphic or avoid the snark in the headline.  In short the US Supreme Court has ruled that the lower courts initial ruling holding Prop 8 as unconstitutional will be upheld as the petitioners in support of it weren’t the proper entities to appeal and bring the case to them.  Got that readers digest version of the events that made same sex marriage legal again in CA?

When the ruling was read this morning Gov Brown stepped up and ordered the various county clerks offices to begin issuing marriage licenses again with the CAVEAT that nothing can happen until the circuit court removes the stay on that order. (The stay was put in place pending this appeal when the lower court ruled Prop 8 was unconstitutional a few years ago).  It could happen in hours (most likely outcome) or days (least likely and for some of my friends I really hope that is not the case).

To read the LA County Registrars and Clerk’s office statement on the topic you have to make the jump.

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June 26, 2013

Statement on Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Upon dismissal of Prop 8, the matter has been sent back to the lower Appellate Court where the decision overturning Proposition 8 was issued. The lower court must now take action to lift the stay before we can issue marriage licenses based on the decision.

No change in the issuance of marriage licenses can occur until further notice. Upon direction, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk will begin issuing licenses and performing ceremonies for same-sex couples.

“We do not foresee any delays or interruption in service for our customers. We are prepared to accommodate any potential volume increases,” said Dean Logan, the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk.

Marriage licenses can be obtained online here: Couples are encouraged to fill out an online marriage license application and bring the confirmation page into the RR/CC, along with $90 for a public license fee.

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